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  • in real life there gona all come at u at onece thats what happend two me lastnight when two dudes try to robe me and got away with my brand fckn new eny 3 wich i drop and one picked it up and ran.

  • Real Krav Maga is a contact defense based on things that WORKS! Most of the things shown here does NOT WORK! Its too far fetched.

  • The first kick in the simulation can be blocked easily by any attacker. The knife thrust, redirected to the groin area. The "classification" of Traditional and Competitive excludes many scientific approaches to real combat situations, arts like Doce Pares, Wing Chun, Silat, Ha Jutsu, have more realistic components than these hybrids. Yes, if you live in a full-of-enemies area you're more than likely to fight, but do they come with knives and sticks only? C'mon!

  • I really wish I can learn Krav Maga but unfortunately we dont have any Krav Maga clubs in my home town nor in any nearby town or cities.

  • basically it teaches you to become a better street fighter, it improves your strikes, and you learn techniques, from getting out of chokes, techniques to counter after you've blocked a punch, and the techniques are short but sweet, there's no fancy high flying kicks, against a street fighter none of that fancy shit will work, they're not stupid. they'll just grab your leg an throw you to the ground, its easy to learn, its effective and in my opinion its a good system

  • @agentbullvi you'd be suprised, against a street fighter none of that fancy flying kick shit is gonna work, KM however teaches you how to be a better street fighter by using your natural movements, but also teaching you techniques on top of them, this will finish a fight, it might not look cool but it will finish the fight, fast and effectively

  • plus in this day and age people dont want to spend like 4 or 5 years learning a martial art, well some do and thats ok, but KM is easy and effective and like he says its easy to learn, in israel if you get attacked on the street its usually a life or death situation and so you dont have time to "look good" and on the street anywhere its the same. Wouldnt you be pissed if you spent 5 years doing a martial art only to be beaten in a street fight because you tried to look cool fighting

  • @bleushift Glasses are useless against pepper spray. As for the gun – in that case, even if you had Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko as personal bodyguards, you wouldn't stand a chance.

  • 1:10 not realistic. a punch with a knife can be very quick, and to move away all body in that time …. he knew, he knew that!

  • @ickleoli yes thats what i was saying, KM isnt about looking cool where as MA like taekwondo, they look good but in a street fight i doubt someone is gonna just stand there whilst you kick them in the head, thats what i mean, all the flashy martial arts, im not saying they dont work, im saying a martial art like wu shu for example, i doubt all that spinning shit is gonna work against a street fighter. Where as KM is designed for street fights.

  • @agentbullvi The Majority of attacks are taken out by no more then street thugs trying to act tough. Every shot they send for you will be a kill shot and overly exaggerated. Think about it a young kid (15-18) with a knife would swing long and hard continuously trying to take your liver out (Example one of my friends gave)

    Watch the video, His hands are up, while it may look like he's trying to talk he's actually getting ready (Bouncers use this method all the time)

  • @agentbullvi He sees the threat and moves first, attacks and continues to attack once taken out he gets ready for the next attack he protects his vitals (head) and then counters this time he couldn't move first he had to defend and finally the third guy runs away. He does the safe thing and runs the opposite way, to where he knows is safe don't chase just run… All in all I think Krav Maga is a awesome combat system one Id like to do after a few more months of Muay thai.

  • @MRLfromhell riiight. Can you think of a sentence with more than 5 words and with some kind of logical meaning or is that too hard for you? I was asking a simple question out of curiosity, you replied in the most ridiculous way possible.

  • @MRLfromhell Neither is your argument valid, nor will offending me help you change my mind. You are immature and aggressive and there is no point in communicating with a person like you. Have a nice day.

  • @MRLfromhell
    What isn't overhyped. It works. The Marines did a similar type of program in the 90's called LINE- Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement

  • At 0:58
    Im gona be sincere…in the place I learned krav maga, if someone tried to defend a knife atack like that would be banished forever…
    WTF he thinks he is? Bruce Lee?

