Self-Defense Techniques : Self-Defense: Escaping Full Nelsons

Self-Defense Techniques : Self-Defense: Escaping Full Nelsons

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers Association. This is a Defense Against a Full Nelson. I’m sure there’s a
lot of ways to do this. This is the one that through the years has worked best for me.
Simple rule is this, I want to take away my opponent’s balance and establish my own. Remember
that, take away their balance and establish my own. Joining me is my friend Moss, he’s
going to put me in a deadly full nelson. Okay, number one, what is, the idea is he’s pushing
my head down, or maybe he’s holding me while somebody else is beating me. That one’s really
nice to get a kick well. First thing I want to do though, is protect my neck. I want to
interlock my fingers, and put them in my forehead. So now as he pushes down, I’m buying myself
some time, I can still breath. From here, two quick steps to take his balance away.
Watch this. First, I step to the left as my left, dropping my center gravity and I take
the right leg behind him which, essentially takes his balance away, “hold on please”,
and establishes mine. From here, often, that’s it, game over. Sometimes I want to follow
up though, I can make a little more convincing for them. My name is John Graden. For more
information, contact me at, thank you.


13 thoughts on “Self-Defense Techniques : Self-Defense: Escaping Full Nelsons”

  • I don't ever see that working because if he wants to keep you there, while a friend of his wants to find out if there really is a human pinata filled with candy, then go ahead and try some kicks. But I can tell you that a bat to the stomach hurts more then a kick with no power behind it. And the 2nd thing is why in the hell would a guy grab you like that anyway he can't do a dang thing with freaking "dead hands".

  • a kid put me in a full nelson and i kicked him in his shin and farted in his face then i let him get up and he punched me later on accept i was next to the teacher and he didnt know

  • Okay, I have a very important question to this and pray I get an answer, or even better a video demonstration.

    What if you're a small woman and you're put in a full nelson by a strong man/monster and he has your feet levitated off the ground? How can she get out of that postion if her feet arent touching the ground?
    Yes, this has happened to me with a crazy 💪 ex and I went into complete panic mode not knowing what to do and his arms were so huge that my own arm would be straight out sidways, as I was feeling my neck crack! Then he would body slam me. I never felt more scared in my life!
    I got out of that nightmare 14 years ago and it still haunts me to this day. I just signed up for BJJ classes and had my first class Wednesday and loved it. Especially since I have a little girl.
    I'm also going to sign her up for classes as well.

    But I would appreciate if someone could do a video on how to get out of this situation please! Thank you and God bless.

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