Shaolin popey 2 (Boboho) subtitle indonesia

Shaolin popey 2 (Boboho) subtitle indonesia

Yellow Lemon and Red Lemon are the outstanding killers They appear in front of a big moon The moon is like a lemon It hangs in the sky Yellow Lemon do you know why you’re invited here? It’s so simple since I am a special killer A killer who kills hands I want you to go to Messy Temple get the hand of Master Min-pik Wha will you pay? I promise, you’ll have as many lemons
as you want Deal Who did it? I did I haven’t heard the name of
this killer A big hole Help me Alright Sew it, hold on You want me to mend this new cloth
for you? Don’t think tha
I’d buy any new cloth for you The sun rises Open the eyes, lie in bed The sun rises Get up early Wha’re you doing? Please lend me your teeth No Alright Ok, I will lend it to you You’d have lent me earlier It’s your turn Your turn It’s fixed Waxen’t it Master, it’s alright 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Damn it, I want to break it Shit I don’t want you to say such things Hurry up, clean it quickly Who taught you to clean like this?
You lazy bone Take it. Clean the floor Good morning, Master You shouldn’t fool around early
in the morning Cut the plant It’s fixed, Master, it’s done Who let you be tha lazy? You deserve to be punished You shouldn’t do this Wha a beautiful moon! I’d like to teach you
the Wonderful Air Stance Senior, it’s going to be 5 am
go to sleep Shit! I am in good mood don’t spoil my mood Breahe in Fart It stinks The theory of Air Stance is
based on respiraion The fresh air rises the polluted air descends When you reach the top standard you can break through 2 valves Senior, which 2 valves? Nostril and asshole When they are through you breahe with nose
and fart through asshole Breahe and fart
so a grea force is creaed This is so call
‘Essence Absorption Stance’ Breahe in Fart It stinks Breahe again If we practise such stance why don’t we go to sleep? Go to sleep Do you have a good sleep? Wha a poor student I am just sitting here to repent I wanna fool you Asshole, you have improved You are grea Wonderful Siu-long, it’s your turn Wha’s the matter? Senior, you can do this? Something is added, ea this Come and ea So thin, I don’t want to ea this Why? Come on, ea it… Don’t move Ea this This is better Wait Nothing. Ea now Wait Nothing, my fart doesn’t stink Come and ea It stinks! Let’s go for donaion Grea Let’s go for donaion Don’t move Two swordsmen are fighting in the forest ahead Can you hear tha? One in black suit
and the other in blue suit You can hear the color too? I won’t believe in you… It’s so simple Open your eyes, and look ahead Who is nice and who is nasty? The one in blue is a good man How do you know tha? He is Adam Cheng
he’s acted as good man for 20 years He has never acted as nasty guy You’re right Alright, I am going to bea
the nasty guy Wha are you doing? I just want to bea the nasty guy Damn you! We are making movie! Movie? Right! Wha are you doing?
We are making movie Do you know how much we need to take a movie? Damn it Why do you scold us?
We know nothing Actor, I didn’t act well
in the previous shot Iet’s take another one Yes, sorry, take a rest You’re so lucky the main character is helping you Or,you can’t afford to pay our loss Damn it, get lost! Disappear now Damn it, I want this film to get the Oscar Award, damn it Have some tea Thank you You come out for donaion? Yes… King yee, give them $2,000 You are very smart Give them $2,000 more Thank you, master, thank you… Master said, woman is trouble Wine is poison fish and mea are the enemies of us Delicious So, we should go against them Well, let’s destroy them Grea. Yeah Master, thank you See you I tell you, we’ll ea
whenever we see them again Be careful, don’t wake Master up Get up Senior, where are you? I am here Where? Under your feet Wha’s the matter? Sorry… Don’t you look underneah? You stepped on me Why don’t you go through the door? Wha’s up? Do you se a ghost? Come back Master… So naughty! You are not obedient enough! You monkeys You always mess up Please be merciful I love you Be merciful You are senior Got it? I said, I love you then he is not going to bea me You should learn from… I want to take good care of you Wha is love?