  • @agentbullvi There is a really low probability you'll ever be attacked by profesionals (except if you're in the army), and if it was as obsolete as you say, it wouldn't be used by armies nowadays…

  • look, KM is and isnt used for killing, here's what i mean, you hear the guy in the video say that special forces learn KM and law enforcement, well the special forces most likely would learn lethal KM, because in a fight like that its either kill or be killed so they would teach techniques to special forces on how to kill quickly. Second is law enforcement and then is civillian

  • @cachorrofrio You don't get "banished" from the army for disarming a physical threat. This isn't a sport, it's a method of self defense. Fuck the rules if your life is on the line. You need to find a new place to learn.

  • 1st: if you walk into a gang its your own fault of been there and if you wheren't, than you simply ignored the fact that there is always more than 1 way.
    2nd: Gangs do not attack 1 by 1 these days they don't have such code like Martial Artists have.
    3th: And than again what if you accidently face an enemy that knows a diffrent type of self defence but ignores "the code: never strike first " and attacks you ? theres no way that you will leave unharmed even if you perfectly understand krav maga.

  • punxuntilwedie says:

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  • punxuntilwedie says:

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  • punxuntilwedie says:

    @MRLfromhell you've never come across me. now enough internet toughness, obviously you're not a blue belt in anything because if you were you'd have more disipline and not talk so much trash. i like playing with you trolls it's pretty fun when you're bored at home. i'm done with you though. goodnight 🙂

  • About the first scene when the defender rears back and kicks the attacker.

    If im attacking you with a knife and I can see your defense coming then i am going to use that against you. GAY.

  • defending against knifes and weapons like that is sucide!!! That stuff is 2dangerous for the applier – sick

  • JewpanzeeTribe says:

    KV is particularly effective against women and children.

    Avoid dangerous places and situations – like Israel and Israeli people

    Hey KV tough guys, take it to the UFC and represent…

  • David Livermore says:

    @theKillerbee21…not to call you out, but the most important part of self defense is clearing the situtation. If you do a series of blows to someone and it doesn't work, running is an effective self defense in itself.

  • @bbefme Y'know…
    i was just saying that that method he use is somewhat….hmm…cant put in words…
    Im just saying, Mr battlefield, that if u use that against a real threat…ur down.
    Analyze it…
    Not talkin bout rules…but bout techniques

  • ok so apparently… this art doesnt fall under the two categories… its just there for street defence…
    just do kempo… u get this stuff in this vid plus everything else from the 2 categories krav maga is not in… yay … lol

  • I must say that kick at the end – which the girl in red performed – looked very convincing. Don't mess around with her! :O

  • its not actually an israeli martial art, the founder was born inhungary, but moved to israel to teach krav maga

  • This is not propaganda (bob93bob22), you will find that many of the elite units in the world's armies use these methods. — Israeli, US Special, Australian, British, NZ, Canadian, and Korean Special – to name just a few ref: Janes' Military, Security.or.

  • @rukko250 Looks like they were confused. Also, the technique he used to counter the knife is outdated – most KM schools now teach that you should catch and keep control of your opponent's weapon, not going for the kick like that.

  • i practice Muay Thai since 1998, Luta Livre since 2001 and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) since 2005. if someone from this Krav Maga shit wants to fight me, iam ready. omg i hate something like that.

  • its all about how clear minded you are as well as flexable you are,you can be the best fighter in the world and be defeated with a single hit if your nervis, none of theese schools are usefull i mean Id rather practice moves i learn from videos on youtube then pay for lessons just because of one thing "personal technique.

  • Looks good, solid fighting style and after a bit of research it's something I'd like to try. After reading reviews from other "martial arts practitioners" I felt a small reply to them all was in order. The biggest loss to the "martial arts world" is when people learn a skill, figure their invincible and want to "fight" others, 87Maniatis -… they even state in the video this isn't for belts… or gold stars even.. this is to learn to defend yourself. Go to Israel and pick a fight … lol g/l

  • Krav Maga is great but the problem with it is that in the instans in the intro is that the three attackers will attack simultainously and not wait until you have beat up his friend before he comes at you

  • @haveid I suppose I'd have to ask , but if you watch the video from the start, all the moves have been slowed down significantly as well , it would be a poor demo video if it was less then 10 seconds long.

  • dirtyjew1974 says:

    @cachorrofrio id have to agree, i would never try a counter strike someone wielding a knife, thats just not a smart tactic, usually their swinging and frailing the knife manically. you attack the arm holding the knife and get it out of their hands to keep control. the interception he did looked like something out a bruce lee self defense book which is ok if he dont have the knife but with the knife you take no chances whatsoever, you take control of the arm holding it.

