Single Best Stretch & Strengthening Exercises for Spinal Stenosis of Low Back-Real Patient

Single Best Stretch & Strengthening Exercises for Spinal Stenosis of Low Back-Real Patient

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist
Brad Heineck, physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course, Bob Single best stretch and strengthening exercise for low back pain with stenosis And this is based on what you did with a real patient, right exactly and are you the real patient? I am but I’ve done it with other real patients as well Now if you want to get right to the stretches you can fast forward a few minutes, but it’s really important I think to Understand the terms and you’re gonna feel a lot better about just being diagnosed with it once you understand what it is Otherwise it’s kind of scary so in other words we’re going to talk a lot before we show the exercises Like we do But it’s important, if you are new to our channel and you don’t realize that’s what we do Please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free We upload every day also go over to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I as children Were picked on a little bullied and we’re trying to turn things around yeah, that’s a lie by the way I just think these are the coolest glasses, he’s been wearing these for years, a lot of people ask about them So we actually put them in our product list below, a lot of people comment about oh What are those glasses? They’re great if you need cheaters. They’re the best cheater I’ve ever and they’re just wonderful, so where they sell them do they have like different strengths? Oh, yeah, those are 2.0 Okay, I used to have 1.5 five years ago. You know if you’re over 45 You know how that goes, alright so stenosis. What is it Brad? Stenosis it sounds like oh my gosh I got stenosis, but literally what it means is Abnormal narrowing of a passage in the body you can have stenosis in your back you can have it in your Low back your neck you can have it in your arteries. So if your arteries start to clog up with plaque That’s stenosis arterial stenosis and a lot of times the stenosis is really merely a product of aging, right it’s like arthritis Isn’t it quite often, I mean, so don’t be panicked. I mean my guess is Brad that as you get older There’s a large percentage of people who have stenosis and probably don’t have pain right I mean It’s just it’s very very common, as the disks Shrink up a little bit as part of the aging process when you hits 50 60 or 70s there’s stenosis going on It’s just that it’s not a problem right so It’s not a big deal when you see your x-rays or your MRI and they talk about stenosis, You know it may or may not be an issue so should we talk specifically what causes a problem with stenosis? Well, which one are you talking about spinal or a little bit of foramenal? Well a little bit of both actually For example if you have stenosis oftentimes walking Becomes a problem the longer you walk you may have, if you have symptoms down one leg You may have foramenal stenosis on one side, if you have both legs becoming weak and tired or numb Then you may have central stenosis and central stenosis Generally a lot of times they call it shopping-cart syndrome sure because am I jumping ahead too far? Go ahead we’re in tune. So a lot of time What it means is that you feel a lot better when you’re bent forward a little bit, because when you lean on a shopping cart You’re taking some of the pressure off your back And I see I mean as soon as someone says that That it’s down both legs, and it feels better when they lean on the shopping cart. I’m like Stenosis right almost always is Another good example whether it’s foramenal or Central is if you’re working overhead becomes painful, pain cuz is consistent It goes down one or both legs and then when you sit everything feels better Everything feels immediate relief right a pretty good sign so when we say again Brad I don’t think we pointed this out now so central would be Lonnie has a restraining order against us so we can only get within 10 feet of her so that’s good so Central would be right here. That’s down the spinal cord, right the whole spinal cord is being impinged Yeah, foraminal is the little holes on the side right yeah, and so every vertebra you have a foraminal Foramen or foraminal So and you can show the central one right on there And that gets narrowed up so when you extend or you stand or you walk it actually Pinches that main Canal where the spinal cord goes through and when you bend forward it kind of opens it a little bit so that’s why The ligament also thickens and thins Alright, so let’s get to the exercise It only took us five minutes. We only wasted five minutes of your time to get to the stretch That’s a nice thing about YouTube you can go to the little button and move it around Okay, so now this is really a nice stretch anytime you do a stretch to open up that gap and you can do this And this can help Long-term as well, so it’s not gonna feel good While you do this stretch, but it can help with other symptoms, maybe walking longer now This is old school not