Professional Animator Drawing & Commenting on her Student’s Short. Kakoi Sensei Interview 10/10

Professional Animator Drawing & Commenting on her Student’s Short. Kakoi Sensei Interview 10/10

The action scenes… Ahhh! Goaght! Are you kidding me? Nooo! From the beginning…. Laugh. Are you kidding me? Mieeh Laugh. Now we will talk about my animation graduation project. Oh, Yes. Since you were one of the tutor teachers. I didn’t do much. You did! Thank you very much! No, you really made an effort. It was tough. You really worked hard. I did… The last days were challenging. It was really tough. Like “I don’t want to hear this song again”. Laugh. “I can’t see this drawing again” It was also very tough for Matsubara. Yes, I am so sorry. This is what I want to do now. First, I want to watch the animation together, and hear your comments if any. And next, I brought paper so… Thank you very much. I would like you to draw. The main character is ok? Yes! -Do you brought the Character Sheet?
-I have the Character Sheet. But you can make it your style. Can it be a close up? Of course! A close up is good. It will be so good! No no! Ah! It has sound. I hope it is not too sould. It is ok. The camera time is also ok. So cute! Laugh. Really, the hair is so well animated. I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool that there is wind so the hair is moving?” But is was so tought. That was bad? Really, the hair is great. I lower the volume so the camera records our voices Ok. This part is also good (???) Eh? Ah, the sound is the old version Not the one I corrected. Oh, really? I realized now. The dragon’s voice changes a lot. Oh really. I made it more cool. Oh, so you changed the voice. A bit. And the effects. I really like this part! Thank you. The skid is so cool. After I finished I thought “Did I do somethign that cool!?” Right!? I got excited myself. That cut is really good. Suzuki Sensei helped in that part. Ah, I see! Especially with the dust. Aah! He really helped on that. You used lots of flaps to the wings! Yes… The wing’s flexibility is good. Thank you very much. Oh, ok. So adorable! Laugh. The dragon is smiling! Yes, this is the old version. In the new version, I wrote the “thank you” to the teachers. I see. In the first version, I wasn’t allowed to write that. The main teacher said no. Oh that is right. For school it is not allowed. Yes. I the new version will have it though. (Note: The one in you see in Youtube is the new one) Yes this is the old one. That brown. Laugh. What is he holding? He is not holding a thing, it is magic! He can do magic, and looks at that. Ah, ok! It is like the “aura” of the hand. The end. Thank you very much! No no. You helped so much. Not at all. ??? What about the shadows? Color pencil? I don’t have colored pencils… A pen… Then, just highlights. Another pen… I have red and grey! Grey!? I am sorry! It is ok ??? Is that ok? Let’s not forget to take a picture together later. Ah. Together. He will be adorable! You’re exagerating. ?? It is getting cute. Getting cute? I haven’t made the face yet. But it is Kakoi Sensei! I can see the cuteness. It looks like it will be cute…? Ah… pencil… do you have eraser? The head’s proportion is like this, so…. Like this…. The hair needs to be more… I also have a sharpener. OK If needed. The eyebrows are quite thick. Yes they are! I made it so the expression can be seen clearly. I thought it would be more clear that way. Even when the drawing is small. This way… He will look to this direction. That’s the highlight? (red) Woah! It did became cute! So cool! How was the cloth again…? Oh like this. Actually, his clothes are more complicated in the comic version. But I simplified it for the animation. Yes, exactly! Since he moves a lot. Actually, in his back he has a… what is the word? Cloak? (Hood!) Laugh. I forgot (???). Since he is blond, let’s do it this way. Like this,,, Uh… here… It is a pity we don’t have light blue… I’ll do shadows like this. Yes… So nice! He’s cute!!! Like this… And some shadow to the ears… How about this? Does he have eye lid fold? What? “Hitoe”, the line above the eye. Ah… No. But I draw it in close ups. Ok So, it is up to you. It can be seen later so Then, like this. Like this should be fine. Ok, like this. It is so cool! Sorry, the camera was in the middle. The ponytail is not so big. Like a bit… The head line… Laugh. His head is quite big… Laugh. It will be a bit “draft” like. Sure. This hair part is thicker. Ok, finished! Thank you so much! So cute! Thank you very much!


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  • JaejoongPrincess says:

    Awesome video! Can you do a video on the anination process, especially with the color pencils? Like what is the purpose if using colored pencils in animation and what are the colors used for? I can't find any info on that or what it's called.

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