  • 1100BlackbirdSuper says:

    The Krav Maga students I have worked with have decent basic skills. They tend to come in thinking they know more then they do, but I would still say it is one of the better defense arts out there. At least it really does focus on self defense unlike a lot of arts. This video is just embarrassing, though. It doesn't seem to do KM the justice it deserves. From the comments I think people are seeing the same things I am.

  • Dakota Berry says:

    @cachorrofrio I don't take Krav Maga myself, but I do practice Tae Kwon Do, Escrima (Kali), and Aikido. And, I agree with you 100%. My instructor would stab my leg if I defended against a knife that way.

  • Danielle Noriega Lee says:

    That knife defense shown in the demostration is meant for demostration.
    In a real knife defense, there are two techniques or basic skills in Krav Maga.
    One is to deflect with an open palm and by using the forearm as a blocking tool
    hitting against the opponent's own forearm or below the wrists. The other is to block and hit – offense and defense together.

  • I don't know enough about KM to speak definitively about the system, but as a 25 year martial artist I don't mind saying that the stuff in this flick sucks. I don't mind saying good things about truly good martial artists and giving credit where it is due, but the stuff in this film will get you killed. You don't believe me? Give me a knife and let me come after you with a couple of my untrained streetfighter friends. Do that stuff and let me know how it works out for you. From beyond the grave.

  • @DimebagVision

    Did you read what I actually said? I said "I don't know enough about KM to speak definitively about the system." Only about "the stuff in this flick." You and I said about the same thing: this video is garbage. Right now I have no idea what I said that elicited your response; please quote what you disagree with. Perhaps you're putting words in my mouth that reflect your own insecurities about KM? My comprehension is fine; I worry about your reading comprehension, tho.

  • @rukko250 Not so much catch the knife as grab the knife hand by the wrist. Also, you can survive a cut to your hand – a cut to your body hurts a lot more and is potentially deadly.

  • @britishmarineboy

    Oh, come on, this is not television. There isn't any martial art that is going to do well against a number of opponents coming after you with blunt intruments. Especially when those opponents have the advantage of waiting for you to come down a rope.

  • @britishmarineboy When your outnumbered, there ISN'T a martial art in the WORLD that can save your ass. Shut the hell up and stop spewing your damn hate all over the video. If you hate Krav Maga so much, why the hell are you watching this?

  • says:

    hahaha why dont he just elbow at 1:40 if its so effective ? its only effective cause you may kick in the balls it seems

  • I love Krav Maga. I've been trained in it and the best part about Krav is how simple it is when it comes to movements. Imi designed it to work with the natural movement. It's very effective. The intro was funny though. He countered the blunt weapon right but he should've landed a 7 elbow then pulled the weapon from his hand and bopped him. The best part is when the guy with the stick walks up and taps him on top of the head in the very beginning. lol

  • @theme57
    I never heard that but I can see the theory behind it. We train with tombstone pads which are hard as rocks and split your knuckle open.

  • Doublecross Black says:

    i dont say that this is bac for street attackers.. but what do you do against a competitive or a traditional martial artist… i mean… in the street attackers have not even a fighting stance… :/

  • Doublecross Black says:


    the greeks use judo, the germans wing chun, and i think that other armies use other martial arts… so what you just said is a bit non based… ok i know Israeli use this "martial art" in their army… but that does not prove anything.

  • Doublecross Black says:

    I have no different opinion in your last post… but i think that martial arts are competitve enough against krav maga and it is silly to say that this is the best and all that stuff i hear about it…
    because this has nothing to do with martial arts spirit…
    now about the effectiveness… i just think that as it happenes with all martial arts it is the level of the fighter that counts and not the art as art… 😉

  • TheRenegade217 says:

    krav maga is like street fighting you try jackie chan shit on the streets boom !
    you cant fucking do jump flips and shit !

  • Doublecross Black says:

    it is funny to talk about jackie chan… he is good in what he practice… of course the movies are a bit "extreme" and they may not be that practical… but IT IS THE LEVEL OF THE FIGHTER THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE

  • Colton Oglesby says:

    @miku9099 It's fake, because they're clearly students of it, but just want to showcase what to do, not to actually hurt each other.

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