You can help bring adequate HIV education to the women in Africa It’s time to take action and show your compassion with your participation when you use protection Durex will make a donation to help bring education and vital medication to the African population We, we, we are the generation That can change the situation Be part of […]

Loona Kick 23

Trans by Figgy Success! It’s jjang right? Isn’t it cute? But you can throw away the neon if you don’t need it I’ll turn it on right now Right now? I will when I get back to dorm Aww it’s so pretty Great~ See, I bought all the glittering things I really wanted to buy this Oh did […]

Loona Kick 4

LOONA 1/3 Sonatine Trans by Figgy (*Girl of the Month* Dae Bak!) *Loona’s name in KR* (*Unknown Secret* Jjang!) *Sonatine’s title in KR* (Jeon Hee Jin!) (Jo Ha Seul) (Vi Vi) (Kim Hyun Jin!) (Unknowingly!) (Don’t!) (Cheer Up!) It’s the hard part Let’s go Girl of the Month! Thank you always! We love you! Let’s be together forever! […]

花心太子变心,这回直接让宫女怀孕了!宠妃气到昏厥,太子不但不解释,转身就去了其他妃子房过夜 | 东宫Goodbye My Princess

Related Lady of Excellence, don’t be angry! Be careful for you might hurt yourself! Related Lady of Excellence! Wait for His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince to come and then ask him about it. He said that he will only love me, but now he has another woman behind my back. They even have a child. How does […]