Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Continuous Fist for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Continuous Fist for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style

Hi! My name is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense in Miami, Florida. My website is We are doing southern
Kung Fu. The next thing I want to show you is a little bit more of the continuous fist.
This we do in a form. I am going to be in my horse stance for instructional and training
purposes only. While I train my hands, I am working on building strong legs. First, I
am going to punch, then I am going to circle claw and back fist. So it is going to look
something like this…and in. See the way it comes in, we never leave our attacks out,
we circle the attack. What happens is I punch, stand up so you can see it good, I punch,
the person blocks. I bring it to my waist in a circular fluid motion flowing, claw his
eyes, for some reason he was able to block, and he hits it and I take him in the nose.
If I can hit him in all three, it is great, it is soft yet powerful, you do not press
your punch, put power in to the moment of impact, it is the circular motion of the strike
and how fast it strikes vital points, you can go stomach, eyes and nose.


16 thoughts on “Southern Shaolin Kung Fu : The Continuous Fist for Basic Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Style”

  • Horse stance is for training and forms, never used like that in a fight. It strengthens your rooting power in punching, but you shouldn't actually use it like that in a street fight.

  • @shoalinboy9 That's ridiculous. My Sifu even trains Japanese, and he once fought them in war. It's not the ethnicity of their skin but the purity of their intentions. A Sifu will train someone who's not going to go around looking for fights.

  • @NopantsMcgee it's a transitional move. you go from endo stance into sepin stance back into endo stance facing the other way. the horse stance keeps your formation and technique. Horse stance is the most important because it's a transition for so many different strikes which is why horse stance is in pretty much every kung fu form no matter the style. However, I would not do a full throttle horse stance or stay in it for more than .1 of a second during a fight.

  • @Momentimum Indeed, sir. I believe that my post was in response to a "why would you use that stance to fight" comment. We are in agreement. It is a great basis, but not to be used in full for very long during real fighting.

  • american "sifus" are no good. the only youtube kung fu videos that are worth watching are the real chinese vids. not these american guys.

  • The Wannabe Martial Artist says:

    What I have noticed is that anyone that is worth a damn when it comes to kung fu they don't post videos you have all these guys who think they know what they're talking about and you think there something posting videos might as well just stop searching For a good Sifu online

  • then fight me kenneth king northern shalion and judo expert and boxing for three year but what do you expect from a true warrior

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