Sneaking into TOP SECRET HEADQUARTERS to HELP GAME MASTER ESCAPE from Quadrant! (Found 3am Clues)

– Hey Zamfam, it’s Rebecca, and right now we are at the Quadrant’s
top secret headquarters, where we are hopefully going to go in, find the Game Master, and escape with him. There is currently a surveillance drone circling the building, so
we’re waiting for a chance for us to be able to get inside. – It looks like there’s
also a guard at the front. – [Daniel] Oh, yeah, right there. – [Rebecca] Oh, you’re right. In my last video you guys saw we found another mystery device that
the Quadrant was looking for. And we saw RZ Twin and sent her on a chase to hopefully trap her, but
someone helped her escape. – Hey, I had to do it again. If you guys trapped her, we wouldn’t have had that drone fight, we wouldn’t have even
had these coordinates. We wouldn’t even be here right now. – That’s true. – That is true. Okay Zamfam, so smash
the thumbs up button. We are about to go into disguise, into the headquarters,
to find the Game Master. – That’s the most important thing. He is the key to stopping E2. – It looks like they’re
switching out the drone. – Now’s our chance to get
in our disguises, you guys. Alright, let’s go. – Alright, you guys know
that we have this mask from the battle royale when
Rebecca did the tornado kick. – And we’ve used that mask
to go into secret meetings. So now we’re going to use this. The only problem is there are
three of us and only one mask. So we have sweat suits. I have my Zamfam merch that
I’m going to turn inside out. We’re going to dress
like Quadrant members, and then just hopefully
we can stay under cover. – The only thing that’s gonna be tricky is that we can’t bring the
backpack in, nor anything else. We have to keep it super
minimalistic right now. – [Daniel] Right, so we just gotta have whatever we can carry
in our pockets, really. – Exactly. – Yeah, okay, so since
we don’t have backpacks, we have these spy gadgets. – [Daniel] I have this device right here. If I plug this into my phone, and then place it next to a computer, it’s gonna allow me to
hack into their system. – [Matt] It’s like a
portable hacking device. – [Daniel] Exactly, so
that’s what I’m gonna use. I’m gonna take this
battery and this paperclip. – Okay, what’s that for, yeah. – [Daniel] I picked a lot of locks using just these two items. – Really? – [Daniel] Yeah. – And I was going to bring
in the listening device, as you know we’ve used that a ton. It helps out a lot, but
we can’t bring it in, that’s gonna be too obvious, right? – I just got this right here. This actually allows you
to listen through walls. – And Zamfam, you guys know
that I always have a flashlight and then a blacklight
because the Game Master’s left a lot of clues with blacklight so I’m thinking we might
use this at some point. – Okay, Daniel, you need
to get into your outfit. – I am turning my Zamfam
hoodie inside out. – Luckily I’m already
wearing a black hoodie so then I just need these sweatpants. – [Matt] Is that your merch hoodie, Bec? – But it’s inside out. Oh, I need to shout-out
Zamfam that have tagged me and got my merch right here, shout-out! – [Matt] We need to have
communication devices, okay? Here’s one for Rebecca,
here’s one for Daniel. – [Matt] I hope this doesn’t turn into another overnight challenge. – Me too, I hope we find the Game Master. – [Matt] We have limited time right now, the drone is still out they’re
gonna switch it out soon. – Okay, we gotta hurry. – Okay, let’s go. – Their looking the other way, let’s go. – [Matt] She’s going in, she’s inside, go. – Guys, we don’t have gloves! – We don’t have gloves. – [Daniel] Oh no. Alright, just cover your hands. – Is this good? Hold on, why am I sneaking? I’m a Quadrant member. – Turn around like we’re talking to you, so they only see the back of us. – Okay, so we just have to hope no one in the Quadrant sees our faces. – Yeah. – They’re not even paying
attention, they just– – Whoa whoa whoa! – [Rebecca] Where are they? – [Daniel] She went into the door? – Look, there’s like an opening. Looks like we can sneak
into the headquarters. – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right,
right there, under that gate. – It might be tight but I can do it. Zamfam, smash the thumbs up button if you think we should
try to crawl under here. So Zamfam if you would do this, comment, “I would do this!” – Should I go first,
because I have the mask? – [Daniel] That makes sense. – That makes sense, okay. – [Daniel] Matt goes first. – Hope you can fit, I’m
a lot smaller than you. – If I can fit, everybody can fit. – [Daniel] Good luck, Matt. – Alright, thank you. – [Daniel] It’s pretty dark in here. – [Rebecca] Be like a ninja, Matt. – [Daniel] Whoa, that
