Skiptrace Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Jackie Chan Movie

Skiptrace Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Jackie Chan Movie

We can do this the hard way. Oh! Oo! Oo no no! You got the wrong guy! Connor Watts? Who’s asking? Benny Chan, Hong Kong Police! Hong Kong?! So you’re taking me back to Macau? Shame I can’t fly back with you. Don’t you need a passport to fly? *laughter* There’s something you should know. They don’t want me because I stole something. There’s something I saw. *gun shots* They want me, because that woman died in my arms. If I go back with you, they’re going to kill me. I don’t care. I think this is Mongolia. He wants us to have a drink with him. We got to go! One drink! One.
One. Who knows some good Mongolian drinking games? I never would’ve figured you for an Adele fan. “Rolling in the Deep”, is a classic. Smile a little! Connor! *laughter* Come on. No no. No! No no no! No! How about this? Ow ah ugh! g— Eliminate them before they get back to Macau. Go! Oh God! Oh g— Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Oh. Wow! Oh! Woah! Waugh! *whimpers* Aaagh! What’s the chance they’d settle for you bringing back some other white guy? I mean we all look alike.


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