Q&A WITH AARON COOK | Answering Your TKD Questions in 10 Seconds

Hey guys! If you know, this is Aaron Cook. Hi everybody! And we’re going to be filming a Q&A. He is pretty awesome! If you guys
don’t know who he is, I’ll show a quick clip of who he is… Alright, so for this Q&A basically I’m
gonna ask him all the questions that you guys asked me on the Instagram and he is
gonna have ten seconds to answer each question. You ready for this? Yes, let’s try it. First one: How many years have you been doing Taekwondo? So I started when I was 5, I’m 27, so that’s 22. 22, got it! Ok next one.. How many KO’s have you had? Well, I haven’t counted them, but. The biggest ones are Steven Lopez And one at the Grand Prix… I’d say 3 or 4. Awesome, k, next one. You’re on this, this is fast! How many times a day do you train? Twice a day, minimum. What do you think or do before you fight? I try to stay as relaxed as possible, all the training is in the bank so you know just try and relax and be myself and let my creativity flow in the fight. Perfect, next one. Do you hype yourself up before a match or do you try and keep yourself more mellow? I try to keep myself more mellow. Sometimes, though, if it’s against a big opponent if it’s a big match a lot of pressure
you know something like I try and you know get myself up especially if it’s
towards the end of the day I’m a little bit more tired might need a bit more
slapping on the leg, slapping on the face and that’s what the coach is for. Awesome. Any advice to someone who just started competing after many years of
not competing? It’s a great sport, always enjoy doing it. That’s the most important thing just enjoy what you do Enjoy your training and then that
will come out in the ring. A couple years back did you see yourself being this successful? To be honest when I was when I was little I see myself being more
successful so yeah I’m still trying to go after those big competitions World
Championship, Olympic Games, that’s why I’m still going. That’s what keeps
me driven. Cool! Next is not a question, “I love him and I hope he keeps the good old Taekwondo alive.” Thank you! Next one, Why did you change countries? It’s a very long story, but 10 seconds… Basically, I couldn’t fight in the Olympic Games that
didn’t have the opportunity so to go to the next Olympic Games in Rio I changed
nationality. What products do you use to clean your equipment? Oh, I don’t actually clean my equipment, that’s pretty nasty. I get new ones every couple of months… What is the greatest thing about Taekwondo that you
love? Well I love all the spinning, the spinning kicks the fast dynamic kind of kicks that’s why I fell in love with the sport with so,
you know that’s why I try and do Yeah and that’s what we see from your fights as well. Which is more important, strength or technique? I think both of them are very important. Technique for me, is drilling those kicks over and over and over get to get
them perfect. It’s all about technique. Nice! Are you naturally flexible? No, I’m probably the most unnaturally flexible person in the world. Yeah, I
work on my flexibility but I’m if you seen my fights I’m more of a dynamic kind of fighter. I’m not too flexible you know, not too many head
kicks, but spinning head kicks I’ve got that dynamic flexibility but not that static flexibility. What do you do if you get scared while you’re fighting? Everyone gets nervous, but you
know as soon as the referee calls Chung, Hong. As soon as that match starts pretty much all that disappears, you know. If you work on that in training you
do all the preparation, That’s what I’m saying, you’ve got to stay relaxed, and then as soon as they say go, that’s it, that’s when you switch off. Next one, what inspired your Aaron Cook merch and can you buy it in Europe? Yeah you can buy it anywhere in the world, we ship anywhere in the world. Me and Bianca, we’ve got our
own, this is my logo here, website is www.acqueenb.com This inspired me, this is a positive triangle symbol. AC,
that’s what it stands for Aaron Cook and Bianca’s is a similar one, more of a
feminine kind of logo, it has a B with a queen on the top Very cool!
I’ll leave a link in the description by the way Tacos or quesadillas? Not a big fan of either, I’m very fussy with my food. Ok, let’s do a couple more. Tips for weight cutting? Make sure you do it long in advance,
never leave it right to the last moment and drop because you’re gonna see
a very bad performance. Have a long, long time, three-four weeks minimum and cut it down slowly. Cool! Last question. Do you know the Korean names of all the kicks and do you use those names in your classes? I used to. There’s many different names,
many different ways of saying them but yeah I still… The roots of Taekwondo,
you know that’s why I started and I do love it, so yeah that’s still in there but might take a little bit of remembering. Awesome! Well that is it, so thank you! Thank you so much Samy for videoing me I had a great time, thank you, hope you
guys like the video thank you Subscribe to Aaron’s channel, the link
will be in the description below. Bye guys, see you next time!


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