was pretty cool, okay. – Glad we did all that spy ninja training with the Game Master. I made it, okay here Daniel, give me the camera, I’ll help you. Alright Daniel. Come on. – Oh man. Alright, we made it. Where are we going? – There’s an elevator. – Let’s try it out? – Okay. – Do we go up or down? – [Daniel] We’re on the ground
floor so I guess maybe up. – Yeah, right? It’s not working. – [Daniel] Rebecca, what’s that up above? – Oh, it looks like facial
recognition, so maybe? – Three, two, one. – [Computer] Identification confirmed. – [Rebecca] It worked! Maybe this is gonna take us
to where the Game Master is. Okay, okay, it’s going up. Oh my gosh. Look, there’s a door over there. Maybe the Game Master is inside it. What is this place? Like an empty warehouse? – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t know. – Do you guys think the
Game Master is inside? Matt, can you help me? – Come in, come in. Well the Game Master
is definitely not here, but what is this? – [Daniel] What is this place? – There’s a ton of license plates, Oregon, Matt, you’re from Oregon! Oklahoma. California, where we live. – [Matt] These must be clues. – You’re right. Look, Florida Zamfam, you guys remember, the Game Master’s mansion was in Florida. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, the
escape room mansion. – Yeah, exactly, all the
other YouTubers were there. Chad Wild Clay, Vy, Stephen. – They all have like
little things on them. Look it, they have mountains here. A guy with a ninja gadget. – [Rebecca] Okay, an orange. Comment below if you think
this might be a clue. Maybe we need to remember this for later! The Game Master is not here,
but maybe there’s clues inside of here, so we
can get him and escape. – This feels like an
escape room in real life, where we’re looking for clues. – [Daniel] Right, right. – [Rebecca] Matt, look! There’s like a treasure chest,
can you help me open it? It’s dusty. – Whoa.
– [Daniel] What’s in there? – [Rebecca] These are all things that the Game Master has given us before. This had $10,000 in it. – [Matt] Oh yeah, we found that in the
abandoned swimming pool. – [Rebecca] Yes, and then the watch, Matt. – [Matt] It’s an Apple watch. – An Apple watch, this is how
the Game Master’s communicated with us. Flash drive. Spy gadgets. So why does the Quadrant have
this in a treasure chest? What if they’re collecting the clues that the Game Master has given us so far, cause they’re trying to figure out how to make the mystery device? – [Daniel] What? – [Matt] Did you find another clue? – Do you remember this? This extends the shelf life
for the lie detector mixture. – That’s when the RZ Twin was good, I did the battle royale with her. – [Daniel] Yeah, and then we used it in the Game Master laboratory. – Yeah, it extended the shelf life, so we could take the lie detector mixture. – It lasts 24 hours.
– Well we need to figure out where the Game Master is inside here, because we do not have much time. – Have you ever seen one of these before? – [Daniel] No, what’s that for? – I don’t know. – Did you hear that? Someone from the Quadrant,
Matt put your mask on. – It’s the Quadrant. – [Rebecca] We should follow them, maybe they’re going to where
the Game Master’s locked up. Okay, let’s go. – [Daniel] Okay, let’s follow. – Shh! – [Daniel] Duck, duck. Quiet, quiet. – [Rebecca] I think I
hear someone over there. Someone’s there. – [Daniel] Do we hide
behind the furniture? – Yeah. Alright, my turn. – [Daniel] Go, go, go. – We need to go.
– [Daniel] Get to that room. – [Matt] It’s the control
room, we need to hack in. – [Daniel] Let me set
the camera down, hold on. Alright, so I’m gonna use this device. It’s gonna allow me to
hack in using my phone. I’m bringing it up, okay yeah these… Whoa, this looks like all the locations. – Oh, that’s outside where we came in. – Yeah. – That’s where we found the
clues, like the clue room. – The clue room’s over there,
okay. And then what’s over– – Like a vault? – A vault? Maybe something important’s
being held there? – [Matt] Like a giant
safe. Is that a power grid? – [Daniel] Maybe we can go
there and try to hack into it, and shut down the power. – Yeah, exactly, so we
can get the Game Master! – Looks like I can access a
few more cameras, hold on. – What, there’s like
Quadrant members hanging out, playing cards and an office? Who is that in there? I wonder if that’s one
of the Quadrant leaders? – [Daniel] Maybe. – [Rebecca] The Game Master! That’s where he is! And then that looks like
an interrogation room. Can we zoom in on the Game Master? – Yeah, hold on, let me enhance it. – [Matt] Oh, you see that? Daniel, can you zoom in? – What’re you looking at? – [Matt] That little message.
