Seminarium z Si-Jo Leung Ting’iem w Budapeszcie – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 17

Seminarium z Si-Jo Leung Ting’iem w Budapeszcie – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 17

Welcome to the
Wing Tsun Poland channel. As you can see,
we’re in a car, which means we’re
going on a trip. Where to
this time? We’re going south,
to Budapest, to join a seminar
this weekend with Si-Jo
Leung Ting, our master
from Hong-Kong, who’s flying to
Eastern Europe specifically to
host the event. Onwards! Listen up, I arrived safe and sound,
I’ve had my breakfast and I’m heading
for the training session. It’s the same gym
as last year so I shouldn’t have
any trouble reaching it. Good morning,
Tatabánya team! We’ve got everybody. See you! All I have to
do now is to locate the
locker room and change. Sifu Darek!
Let me find you. – Good morning!
– Good morning. Let’s go
find the locker room. Familiar faces. More familiar faces. The locker room’s
this way. I see it now. But don’t worry, I’m not going
in there with the camera rolling. This is where I sign off,
get changed… …and let the
training begin! Kasia, how long have you
been training Wing Tsun? I started this year
in February. Which is about
7-8 months. – A few months.
– A few months. I’m not even
going to ask. This is your first
seminar with Si-Jo. First time, correct.
I’m very excited to be meeting
Si-Jo in person. I didn’t even know
this would be a possibility when I started
training. You just robbed me
of my next three questions. Since you’re very excited
about meeting Si-Jo before you came here or even before you
started training were you at all acquainted
with his work, biography, his books perhaps? No, I didn’t
know about him. It was Ip Man that
I was interested in, so when I learned that Si-Jo
had a personal connection to Ip Man it got me very
interested in of itself. We’ve already finished two
training sessions with Si-Jo. Tell me – how do
you feel about it? He’s a very inspiring person. His presence alone
and the way he talks about
Wing Tsun is very inspiring
and motivating. I also like that we’re
focusing on basic material as my experience
is still very limited so I can
concentrate on the things I’m
usually trying to work out like punching
and proper footwork. Allow me then
to ask you about the goals you’ve set
on your Kung Fu path. I have no specific goals,
to be honest. Right now I
would like to (and this is
a very minor goal) to feel in control
of what I’m doing and be aware
of what I’m doing as quite often
even though, for example, I think my
punch is straight my hand swerves
to the sides and I can’t
control it. To fix it is my
goal at hand. Straightening out your punch?
Or your basics? Straightening out the basics
and being aware of what my
body is doing. Kasia, thank you
and allow me to wish you that you not only
straighten out your punch, but also your
Wing Tsun path so that you may get
as far on it as possible. Thank you. Steve – where
are you from? Manchester, England. How long have you
been living in Poland? 25 years. I came here
in 1994. What city do
you live in? Sopot. The best
place in Poland. Nice. Wrocław is the best
place in Poland, if you ask me, but we don’t have
to fight about it. You’ve been living
in Sopot for 25 years. When did you start
training Wing Tsun? Only two
years ago. What made you decide
to train martial arts? I’ve been wanting to practise
martial arts all my life, but you know
how it is: excuses, no time,
responsibilities etc. Finally, at the
age of 46 I realised that this might be
my last chance to start something new. So I looked around for a martial art
like Wing Tsun, where you don’t have
to be overly athletic or fit, or kick very high,
or some such things. It’s all about
simple, effective, close-range
techniques. – In close quarters.
– …in close quarters. What made
you come and join the seminar with
Si-Jo Leung Ting? I guess you could say,
that Si-Jo Leung Ting, created the system
we are training, so it was a good
opportunity to come and learn from
the Grandmaster. You’ve already had two
sessions with the Grandmaster. Would you honestly
say that he is indeed a great Kung
Fu master? Yes, without
any doubt. You’ve just experienced
a seminar with the Grandmaster. You’ve been training
for two years. What’s your goal
in practising Wing Tsun? My main goal is to
learn self-defense. To be able to defend
myself if need be, so that I know
what to do and not just
stand there paralysed. How often
do you train? About four hours two times a week. For how many years do you
intend to maintain that pace? For the rest
of my life. I don’t want to stop.
I want to keep going. Perhaps one day I can also
become a master. That is a beautiful goal, Steve.
I wish you to never be forced to
use your skills and to some day pass your master’s exam and wear a golden
flower on your chest, and that we can meet
as often as possible at seminars such
as this. – Great! Thanks!
– Thanks a lot. Ala – what’s your grade? 3rd master’s grade. How long have
you been training? 8 years. What inspired you
to pick up the art? I’ve wanted to be able to train
Kung Fu since I was a child. But it was
impossible at the time. Luckily, one day I saw
a poster on my way home. and I attended my first
training session at the age
of 40. Great. Now tell me, what made you attend
your first seminar with Si-Jo? I know that this
isn’t your first time, I’m referring to your
first experience years ago. It is a great honour to be able to attend
Si-Jo’s seminar. I had this opportunity
and I took it. What were your thoughts
after that first seminar? What was the
