When we want to attack with the chain
punch to the body of your opponent then throat plexus the eyes etc. So if you
have the focus mitt in front of us we can do this chain punching in a normal
standard way. So without looking at what points. So important is, you need a good
technique, economic movements and then to burst into this motion. If you are
right-handed then it’s preferable to start with your strongest arm, to punch, left
and finish with your strongest arm. So that means when you have three attacking
punches that you start with the strongest, you have the other arm and
then again the strongest. So you have with three attacks two strongest punches
that you do. When you execute chain punching very quick there need to be
power and explosion. So it’s not by doing quick attacks that it’s efficient. It is
not because it are more movements that it will harm more. For us it’s
important when I go quick into motion that there is always power. A technique
without power and only speed in punching has limited effect. So from here, one, two.
Pay attention to every single attack and don’t go too quick.
Don’t do this. If you are more in a boxing position, then you can execute the chain attack in this way: Always focus
the power into one point. So don’t punch like this: too much to the sides
like this. It needs to go into one focused point. For us important when
there are two focus mitts and I want to execute the chain attack like a boxer
then you can execute it like this: You can also do it with one focus mitt
which obliges you to focus more on one point. With two focus mitts then you have
to divide the target into two. So it’s also important to focus three hits on
one point, even if you don’t do the classical chain punching. Then it
resembles like this. When you use two focus mitts, we see a lot of people who are
like this: open arms and then they punch like this. Very open like this. But the
problem is we don’t have a head like this that’s so big. So think with me and
execute this punching motion with two focus mitts. Not too big. It’s a little
bit like Tomo has a head like that. Punch into a shorter line and focus yep
remember don’t sacrifice technique for speed or power always important with
every technique or situation that you see you need to do it also in live
situations that means when you have here for example the chain punching then we
need to use it and train it in a more combat environment. So it’s
important when for example Tomo wants to attack that I learn to go in to the
distance and use the chain punching. This has to be covered in a separate video
but think about it important: So that the chain punching isn’t executed
from a too long range. So don’t forget to like this video, to subscribe and push on
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