Q & A Face Reveal, Mixed Martial Arts and Comic Book Update | Myelin Games

Q & A Face Reveal, Mixed Martial Arts and Comic Book Update | Myelin Games

Welcome back everyone. Today’s video will
answer some of your questions, unrelated to Destiny, that you have left in previous videos.
A lot of questions were repeated, so I have grouped all the questions together into categories
so I can answer them more efficiently. So the first category, is questions about my
personal information, how old I am, what country I live in, what I do outside of youtube and
of course, will I ever reveal my face. And the answer is yes. I will do a face reveal
early in this video. The second group of questions are about other
Hobbies apart from gaming, so I will talk about Mixed martial arts and show you some
footage from my last competition, my favorite other video game apart from Destiny and also
my other addictive hobbie outside of the video game world, Magic the Gathering.
Lastly, I will end with an update on the Saint-14 comic book and an update on Star Wars Lore.
Let’s, begin. Personal Information. I often am thought to be British, which may be a good
thing, or indication that I hide my Australian accent well. Yes, I am an Australian. I live
in Western Australia in a little old city called Perth. People often claim that Perth
is the most isolated city in the world, however I don’t actually think that is correct,
I think it is Auckland. Regarless, it is isolated enough to have awful internet, it takes me
8 hours to upload one video onto youtube, yes when I finish my videos I put it on upload
and then I go to bed. Lets move on to what you have been waiting
for, man, I am nervous, ok face reveal. Surprise… what you don’t wear a suit when
you play video games… This is how I consider it, if someone said to me, we have got 20
000 people registered and they want to hear you deliver a presentation, you might only
get 2 000 people or you could get all 20 000 people coming to watch you speak, what would
you wear. Well, I am not going to wear a t-shirt, I can going to put a god dam bow tie on. Also
I am big fan of the movie Step Brothers and the interview scene is one of my favourites.
So now
that we have
been formerly introduced, you may call me by my actual name which is Matt. Or you can
continue to call me Myelin. I am 27 years old, I know right, if you are really into
video games, it will never go away. Many of you saw more last video, where I spoke about
being an Occupational Therapist, and I am a registered Occupational Therapist, that
is my profession, I don’t actually work in a clinic or hospital anymore, I teach actually
teach Occupational Therapy at a University. I know a lot of you guys are from the US,
so I think you call University, College? A lot of people, really don’t understand
Youtube and the amount of work that goes into it, and I think the think I am lazy or goofing
off or something like that. However, I can confidently say that Youtube has taught me
a lot things and I have learnt it from you guys, you have taught me how to be better
tutor, you have taught me how to be a better lecturer and how to engage a very wide audience.
For example, this idea of storytelling, the oldest form of entertainment, to gather a
group of people and share an experience, it is extremely powerful. I am actually changing
the way some of the units I teach to suit this idea of storytelling or to incorporate
this idea of storytelling to better engage students and ensure they are still learning.
Ok, that is enough face time because I am in Australia and it is really hot right now
and I need to get out of this suit. Let’s move on to some of my other hobbies
and thanks to Praxic Fire for this question. The hobby that I don’t often share with
people, is Mixed Martial Arts and why, well because people often think I am some type
of savage, barbarian for waiting to participate in a sport like this. In my professional life,
I often dedicate my time to helping others and now I dedicate it to teaching students
to help others, however as soon as I tell someone that I participate in this sport,
it some how negates all the good things I have done.
I am going to play some footage from my last competition in the background. Yes, this is
me. This is an amateur MMA competition, we have four ounce gloves, which are the small
MMA gloves, full contact, and for those who have not seen MMA before, you can punch, kick,
knee, whilst standing, however you can also wrestle and throw your opponent, then once
you are on the floor you can also punch them and perform submission holds.
I can see why people don’t like this sport, and is obviously a pretty stark contrast to
being a University tutor or Occupational Therapist. However, what they don’t see, is all the
training that goes into this sport, the physical and mental training. I was training for about
4 hours five times a week, whilst working full time in the lead up to this competition.
People often say it is violent, they don’t like it because it is violent. Violence to
me, is about intention to hurt someone. If you go up to someone in the pub and you knock
them out because you want to hurt them, then that is violent. I don’t actually want to
hurt my opponent, I have worked in a hospital for many years, I don’t want to see my opponent
in there. I am testing my skills against my opponents skills, this is the ultimate chess
match of physical and mental strength. I can tell you right now, that inner demon,
that voice in her head that says “your rubbish”, “you cant do this”, “you no good”,
“you are going to get hurt”, and it is not just for sport it is for anything that
you are doing, that negativity, that voice that puts you down, is enhanced ten fold when
you are in the ring. That is something that I actually struggle with, I am perfectionist