Why does love drive men crazy? Get up Wha are you doing? I can’t sleep? Do you want to infect me? I am in love I know a girl, she wrote to me Wha is this? This is me, this is my lover she wants to meet me So childish! Wha’ll I do? Reply her letter I don’t know writing letter Let me help you Wha’s this? This is OK You’re more childish Wha’s up? Wha are you doing? I want to meet my lover today I am araid she would not like me
after knowing I am a monk It’s easy, just make up before going How? Prepare the ink for me You’re like Elvis Presley So smart Really? I am sorry to be lae Go and say hello I dare not You can tell he is up to no good be careful Don’t panic, I will be with you It’s going to rain He is so smart You trust your sister I’ve seen so many wolves
just wait and see Take her inside, if it rains your hair will be over It’s going to rain
let the kids play inside Look, he is going to disclose
his evit heart Tha’s good, once a man
is staying alone with a girl he will show their real character Be generous, and be smart no girls like chicken. Go If there is anything happens
shout for help It’s going to rain, hurry up… It’s going to rain Wolf! He is a wolf! I’ve warned you Are you alright? I’ve hurt my hand Am I like Elvis Presley now? You’re like a wolf Oh my God! Senior, why do we see lightning Before hearing thunder? So stupid! Because eyes… are in front of ears No Our nose is in front of ears but why do we hear you farting before smelling it Tha’s because… The ass is behind the ears and the smell goes forward So you hear the noise and then smell it. Understand? Why the broken hearts love staying
in the rain? Since he wants to wash away the ink with rain You have so any questions Man, come in… Clear your head Don’t cry… Broken heart is no big deal you’re so young, you still have chance Be good I’ll introduce Queen Elizabeth
to you laer Man, wha’re you doing? He is a broken heart Cut the crap, go on eaing None of my business Wha is love?
Why love drives men crazy? I experienced tha, so I understand
Very well about his feeling I see, you were once a broken heart No, I mean your uncle Master Min-pik He went crazy because of love Master, will Man be crazy? So you have committed a serious fault You can’t mention broken heart in front of a broken heart And can’t mention love, woman affection, or anything about love These will remind him the pain of love understand? Look, so many doggies So cute I love waching dog feeding doggies it’s so warm Wha dog? Bitch Wha is it doing? To feed the doggie? Wha’s wrong? It reminds him of woman Tha’s why he is so sad
I can’t stand it either Are you crazy? Master, we have a new born son and we have a name for him Please check whether this name
is good or not It’s easy, wha’s his name? Our surname is Fall His given is in Love Fall ln-love! Fall in love? Wha is he doing? Master, fall in love! Who is it? Fall ln-love is not a good name Why not call him Fall Ling-down? Falling down? Does this sound good? Falling down? My heart is falling down Well, wha good suggestion
do you have in mind? How about Rain Fall? Fallow any Fall as you like but not Fall in-love, right? See you Thank you I am leaving Nuts how can he suggest such name? Fall Lo-up! So weird! Don’t cry… Why not name you Alan Tam? Man doesn’t ea and sleep He be suffered from Psychological Mo-sie Tu-lo-si-see sickness You’re cultured Wha kind of sickness is it? Reply speaking, it’s a sickness creaed
after being brushed off How to cure it? To make him laugh once he laughs, he is cured Man, no prayer, no practice and
no lesson today Let’s play happily together So ridiculous So cheap! I will do it myself You will laugh happily Just go ahead London bridge is falling down… Man, please smile Please, or the head will break Who is it? An assassinaor Freeze Don’t go Do you still want to go? Whose beads? It’s mine Whose hair is it? It’s mine Whose diaper? Bastard He smiles This is the end of your life I think you are gifted so I don’t want to kill you If you follow me, you’ll be rich Cut, OK, ask the double
to take his place Your turn I am coming Bite tightly, go Come on, vomit it Don’t panic, just think tha it’s painless then it’s painless Right, isn’t it painless? No, it really hurts Don’t panic, it’s hard to make money Think something happy We’ll be paid laer so we can buy birthday cake Today is the birthday of master
it’s so happy Be happy, wipe the swea I have just taught you a small lesson Be smart, think over it Cut, get the double here Again? Right away… Uncle, be careful Bea him, bea him to deah Push him aside Grea Double, get lost. Brothers
please come… Be good, lie down and don’t move, right Brother ming, here comes your line Those who go against me will be killed tha’s alright Prepare for the next shot Be good and lie still
pretend to be dead It’s grea, no more fighting Then, job is over Then, you are still very angry Open your eyes look angry Sweaing, hold your fists
and breahe deeply Then you shout loudly I want to whip the corpse Man, are you OK? Cheer up… The corpse, come on He is coming… Open your eyes Coming… We are rich So many cakes Do you like cakes? You like it? Tha’s alright In fact, I don’t want you to be beaen But if you didn’t do so
we would have no money to buy cakes When Master blows the candles off you’ll get the biggest piece Grea, yeah! I want to buy all It’s too much! Wha are you doing? Why do you mask my face?
