SteelSeries Sensei & Rival Unboxing | Review | Unboxholics

SteelSeries Sensei & Rival Unboxing | Review | Unboxholics

Hello everyone! This is Sakis Karpas, your usual host and today we’ll show you two different mice from Steelseries. These are the Steelseries Sensei and Steelseries Rival. Steelseries Sensei is a wired mouse that incorporates great hardware inside it. Before taking a look at it, let’s check out the retail package. Inside we found a Quick Guide and a Steelseries sticker. Sensei has an ambidextrous design, it can be connected to your PC via a USB cable and it has a slick non-slip metal coating. The Steelseries Sensei has a velvet sweat resistant texture which makes the overall grip experience great. It weighs 102g and its dimensions (Height: 38,7 mm Width: 68,3 mm Length: 125,5 mm) makes it a good sized mouse for the average user. The Steelseries Sensei has 8 fully programmable buttons: The Left and right click buttons, the mouse wheel, the CPI high / low switch button, and the left side and right side buttons. Steelseries Sensei impressed us with its use of 32 bit ARM processor which helps the DPI reach the incredible number of 11.400. This an extremely helpful task for people that use multiple monitors. Two interesting features of the Steelseries Sensei are its On-Mouse LCD display and its 3 different illumination zones which can be programmed individually in 16.8 million different colors. Our only complaint from this mouse is its ampidextrous design which made us press the right side buttons a lot of times by mistake. Also, we would have liked it even better if it was a litle bit bigger. It’s time to take a look at the Steelseries Rival, Steelseries exclusive mouse for right-handed people. The retail package comes in the usual black and orange Steelseries color combination, so there’s no surprises here really. Inside the package we found some notes, a small rubber plate and the mouse of course. For starters, we would like to give an award to the Steelseries Rival for best grip overall since it is quite big enough to hold it comfortably with your hand unlike other mice. We also really loved Rival’s overall ergonomic shape and its velvet sweat resistant texture of its surface along with the rubber abrasive material on its sides. The Steelseries Rival has 6 fully programmable buttons with the two side buttons having the appropriate size and shape for a gaming mouse. The mouse can be connected to a PC or Mac via a 2.0m USB cable, it has 6500 DPI, 1ms response time, 50Gs of acceleration with 200 Inches Per Second (IPS). These numbers satisfy even the most demanding gamers. The Steelseries Rival features an interchangeable nameplate which you can 3D print with the help of your 3D printer by downloading the 3D models via the Steelseries website. Each customization setting is available through Steelseries Engine 3.0 which is probably the best software available for gaming peripherals right now. Steelseries Sensei was made available about a month ago for €89 while the Steelseries Rival costs €59 and was made available recently. Which mouse between these two do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section. Don’t forget to like this episode if you enjoyed it and to stay tuned to our YouTube Channel since a lot of products arrived in our offices recently! If you’re interested in the tech industry, make sure to visit for the latest tech news since we’re covering MWC 2014 these days. Last but not least, make sure to follow us on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Until the next episode, take care!


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