and hypercritical of my performance in everything, ever time I lost a competition, I lost the
round in my mind, way before my opponent defeated me. And that to me is what all martial arts
are about, it is not about the opponent, if you have control of your inner self, if you
have the confidence in self, you can win any battle. I actually have not trained in MMA
now in over a year now, mainly because I started Youtube and I don’t have the time anymore,
but for many years martial arts was a big part of my life.
Ok, lets move onto some other topics. My favorite video game apart from Destiny, hands down,
The Last of Us! Honestly, this game is just insane, the campaign is so engaging and if
that was not good enough, the multiplayer is really really really good. I did not actually
play multiplayer first time around, however when it was re-mastered, I played it and it
truly is excellent. What are the other things I do when I am not
gaming, well, my other addictive hobbie, is Magic the Gathering. Man this game is addictive,
and by the way I am also addicted to playing Gwent on the Witcher 3. I will spend hours
on the Witcher 3, well not hours, because I don’t really have hours up my sleeve,
when I get a moment I will put Witcher 3 and just play gwent on it. I am sure most of you
know what Magic the Gathering is, however for those of you who don’t know what I am
talking about, MTG, is a card game. If anyone is of the same generation as me, you likely
remember Pokemon cards, where you collect Pokemon and battle them. Well actually at
the school I was at, we never played or battled them, we just collected pokemon cards. Well,
it is the same principle however a little more complex than that, and I have a lot of
cards, I have bought cards by themselves, bought booster packs that give you a random
assortment of cards, I have got a file with all my rares, mythic rares and shinnies included.
You can actually get a digital version of this game, and if you think this is something
you would like doing, I highly recommend getting the digital version on your tablet or PC,
it is a great way to learn the rules, and there is lots of rules to learn, however,
what you need to do after you know the rules, go and busy some starter decks, some actual
cards, because there is nothing better than having actual cards. And play with your best
bud have a couple of beers, well if you are 18 in Australia, or 21 in the US, which is
just insane to me and I think you will really like it, if you are anything like me Magic
the Gathering is such a great game to play. Okie doke, lets finish off with an update.
I have had lots of questions about the Saint-14 comic book and when is part two going to be
released. The reason why I have not spoken about it recently is because I could not afford
it. So, I did pay an artist to complete the comic
book, so I wrote the script and described each scene and what I wanted it to look like.
The artist, Zach Bradley, drew it for me. That is Zach’s profession, he is an artist,
and he should be paid for it and it took about 5 weeks to complete. It cost me about $800
Australian to make one digital comic book. I was more than happy to do that, it was something
that I wanted to do for the community and give back to the community, for what you guys
gave me. My plan was for future copies to be basically be fan funded, I have got a Patreon
account and fan funding on my Youtube page, any donations go straight back into improving
the channel by making comic books. And I wanted that cost to be shared across many people,
right now there is 18 000 subscribers of my channel, if only 800 people donated $1 a month
on Patreon, $12 over a year, that would give me $800 per month and I allow me to make one
comic book per month. So why have I not promoted this more, well,
personally, I find it difficult to ask for donations, I am even finding it difficult
to talk about it right now, it is not in my nature, I am not very business minded, youtube
is a hobby for me, I also find asking for money ruins the tone of my videos, my videos
about these epic stories, and I like to conclude with an epic ending, not, please donate to
me. And people that don’t know much about Youtube, I think assume that we already make
a lot of money just from views, and that is definitely not the case.
Regardless, that is all I am going to say on the matter, any donations are still welcome
and will still go towards the comic book series, I will leave a link in the description to
how to donate. Lucky last, honestly thank you for all of
your opinions regarding Star Wars lore. I have been playing Star Wars Battlefront recently
and I am really enjoying it, I have been researching Star Wars lore and it is really really cool.
I am probably not going to get time to work on it until at least next weekend. As I mentioned
in the comments last video, I am moving house and have some really busy weekends coming
up, which the weekends is where I do more youtube work and if I have anything on the
weekend it eats into my time for making content. So I think you will only see this video this
week unfortunately, I am really going to try and get a Verse 4 Book of Sorrows, but I will
have to see about that. But the overwhelming consensus for Star Wars Lore, is Yes, you
want to see Star Wars lore, as long as Destiny continues that is great. And I am more than
happy with that deal. I have told you about me, now I think it is
fair for you to tell me some information about yourself. Anything you want, your favourite
game apart from Destiny, your favorite game of all time, something else you do in your
spare time. Anything. Once again it has been pleasure, my name is
Matt and this is myelin games. Peace.


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