Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Long Fist Moves 25-32

Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Long Fist Moves 25-32

Now we’re going to start the last section.
Continuing from the previous section. From here, you’re going to actually bend two legs
together, jump and do this one, two, three, four to five to six one pull back in a empty
set. Step forward, step forward again, punch, you can raise this knee, your right knee,
kick with your left leg one, okay, raise your right leg, down, out, up, raise, down, up
punch, block down, punch, punch it back, turn one, two, one, two, three, chop, cross your
arms, sidekick, down, turn, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven finish. Okay let’s
show that again. From here, you’re going to jump, one; tow; three; four; five to six one
pull back, seven step forward, step forward with the other leg, punch, raise your right
knee, kick with your left, okay, now raise your right knee, put your left hand, punch
down with your right, stamp down the floor, step side ward with your right, left hand,
up, left turn your left, punch down, okay, punch down jump, up, block down, step forward
punch, turn, one; two; three, one; two; three, chop, sidekick, down, turn, one; two; three;
four; five; six; seven. Okay. Let’s do it one last time. From here, jump, one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, turn, one, two, three, chop,
sidekick, down, turn, one; two; three; four; five; six, close. Bow.


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  • Harald Karlsen says:

    Don't ask me, I don't know much about gongfu. But I know that in gongfu, every move has its purpose. No move is wasted. That's a basic principal, as far as I know. But if I should guess about that fist-towards-the-ground-thing, I'd say it has something to do with balance or changing stances. The latter would perhaps be reminiscent of when you change fingerstance while playing the piano. I don't know. It would be nice if someone with a little expertise could fill me in here.

  • 1st royce gracie wiped the floor with kung fu fighters in controlled fights, with rules, the outcome wouldnt be the same on the street, royce would agree. also kung fu does teach how to break grapples and counter attack against them, and they teach how to disarm weapons. most kung fu stances have a practical application in defence however most people argue this because when training you do alot of low stances making them look impractical, but while training its to strengthen muscles all at once

  • i would do that too, because it's not like you have a chance anyways so run like the mexicaans jumping the border to escape from the customs

  • i hate budo , in world war 2 you japanese lost, but yet why are there still veterns from world war 2 in japan, the bushido code tells that you must commit suicide when you lose a battle because it is shameful to go back to your family a loser

  • Matthew Torres says:

    You don't need to be a bujin to have a personal motto or creed. the bujin just cal it by a different name but it's all the same when it breaks down. Yes Wutang may only being saying it to seem cool, but he may also be serious. This all has nothing to do with the video which is what comments are for. As far at this set its the most difficult for me to get down because hes facing away from the camera for most of it. I watch this vid a good 3 times a day and is till don't think i have it right.

  • listen again. its the Qi or life force. energy.the same stuff that has propelled many opponents across the room with the minimal effort. watch Bruce Lee do a one inch punch.

  • Ender Ezechiel says:

    The fact of training yourself will help you more than any pure knowledge. That's why martial artist are strong, because they train, not only because they know how.

  • beautiful form. beautiful uniform. orange was the Buddhas favourite colour. the colour of peace. some people are looking for a fight, we must help them

  • yes. the form is beautiful, but the monk performing it maybe is a little messy at points. maybe its because hes focused on teaching instead of learning. and maybe its from something where he didnt realize was gonna be on youtube. i dont really think he's gloating, such a beautiful thing is hard not to share when your learning it. my opinion.

  • yes. thank you for sharing that. that indeed was beautiful. there ws a point in the middle of that form where it seemed like he floated. thanks again, peace.

  • Jens Nielsen says:

    Kung Fu depends on the one using it. I think if you train this for many years. you will be able to use many combos including these very advanced combos without thinking of it.

  • Alioth Ancalagon says:

    I guess you haven`t any experience in street fighting.
    At first
    of course is no tequnique equal
    I can now say, that I know how to use whats shown and I don`t want to destroy your dreams but Jeet Kune do is one of the most useless tequniques at all.
    Everybody, who thinks with logic would know anyway that a thousand year old Fightform can`t work worse, than a 40 year old, that bases on it

  • Wolffs Law states that bones and soft tissue reform themselves to accommodate stress.

    I built my knuckles by wrapping towels around trees and striking them after having used a normal heavy bag for awhile. You can do knuckle pushups.. really anything that causes minor-major stress on the bones of the hands.

    Results are noticeable. You should work on building your cartilage first then move on to your knuckle bones by using more force in your exercises. you can also just punch your fists together

  • Luke Schlachter says:

    ooowch, i tried the one where you kind bend close to the ground and it hurt so bad, probly cause i need to stretch alot more 😀

  • Why is there a kid in the background if your recording to show us.. Kid needs deeper stance and more practice.. Hope this one was he's free lesson..

  • A martial artist doesnt even have to throw a punch against a "generic" street fighter. They through some off balance, hook meets jab with he smaller knuckles, you step to the side, do a simple leg kick, and they waste themselves on the pavement. LOL… street fighters.

  • theScytheofGod says:

    He has no idea what he's doing. His shoulders are hunched, he doesn't know the form. It actually detracts from the monk trying to show the technique. Very sad.

  • Dropkicke, you must be such an expert yourself.. Oh wait, you aren't. He's loosing his balance cause he's going super slow for our benefit. BTW, you can't even play guitar man. Keep playing guitar tho and maybe one day you may not make such horrible noise with it.