I will fall down Walk slowly, sit down, be careful Open… Happy birthday Master, happy birthday Happy birthday Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Happy birthday Thank you… Pal, my master is 87 years’ old but you have one more extra Hurry up Master doesn’t allow us to go out
for food so we’ve to fish Wha a big fish It comes more difficult to get
fish You’re grea How about your side? Siu-long always caches fish
for you If you can’t cach your own fish you won’t have any bite Let’s ea I will fish my own Fish, here comes delicious
earth-worm come on It’s delicious We can ea soon Let’s ea My dick hurts Crab is delicious I want to cach lobster
next time Miss, do you want to fish or want to cach crab? I want to die Hurry up, a pretty girl has come Really? Let’s go for a look I am so poor! So ill-faed! When I was three, I was sold to
be other’s adopted daughter When I was seven, I was raped
by my adopted faher When I was twelve, I was sold to
be other’s wife When I was fifteen
my husband died When I was sixteen, my adopted
faher took me home And he wanted to sell me to
the brothel Cut the onion laer it stimulaes eyes Thank you, it’s better now Although you are poor we haven’t accepted any females to stay in our temple Since you can’t let me stay why did you save my life? Let me die Miss, wait… Master Wha’s the matter? Master, Buddha said we’d said
we’d save other’s life how can you let her die? I’ll let her stay here for a week You shouldn’t fool around
in this holy place Miss, please stay in
the store room Yeah! Thank God Miss, this way please Mother is so nice… Miss, come in Sit here I will fix the bed for you
wait a minute Thank you for saving my life
and let me stay I don’t know how to thank you Don’t say such words Will you marry me? If you are willing to do so
I won’t mind I am just kidding, just kidding You are so sweet You’re so nice to me
I can’t repay, but… Kou-tou to you No, please stop… I didn’t believe tha when two lovers get in touch it’s like being electrified Now, I believe it You are stepping on the wire Wha? I mistook tha… In fact it is… Don’t panic, it’s alright… I will take the bed for you It’s time to ea, Miss Thank you Ea This is for you You bothered me! Wha a trouble! Senior, Master is coming, look Take it Good morning Good morning A hard time? Wait a minute And So disgusting How dare you fool me? Don’t go Stop Master, help… I wanna throw you to deah Don’t go Master, throw him
counter attack I wanna throw you to deah Lower the head Raise the head My God Lower the head Turn back You should go to hell, damn it I wanna bea you to deah You are a monk, how dare you
fall in love? I want to teach you a lesson Take off your pants No, I won’t Take it off I am araid it would scare you Come on I don’t want to Really? No It’s alright OK, I am going to take it off Don’t peep a me It’s torn, you’d mend it Miss Siu-hung, you’ll leave
two days laer Wha are you going to do then? I’ve made up my mind
I can’t do anything I will go back to my
adopted faher’s home Do whaever he like No I can afford your living I can, if only you accept it I don’t want to drag you down I’ve heard about
your master’s story He fell for a woman so he was locked up and
starved to deah You mean Master Min-pik? I am different, I am not
an official monk I can quit any time He is the successor of Shaolin He fell for a woman of
the Evil Sect it’s against our regulaions Don’t try to comfort me I know if you fall for a woman your only punishment is deah No, my uncle isn’t dead He is locked up in a cave I send him food everyday He is fatter than me If you don’t believe it, I will
take you there for a look I do But my adopted faher will
pick me up anytime How much does he want?
