Sam Just Wants Stability | Stories from the Street

Sam Just Wants Stability | Stories from the Street

-My name is Sam. You may see me as homeless, but really I’m
a worldwide traveler, a black belt in martial arts,
and a gymnast. You know, sometimes it’s just
the embarrassment. You know, you don’t always
want to come off like you’re begging somebody. But at the same time,
you want to be able to — You know, you’re hungry.
What more can you do? You know,
I’ve learned, you know, you cannot judge a book
by its cover for anything. Jobs are hard to come by. This economy has gone totally
to crap. You know,
I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to have a whole lot
of money. I just want to kind of be okay. I just want to have
some stability, you know — a nice little home
to go to, a job, you know,
wife and kids, you know? Just that whole nine yards. I’m not looking for the Ferrari and the Hollywood, you know,
red carpet or anything. If I could change one thing
about the world, it would be the way
everybody treats each other. I mean, if everybody
in this world gave a little to help a little — I’ve just learned
that do unto others as you want them to do unto you. You know, while being homeless,
I barely have any money. Somebody asks me for money,
I’ll give them what I got.


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