Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Head to Wall Shaolin Kung Fu Practice

Now I’m going to show you the final step or
the last step that I was taught of practicing Iron Head. Okay. It’s Head Against the Wall.
First thing of we want to stretch our head to loosen up our head from the previous exercise.
You want to loosen up our neck. Okay. So you want to go forward, backward, for probably
a repetition of twenty five times. Right and left, circular, okay stretch out your arms.
That too. Stretch out your head. Okay. Now, you’re going to put your head against the
wall. Okay. So this is the wall. You’re looking forward and standing and opening position
put your hands on your hips, hit your head and apply pressure to the wall. And hold this
for as long as you could, okay, I’ll say probably about fifteen to twenty minute if possible.
But for beginner, try once, try for one minute or two minute and gradually speed up. Gradually
improve the time. Gradually increase the time. Okay. So after years of practicing this kind
of exercise, your head becomes as strong as steel. And ladies and gentlemen, this concludes
the lesson of Iron Head.


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