old school this kind of works Just simple double knee to chest can be helpful And if that feels good when you’re doing it this next one is probably gonna feel even better Okay, so yeah in this instance We took a big towel and a sheet even and rolled it all up together, you have to roll it very tightly A roll like this one of these rollers, soft Density roller works the best, but if you don’t have one of these You don’t want to spend the money Go ahead and roll it up and give this a try, get one of these and if this works Then you’re gonna want one of those because it’s going to feel so good you’re gonna put that roll Not on your belt line, it’s gonna be below your belt line, so essentially it’s gonna be on The sacrum, maybe we can show them, so the sacrum Is a triangle shaped bone right here, which is right here on me So I have it on the sacrum below And you know you’re having it in the right place because when you bring your knees up You can just do one knee at a time or you could do two you’re gonna feel immediate relief And it’s actually gonna feel good. I have stenosis I have symptoms like we discussed, and I love this stretch, Brad had stenosis and spondylolisthesis This possibly could work for spondee too right, a lot of people with spondylolisthesis Do have a component of stenosis in there just as the way things work so You probably want to start with one leg first Yes, go to one leg first, and then you can try two And only do it if it feels better it probably will so I haven’t done this exercise with my patients Brad So has everybody tolerated it okay? You find anybody that said no no? Well the problem with an older patient is to get in that position And you have to do it you can’t do it on your bed very well It has to be done on a carpeted floor which means you have to get on the floor which is very problematic for some people That’s the biggest problem as far as it not working, but if this does show Improvement this will work better yet You have to get the soft one if you get too hard when it’s not that comfortable so the low density OPTP is one we like to use. Yeah, we got it in our list below Yeah, it’s the blue one. Yeah now what I found with this is you know we can do the one knee Make sure you do both of them, and then this actually take the roller and I roll it away from me and I’m not gonna do it here on video, but I actually take my pants And I stretch it down so it goes on my skin, and I roll it away And it gives me a stretch, it pulls. It even feels better Bob. This is incredible It’s almost like a little traction It is, so you put the roller against the skin And then push it away right there and gives you a little traction. I am in heaven right now Bob You know what I mean. Yeah, it just feels really good. It really does so that’s the key right there now for strengthening we want to strengthen and bend The pelvis or the lumbar spine from the bottom down so that’s what this does not we’re not gonna Flex it this way we’re gonna stretch it from here down just like those do, can you throw me the ball Bob? The best strengthening exercise is to flex that lumbar spine from the Hips down, which I think the best way to do it is with a ball because it puts your back in a neutral position automatically This takes the right sized ball a little bit of practice so you can grab ahold of it If you do it with shorts on so your skin is touching the ball and with a pair of shoes That the rubber edge digs into the ball makes a huge difference on how easy it is To get ahold of the ball now this Assuming if you have strong enough abdomen muscles will feel good as well. These are not easy though. I’m gonna say because I just started doing these Brad and I’m still They’re difficult to do But if they’re hard you grab your knees here, gonna get ahold of the ball And then help out, and this is one that’ll take a little patience a little time But when you tighten up the muscles here in flex lumbar spine, that’s gonna help open up that gap That stenosis and it’s gonna help make it more of a permanent fix So that when you’re walking you can start to walk farther, so you want to do the stretching and Then the strengthening and the repetitions You know the goal initially you can do some help, but you know try to do up to 10 And you can assist with your hands And then you know work to ten without and after doing these for a few weeks You want to get the 20, 30 and up to that number if you can because you want to get toned up for more I do 40 of them But I had been doing core workouts so, but again. Even though I had been doing core workouts already I found it difficult to do, a smaller ball works a little bit better This is a tough ball So the smaller ball will be easier particularly for a beginner, and you can use those further exercises as well so there you go There’s that two exercises stretching strengthening for that low back stenosis spondylolisthesis but we haven’t gotten up to the Broken heart? There you go. We can fix just about anything except for a broken heart. I caught him daydreaming. Yeah, thanks for watching


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