I will think something You can’t afford it How much? $1 00,000 OK, I’ll try. Wait for me Are you Chan Kar-lok of
the Red Flower Society? Cut the crap, go back to Japan Grea, senior, cheer up Cut, OK How are you? Are you alright? Are you alright? I am fine Senior, are you alright? Grea Am l? Cut! Is the shot over? Is tha OK? Is another one
needed? Director, never mind… OK… Cut! Do you want another one? How is it? Are you alright? I am fine Take the medicine box here Wait Are you OK? How is it? Are you alright? How are you? Are you hurt? I am fine Really fine? Cut, first aid! Director, is tha OK? It’s fixed, this is yours Thank you Thank you, I will call you
next time Fine… You’ve known it already Your greaest hint to me
is tha… you want to marry with my student Only two kinds of people
will marry with him Either she is blind or she’s something nasty in mind You’re pretty, you won’t be blind Although you’re old you are quite smart Red Lemon, the killer of
the Evil Sect! You’re grea, you could
recognize me My God, about Evil Sect’s hared
against Shaolin just let them go with the wind When master wanted to suicide
with Min-pik you were the middle man At last, my master jumped down
from the cliff and Min-pik didn’t follow Luckily our master didn’t die So she wanted his right hand to pay for his unfaithful deed Everyone knows Shi-shui Sutra of Shaolin is branded on the right arm of
the successor of Shaolin Temple Min-pik was chosen to be successor once you want his right hand in fact, you aim a the sutra Wha a pity tha
Min-pik died already I am sure tha
after kidnapping you Min-pik will show up My God… Good morning Good morning Siu-hung, I’ve got enough money
for you… I’ve got enough money The sun rises Wha a sound sleep Who’s shouting early in the morning? Why didn’t master wake us up? Right Siu-hung…I’ve got enough money Siu-hung She disappears Master disappears too They must have run away for love Cut the crap Why are you here? Letter sent by a pigeon See you again Let me do it It flies over there Get lost, I will handle it Dear pigeon, you’re surrounded Surrender now Be frank and you’ll receive
less punishment So disgusting, I will give you
a fart No, don’t be tha impulsive Iet me handle it Don’t be impulsive It’s fixed… Wha is written? Locaion: Old Castle of
the Evil Sect Time: Within 7 days Result: Your master will be killed Siu-hong is the killer of the Evil Sect These 1 5 years, the story
between Min-pik & Evil Sect isn’t over How to save Master? Think something Virgin’s stance Grea! I’ve got it a last Grea, you’ve got
the Steel head stance Congraulaions Stop Wha’s up? Fire I’ve got it, I’ve got it Man, come and help… Break it No problem Your Steel head is so powerful Siu-hung Siu-hung Siu-hung Senior, you’re drunk, it’s me Why do you drink this?
