Raspagem de guarda fechada | Raspagem para iniciantes | Jiu-jitsu

Raspagem de guarda fechada | Raspagem para iniciantes | Jiu-jitsu

I’m going to pass a vale-tudo sweep here now from the closed guard, ok? There are people who call it kimura sweep or UPA sweep I learned it by the name of vale-tudo sweep So, I’ve closed my guard and I will always work in the way of breaking her posture. I can grab with a hand in the collar,
two hands in the same collar, with both hands in both collars and make a force against her, doing her react against this move. I start to pull her to me… she’ll have a reaction, and put her
trunk backwards, over there. If her trunk is inclined here, she can cancel my move … she throws the weight on me and throws my back on the floor in the here on the sweep So I’ll do it when her torso begins to stay perpendicular here with
mat her torso begins to line up, her weight now it’s all straight here to the ground, it’s not over me anymore So I’m pulling, she made the reaction
and put the weight there. now I go up doing abdominal at the same time I open my leg, puts both feet on the mat and I’m going to put my foot right here close to her foot … so, I pulled her, her make that posture I stop her, do the abdominal. here I always try to put my hand direct on the mat; if I can not There is a problem, but I have to put the hand in the end. My trunk gets much higher, and at this point it is harder to her to put my back on the mat I threw my hand to the floor, I go sitting here on her thigh and hugging his arm. I hold her elbow and put my armpit right over the shoulder, and closes my elbow there. At this point, I’m well connected with it her. Now I’m going to hit my hips high there up and turn on my stomach. … Turned over in there falling right on the mount. I broke her posture she reacts, gave me the reaction now I come up hitting the hip, sitting on that leg and turning on my stomach One mistake I see
the beginners to commit is sometimes try to sweep this leg. There is no
need for this I just keep my foot right there, keeping her to base up, Then, I hit my hip and turn face down. Is this hip extension movement that will unbalance her, and to
finish the position I turn on my stomach already finishing on the mount


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