Shikanai Sensei – Seguindo os passos do Fundador

I don’t know why Sometimes I think: Why have I stayed in Brasil? Maybe because of Oomoto Oomoto I enjoyed to go there I don’t know why At college, before starting Aikido I was looking for areligion I’ve always looked for a religion During my Aikido trainings Entering on Kobayashi Sensei Dojo training all day long, professionally Always, […]

CGR Undertow – DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY review for Sega Genesis

I feel like this is the kind of game you can only make when a guy’s dead. Because if Bruce Lee were alive to see this crap, this crap wouldn’t have happened. Would’ve been sucked right back up inside Acclaim. For they were the butt hole, of bad ideas. It’s Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. I should preface […]

Stephen Chow talks Bruce Lee fighting in Fist of Fury

The most classical fight in all his films was… with a foreigner in a Japanese… inside a Japanese house’s garden… in that fight, Bruce fought in the style of MiZongQuan (Labyrinthine Boxing). Actually, we can see some western boxing’s… footwork and some of western boxing’s rhythm, that sort. Extremely flexible… and agile to the point of appearing very […]