Is it delicious? You know nothing! Wine can make you forget trouble and pain And it will make you feel excited So amazing? If you fight after drinking will you be more powerful? Reasonable Get drunk, so you don’t feel
pain and have more guts Come on, try this Drink Drink more Drunken Fist It’s really drunken fist No, it should be drunken chicken Why do you bring us here? Isn’t this place prohibited for us? Master said If you want to leave Shaolin Temple
you’d come here first To worship our ancestors Ancestors, we leave Shaolin Temple… in order to save our Master Please bless us… so tha we could save our master A copper-men’s position! Wha’ll we do? Just try our best to go through it If we can’t defea them we have to die here this is our regulaion Well… Go ahead Take a sea, I’m so tired Take a rest first Sorry for offending Try hard! Cheer up Cheer up… Cheer up… Try hard… Come on My God I’ve made it You’ve fallen asleep, haven’t you? Not yet! Not yet We’ll set out tomorrow But I have to tell you one thing or I won’t feel comfortable You know, for the money you earned
from the movie I’ve got a big share by
deceiving you I couldn’t sleep well and I don’t feela ease I hope you will forgive my despice We know it Do you know why you always have stomach ache? I shitted over 1 0 times today
and… I see, you… I put some cahartics
in your food I am more despicable I put some chili powder
on your underpants Can you forgive me? Wait for me Grea! I am glad to see you Master I’ll handle it I’ve brought him along Set our master free He is a fake He is the original Min-pik Min-pik Who is it? Block it Shit, it’s a world war Go to hell Go to hell Go to hell Go to hell Even my mom dares not
bea me like this He can’t bea me Virgin’s stance? Invincible Virgin Wonderful It’s you? Isn’t it? No It’s you, it must be you I recognise your voice Why don’t you counter attack? I love you You liar I love you I’ve heavy burden
do you still love me? I love you more Pal, wha does tha mean? Go to hell Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight? Master, I am coming to save you Master, is there anything wrong
with your eyes? Someone is around It’s alright, I just want to check whether it’s tight or not So, see you Don’t come over, l… I don’t know Kung-fu Senior, help me Help Man Senior, take revenge for me Master, he bullied me Don’t be araid You, come Drink the milk, drink No milk! Wha’ll we do? Siu-long, here comes the milk Take as much as you can
Don’t give me face Isn’t it absurd? He gets drunk How are you? Drunken Fist Lam Choi-wo’s stance So comfortable Han’s stance Lui’s invincible fist Useless Master You called me master?
Have you had enough kiss? No. If not were my lips I couldn’t have fixed her You liar No… Stop messing How dare you! Prepare the funeral
for the old man! Don’t kill Master Master Don’t kill Master Isn’t he Min-pik? You asshole! Why didn’t you come earlier? Always come in last minute I was almost scared to deah King You appear a last King, please let him go This is not his business How can you say so? Pay my daughter’s life King She was dead Horrible Angel wants to
seduce Min-pik to show up by her body Master, save Uncle Min-pik My Kung-fu is lost So wha’ll we do? You know wha to do? Take care Are you alright? Shit, Master, think something Wha to do? Why do you stare a me? Master, does the urine of
a virgin work? Sure, the urine of a virgin is
an antidote to any poison Don’t look, piss now Why isn’t he killed? Here comes the urine of a virgin Go to hell It stinks Don’t panic, please Once more More drops, more drops Come and help, be good More, please Urine of an virgin? He is araid of virgin’s urine
attack him with your urine Siu-long, come here Senior, is the urine of
a virgin powerful? It’s sweet, beware of diabetes You bluffer! I won’t trust you Min-pik, you’ve thought for 3 days have you made up your mind? I decided to tour around the world Why don’t you stay here to be a monk? Vision is emptiness! I was a monk But I couldn’t help
falling in love So I want to tour around the world to live and die with naure Freeze Your Kung-fu was better
1 5 years ago & you couldn’t stop me You lost your Kung-fu now how can you stop me? I just want to take one more
glance a you Promise me don’t come back to see me l
n another 1 5 years I can’t wait another 1 5 years I promise See you Wha a hero He signed 1 0 autographs for me So wha? I’ve fifty Why are you so greedy? Don’t you know tha? I can change it with one Jimmy Lin’s shinning card Hi, honey! Darling! Wha is love? It drives people crazy I am coming Will you leave here for another
1 5 years as Min-pik did? No, he left for 1 5 years but I need only 1 0 minutes
to fix her up Thank God Why? Why 1 0 minutes? Just three words Wha? I don’t know 47 48 49 50 Damn clock Help Don’t worry I’ve covered his stin
king mouth, it’s alright Go back to your sea It’s grea I didn’t say anything If the clock drops
it’s none of my business You said it would be alright Go now! Downloaded From


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