– Oh, the piece of paper! – Oh okay, hold on, let me analyze that. Okay, it’s closer, it’s coming into frame. – Okay, let’s try to read it. It says– – [Matt] “Three is the key to feel safe, roll the dice for work not play, and control the power!” – What do you guys think that means? – Is that like a clue? – Maybe he knew that we were gonna come and try to escape with him, so he left us clues that
the Quadrant wouldn’t know. – He probably wants us to
break him out of prison. How do we know where these places are? – Oh you’re right. – Do you have a floor map or something? – Let me look, let me
dig through these files. We’re in luck! There are schematics for this
whole building, right here. You know what’s great, I
can send this to our phones. – Okay! – Okay, I’m sending over now. – Let’s make a plan! – Okay, good idea. – Okay, three is the key to feel safe. – Okay, roll the dice for work not play, and control the power. – There was that vault,
that’s like a giant safe. – Yeah, okay so what
if we need to split up? Maybe the three of us need
to find three keys maybe? – [Daniel] You’re right. – Three keys. – [Daniel] But how do we know where to go? – What was after that? – Roll the dice. – The casino! – [Daniel] You’re right. – That was where they
were all playing cards. So for work not play, Zamfam what do you think? What room do you think that would be for? That’s a clue for a room, it has to be. What if the keys are in different rooms? The office! There was that leader of
the Quadrant that we saw. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, you’re right. – What if that’s it,
because you’re working? – So that’s two of the
places, and control the power. – [Daniel] The power, the
power grid for the whole place! – So those might be the three locations. – So we need to split up. – We have to, there’s no other option. – [Daniel] And we have
to cover more ground. We don’t know how long the Game
Master’s gonna be in there. – Yeah, we have less than 24 hours and we don’t want to be
trapped here over night. – I didn’t tell you guys about this, but I brought some extra
spy and ninja cameras. There’s one for you. There’s one for you, Daniel. – Oh, I need to put back in my earpiece. – [Daniel] Rebecca,
where are you gonna go? – I’ll do the casino. – I’ll take the office, since you think you can
hack into the power. – [Daniel] I can hack in
and you have the mask, so you might be able to
blend in in the office. – That’s true, they might
think that I’m the leader. – One, two, three– – [Unison] GM! – We got this! Hey Zamfam, so I’m heading
to the casino room, and based on the map that Daniel gave, it’s suppose to be over there. – This is where I need to go right now. There’s the office,
there it is right there. He’s walking out. – Alright guys, the power grid should be
right here around the corner. Let me see. Yeah, here it is. Okay here’s the grid. Great, alright let’s see. – I am just looking for some files. – Okay Zamfam, so right now hiding. I’m in the casino room, three Quadrant members are playing cards. And I need to find some type of key, but I don’t know where to look. – [Matt] No, not in here. – Okay, let me communicate
with Daniel and Matt, and see if they found anything. Hey guys, what are we looking for? – It said something about a key, right? – So hold on, I found the power grid, I think I can shut this place down maybe. So hold on one second, okay. Let’s see if I can do this,
oh no guys, oh no, oh no! – [Matt] Oh, oh, somethings happened. Zamfam, I’m not sure what’s
going on, but did you hear that? Now’s my chance to explore. Alright Zamfam, we need to hurry. Look, do you guys see anything at all? Okay, I don’t know what’s going on. What, these are VidCon cards? Do you see anything at all? – Rebecca? I can’t get ahold of anybody right now. The communications are down. – [Rebecca] Zamfam, this must be it! Zamfam, this it is, I
think this is the keycard! Matt, Daniel, Matt, Daniel? I can’t hear them. Guys I found the keycard. They’re coming back! Okay, I gotta hide, gotta hide. Zamfam, I think the Quadrant members are coming back right now. Let Matt and Daniel know to
look for something like this. And let them know that I’m
trapped with the Quadrant mem– – [Announcer] This facility,
is now in lockdown mode. – I just have to stay under
here until they leave again.


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