impression it left on you after it was over? I was very glad to
be able to attend. And each time you
are here do you still experience
the same joy or does it evolve? It gets stronger
each time I’m here. – So it’s growing?
– Yes. That’s great!
That’s truly wonderful. Tell me – do you
have a specific goal? Yes. Would you like to
share it with us? No. I wish you to be able
to fulfill your goal and we will
be very happy if some day
you tell us about it. Gladly. Thanks.
Fingers crossed. Marcin, what’s your
master’s grade? Second grade. How long have you
been training? Three and
a half years. About 3 years
and 7 months. You’re fast. Which seminar with
Si-Jo is this for you? Currently the fifth
or fourth. Including both the Polish
and the Hungarian ones. Right – Si-Jo has also
visited us in Poland. You are always
full of energy. Is it just the
way you are, hyper-energised, or do the seminars
and events like this awake in you even
greater sources of energy? I’ve always
been very active. But when I
found Wing Tsun I decided I’m in it
for the long run. I will most definitely
never get bored of it. I believe it is worth
investing your time in, which is why I’m
trying not to miss anything related
to Wing Tsun. You’ve mentioned
boredom. Since this is your 4th or 5th
seminar with Si-Jo isn’t it boring for you? Watching this man
always gives me pleasure even if he’s showing
basic techniques from the basic
sections or perhaps
the Siu-Nim-Tao. It’s always
compelling. We’re watching a legend. And we’re not getting
another one like that. – Well said. Thank you.
– Thank you. Sifu Marek Mikulski
and Sifu Dariusz Gradowski. We’re in Budapest,
the seminar with Si-Jo is over. I’m not going to ask you
how many times you’ve come
here to meet Si-Jo, but tell me why do
you find it important? Si-Jo’s seminar is
a meeting with our master. I recall the first time when Si-Jo
visited Poland. It was a grand event, since after the 80s,
for many years he couldn’t be here because of the
crisis in Poland. As for today… Back then the seminar
was very small with only a handful
of students. We were there
with Marek. We have some
fond memories. And now, after
many years we can meet with
Si-Jo in Hungary, in our headquarters. This time we are the ones
who travel to Hungary to see him. Marek, remind me how long have you
been training Wing Tsun? I don’t want to talk
about it anymore since some people
present here are as old as the
time I dedicated to it. I’ve been a practicioner
for many years, since primary school. Tell me one thing: do you see any reason
why a person with little to
none, medium and master-level
experience in Wing Tsun should attend a
seminar with Si-Jo? Most people know Si-Jo
from a portrait hanging on the
wall of the gym a Wing Tsun icon
and legend, but at the seminar
he becomes a real person walking near you
and correcting you. Once a year you
have this opportunity to check and evaluate whether you’re following the path
he has learned from Ip Man. I think this is the most
important thing about Wing Tsun. The source of our
knowledge still exists. We are not isolated. You have to use this
opportunity and attend, if you can, that is since not everyone can
make it here. That’s true – Si-Jo
is here in Budapest and not everyone
can afford to get here. Si-Jo is here to teach the people from his
association and organisation. He only visits
people who are loyal and have been following
him for many years, people who
are welcome here. Thank you,
gentlemen. It’s time to rest
and tomorrow we continue. That’s right. The seminar with
Si-Jo is now behind us. As you see, the day
is also coming to a close. In the background is the
beautiful Budapest panorama. This is truly a city
worth seeing. I guess I should
somehow sum up this vlog, say a couple of
words at the end. But it’s very hard
to focus on a specific thing, to condense Si-Jo’s seminar
into a single conclusion There is one thing that
comes to my mind. It’s good to be together. It’s good to be together
at a training session, to have our own master. It’s good to have the master
invite his own master over as well. It’s good to be training with
your Kung Fu brothers and sisters, and it’s also good when
you can pass on your knowledge to the young. It’s good when we’re together. It’s amazing for
people from so many places so many different backgrounds,
and so diverse in age to share the single passion of practicing
Wing Tsun. I always ask you
to subscribe, like and such. I won’t be doing
that today. This would dumb down
this important occasion. Instead, I ask
you to do one thing. Do me this
big favour. Let me know
in just a couple of words what were your expectations
before attending the seminar? Was it your first time? Perhaps you’ve attended
Si-Jo’s seminar before? And what’s your
impression. What’s the thing
that stuck in your mind after getting to train
with our Chinese master? I hope you have a
safe and swift journey home. See you at
future events related to the beautiful
art we’re cultivating. Best regards!
Stay safe. Bye for now.


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  • Było to moje pierwsze seminarium z Sijo. Niesamowite jest móc zobaczyć osobę w tym wieku, która nadal sprawnie się porusza, ma w sobie dużo entuzjazmu, poczucia humoru i widać że chce, by uczniowie nie tylko poznali technikę, ale też zrozumieli ją i wykonywali poprawnie.
    Sijo utwierdził mnie w jednym – im bardziej skomplikowane pytanie ktoś zadaje na temat samoobrony, tym prostsza jest odpowiedź. Najprostsze techniki są najskuteczniejsze, o czym wiele osób przekonało się zadając pytania 😉

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