Red vs. Blue in Halo Reach Fire Fight! | Rooster Teeth

Red vs. Blue in Halo Reach Fire Fight! | Rooster Teeth

*Intro Music* Sarge: Ya know, Caboose? People are constantly writing us emails here at Red vs Blue. Caboose: Yeah, I know, I got one today. What–What did it say again? Sarge: One of the most common emails is for us to put Red vs Blue character voices in fire fights. Caboose: Right Fire fight That was an email Sarge: Well we don’t have any control over the voices in fire fights Caboose: No, but the email said we could could do “something.” Sarge: Well there’s really no way to change that…unless, ya know they just…send us into fire fights or something crazy like that Master Chief: Fire fight! Caboose: Oh, I just remembered what the email said Sarge: What the?! Master Chief: Covenant forces inbound! Defend this zone! Church: Alright let’s go, bitch! Dammit Come on! Whats up little grunt? Dammit! Dammit! Oh come on! Take that! Dammit! That’s still a sniper kill, I used the sniper rifle, that still counts Where is he? Come on here, come here Oh my god, did you see that? I stuck him! That was awesome! What does this thing do? Laser beam? Oh wow, I painted it red. Woo hoo! Whoa! This weapon is awesome! Hey, Tucker come here! See how many guys I killed with the sniper rifle Oh come on, what am I, fighting spaceships now? This is bullshit *Death noises* Sarge: Huh, someone really needs to improve the range on this weapon. Take that! Take that! Come closer and take that! Alright fine, just take this. There we go! Close range, this works better I love that so many of these guys are orange! Makes them so enjoyable to kill! Blue blood? Great, now the only thing I hate more than aliens is their blood! What a dilemma, I wonder if I can kill their blood. Doc: I haven’t had a killing spree since my last residency. O’Malley: Shut up, you worked in a free clinic. Muhahaha Doc: Oh little guy, calm down and just relax. Deep breaths okay? O’Malley: How about deep bullets? In through the eye, out through the cerebral cortex! Doc: O’Malley! That’s not very nice. O’Malley: Shut up, it’s the appropriate amount of nice. Doc: Man! So much agresion! You’d think invading other planets would be good stress relief. O’Malley: Taste oblivion! Hahahahaha! Doc: Overkill! Isn’t it great when you do things together? So much more fun! O’Malley: Quiet, nurse. Haha! YES! Line up you fools! Welcome to your doom! *Evil Laugh* Doc: Great team effort everyone! Simmons: I’ll gun. Hurry up, get the jeep in drive! Grif: Don’t tell me what to do! Simmons: Ah slow down! 65% of traffic fatalities are from excessive speed! Grif: Simmons this is not the time! Stop backseat-driving! Simmons: Dude, start it, hurry up! Turn it over! Grif: Obviously, I’m trying! Simmons: Who knew grunts were so scary when there’s so many of them? HA! Suck it! Take that! Ah! Didn’t work! Retreat! And around the tree trunk, through the canopy, bring the tree down! Yeah! Sarge would be proud! Caboose: Dee dee dee. I have a tank. Dee dee dee. I have a tank. Driving. Driving. Oh! I’m sorry! That’s not my fault, someone put your body in my way. Hey, you guys need a ride? Ooh, I’m sorry, sorry. Here, I will make everyone better. Free grenades! Everyone gets one! Ah, stop shooting, this is just a mistake! Oh! Oh! How about you guys, do you want free grenades too? Don’t worry, they are free. And sticky! You can have the last one! Oh, no, no don’t bring it– Ow. “Agent Tex” By Trocadero


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