Strength in Numbers: A Scene Review of “Sensei no Unmei”

Love is a universal feeling. People feel
warmth and uplifted when they are cared for and support others. (Haru)What are you working on? Haru! I’m just finishing up on my next video! (Haru)I think you should be
studying. Well I’ve got just the piece to show you! For my piece,
it’s a digitally painted scene from my upcoming special, this is called “Sensei
no Unmei” or “Teacher’s Destiny” I parodied it from these scenes from
Stardust Crusaders and Re:Cutie Honey. You can see the similarities in the poses
obviously but they also have similar meanings:
it’s strength in numbers. In Stardust scenes, it shows how Jotaro is willing to fight for his relatives and his ill mother,
their lives and legacies are intertwined in the roots of Jotaro’s destiny. In
Cutie Honey, the scenes shows Honey’s many disguises and how she uses them to her
advantage. In Sensei’s scene, I combine the parts of those anime scenes here, all his
friends, family, students, and mentors are up in the clouds. This has two meanings:
Sensei thinks of these people when he faces a bleak battle or that it’s their
fate that counts on him either way the clouds tie these people to sensei’s
motivation protecting those he loves. (Haru)Protecting loved ones that sounds
familiar. It does, in the books I read, there were so many great examples of
relationships. In East of Eden, Charle’s tries to protect Adam constantly despite
his envy. Sibling rivalries have become so relatable in the media. In
Robert Kennedy’s statement of MLK’s assassination, he connects to the nation
on MLK’s legacy and inspiration towards liberation. As a peaceful person myself, a
shining committee where everyones friends would look awesome to see. In the Joy Luck Club Suyuan wants her daughter June to live
her dreams in the US. As a person living with Asian Pacific parents, I could
relate to June a lot since our parents want prodigies. In fact, our parents
always tell us to use the friggin piano which we usually don’t want to. Despite Helen Fisher’s Why We Love talks about romance, she does state that
love is a universe is very very universal and can vary in affections
such as Sensei’s cloud people. Now even for a loner like me whose only romantic
experience was at Aikido practice, I could still know what that feeling is of
love and family just by hanging out with friends and family. (Haru)You’re right about your points. I’ll let you get back to work. Quick updates. I won’t be here next
year, that’s right I’m moving based on my attire for the whole video. Also like I
said at the beginning, I have a big project next week so stay tuned. From my
heart to yours, thank you for having me here and for the last time sayonara.


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