Best DARN Product for Knee Replacement Exercises-Stretches & Range of Motion.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist. Oh, Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together, we are the most famous physical therapist on internet. In our opinion, of course. Today we are going to talk about the best darn, I was gonna use a different D, but I thought this is a family show Brad. Very good Bob. Best darn […]

How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : How to Do a Distance Take Down in Sambo

STEPHEN R. KOEPFER: On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City, and today we’re going to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, this next Sambo combination is going to be involving a strike and a scissor takedown but from a distance, okay? So my opponent is far away […]

The Most BS Martial Artists Ever – Fake Kung Fu, Fake Chi, Fake Karate Breakdown

This is what happens when you bring an animal style of Kung Fu to Russia and it has vodka Look at these stiff animal-like moves. He’s like a combination of snake and mantis (hits bag) All right. Oh, look at that: Now it’s tiger I assume! Vodka tiger! (Laughing) WTF is that!? Okay, another demonstration of this move […]

HOW TO FALL ON THE CONCRETE TUTORIAL – Helps with Skateboard Falls | Sensei Ryan

That totally hurt my knee Ok! That hurt, ahhh I don’t wanna do that one again What was I thinking trying to be some crazy daredevil and get thrown on the concrete. Oh well, Fighto Ippatsu! Do you have a daughter, Niece or cousin who is always so excited to see you that she runs full speed at […]

Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Fast interception Technique Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about advance jeet kune do. Now again you may have notice everything that we have done we have done from with our right side forward and that was one of the major depart sort […]

How To Use Martial Arts For Meditation | Vlog #27

Alright guys, welcome back to another installment in my video blog series. In this video I want to try and answer a question that somebody asked me recently about martial arts and meditation. Specifically from Gabriel in California and he was asking me would he be able to learn more about meditation along with the martial arts, especially […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Learning Kata in Kempo Karate

We went over a few techniques: punches, kicks, blocks and stances. Another aspect of karate is kata or the empty hand forms. Kata was the backbone of all karate training from Okinawa to Japan. It came from China. The Chinese way of teaching martial arts used forms or what the Japanese and Okinawans call kata. Now, in the […]