what’s up guys? lifter’s power here, today
I gonna talk about arm wrestling and the schoolboy! the young athlete that
became popular everywhere in social media for his strength and actually
became a real legend in the sport but before to start I just wanna thank all
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stuff happening soon so let’s get ready! So I remember the first
time I heard about arm wrestling was years ago when I was in elementary
school when in TV there was all the time a movie called over the top with
Sylvester Stallone I remember in my school everybody
getting into this sport especially my friends and I organizing tournaments
between each class so was pretty cool but I think it was like that
everywhere, everybody at least once tried armwrestling with their friends.
Anyways, also interesting the history of the sport and what I found on internet
is that the first version of what we know today as the arm wrestling was
found in Egypt, at that time arm wrestling was more like a type of fight
and moving on in the history of the sport there are also signs in ancient
Greece and Japan as well where in 1928 akira Yamamoto created the first
Japanese arm wrestling association and just look at the pictures of this dude
it’s jacked seems like a bodybuilder however the sport has never been
extremely important around the world like today and probably the social media
platforms played an important role on that and we can see how many great
athletes there are like Denis Cyplenkov Devon Larratt Levan Saginashvili Jeff Dabe those are just a few of the great athletes
that got viral on social media and of course the Schoolboy as well. His real name is Aleksandr Beziazykov, 20 years old from Russia and he’s been into arm wrestling seriously, just
about five-six years working out with his brother and soon his incredible
strength came out and that’s why he started to win over and over and over. You can
see how genetic plays an important role and when the genetic meet a great
workout ethic the win is inevitable. It’s also interesting the story of his
a YouTube channel so basically the older brother started to record some videos
years before but he never upload anything on social media but when he had
spend two months in the hospital for a surgery he started to edit some videos and post them. The videos started to get viral and in the same time this sport got
popular all over the world. That being said guys I’m pretty sure we’re gonna
hear about this guy a lot in the future but let me know what you think about him
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