  • In fighting, having a strong stance will prevent one from being easily knockoff balance and fall. Once you fall, your attacker will get the advantage and can hold you to the ground. Since he is supposedly consider a master, even in doing slow motion, he should still be strong and solid. The lower body is the base in fighting and therefore should be very strong at all times.

  • icefreezer VII says:

    some karate have moves that are derived from kung fu….so it makes sense….my karates circular blocks comes from kung fu

  • Intelligent Discussion says:

    So do my circular blocks from Tae Kwon Do but that style was a mixture of chinese and japanese styles as well as ancient korean styles.

  • Bogdan Ionita says:

    u fakin noobs i learned a lot from this i am in holland and i saw all his videos so dun say he's doin wrong noob becz he can punch and hurt u with 1 hand 😉

  • i love shaolin…but i dont have some place to train it….so i can¨t do somethink like butterfly…..but i really love the fighting style….i really want to go to china and learn it all…:-)


    little red boxing? HAHAHHAHH. people like this ruin shaolin kungfu. this is so bad i cant believe it. quit everything you are doing when u are learnin from this video.

    Hóng means red in chinese, however the character for Xiao Hong Quan means Small Flooding Fist and not Small Red Fist or Little Red Fist. haha fail kungfu.

    This is one of the worst versions of the form I have ever seen. WOW STOP RUINING SHAOLIN KUNGFU>

  • @ArrcanarStudios says the guy whose learnin from this trash XDD shut up kid. ull get smacked by anyone when ur learnin from this. little red boxing LOOOL calm down.

  • @AcidicBathWater calm down retarded mad kid. go learn ur little red boxing HAHAAHA. ill stick to my shaolin essence and learn real fighting arts, while u learn bad chinese, bad styles and bad movements.

  • @animeizmylife where did i ever state that my style was the best? and no…there is no such thing as a style having pros and cons. they are all equally good. the person who uses them has pros and cons. and obviously this is video is full of bullshit. calm down and dont make dumbass accusations.

  • 2 things were runing through my head
    1st was kamehhamehaaaaaaaaaaaa lol
    2nd was now wach me youuuuu solja boy up in this…

  • @SlipknotTribute bitch please he doesent have flexibility and he doesent know the moves that well thats not a good asistant bass rutten having a real assistant !

  • just because he's doin it slow ,anything you can do slow you can do fast ,the ging is there ,its about mind and body ,the guys a real life super human!

  • @ImDeathNote You really had to look at my profile to find information? You had nothing so you looked for my personal information from which I last played a couple months ago. Thats how weak you are, you can't make up comebacks that are decent because all you use are words like "suck" and "ass." How you said the first comment was idiotic saying, "stupid fake monk." Fake means in your language, not real genious.Oh yeah your watching this video as well so what you just said to me comes back to you.

  • Percussionist 808 says:

    @prexic13 hey dude be quiet he's still trying to learn that form thats why he looks so clueless. Next time think before you say…'s not right to talk about people who dont mess with you thanks

  • @RiderOfGreece I might not be a grand master but if nothing else I can say with confidence that at the least he didn't teach his student this before making this vid because if you look at 1:43 the students left hand is at the complete opposite position of the teacher.

  • Jordon Ferguson says:

    @suckmeballsalot Did you actually go through the movie to check for an error?
    The kid isnt a Grand master either – and i highly doubt The teacher would not teach the child how to do all of this before the first video was made, get over yourself.
    You just said your not a Grand Master, so dont critise one.

  • @WeCanGame I watch kung fu vids to learn but if it looks sloppy then I'm not going to try to learn it. This isn't sloppy but there is a few errors. As far as teaching the student before making the vid, don't you think you'd want both you and your student to have it perfect before putting in front of millions on youtube including other martial artists to pick out flaws in the art? doesn't look good when "2 people doing the same thing" are not doing the same thing.

  • @NONAG0N next time try the reply button on comments, genius. As far as learning from a video, you don't need to know the form already to learn it again on video as that make no sense at all. However before learning any of the stuff this guy is showing you're better off knowing the concepts of kung fu as far as the way you strike and the way you move. If your saying good luck to me trying ot learn from this, then your the one out of luck. As I only integrate things I like into what I know.

  • @NONAG0N insult me if you want but the best fighter that ever lived did the same thing. You stick too close to routine or step by step forms then you lose the adaptability required in any fight with someone who knows more than what your joe schmoe knows.

  • @NONAG0N exactly. It's all about spending the time to train. I completely respect the shaolin and their way of life but I don't care if it's a shaolin monk or some random goofball, you would think that both you and your student should be doing the same thing so you don't confuse your audiance. Some people might even think what the student screwed up on is the correct way and then practice it. doubtfull but some people…

  • @NONAG0N thank you =D btw, if you like flashpoint there's a movie called shaolin that came out in Hong Kong and a few other places. If you go to the right site you can watch it on the net. The Us realease comes out in about a week and a half. Watched it and I thought it was an excellent movie. It has Wu Jing, Xian Yu (who's an actual shaolin monk) and jackie chan briefly as a cook :/

  • stormtrooper business says:

    Practice, practice, practice. ALL the fighters in the world have to have a form to start from. The shaolin have developed many styles, including all the animal forms. They are some of the most adaptable styles out there. You well never learn all the styles on a computer. All the people that say shoalin would not be good for MMA your mistaken. This is the kung fu everything started from.

  • @RiderOfGreece All of the ppl who said negative comments about him ALL know that they would get their mess ROCKED by him hahaha Haters

  • In traditional Chinese Kung Fu those kicks don't need to go above his sash. The jumping will add the extra height.

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