Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Motu patlu Kungfu king returns | Wow Kidz

Here comes the Magician of Magicians, Dr. Snake Congratulations Raka, today you are going to become an extraordinary human, now no one will be able to match your Kungfu. No no please, let me be like this No Dr snake, no no!!!!! Ha ha ha ha when Dr Snake laughs the world cries ha ha ha ha hoho […]

How an Olympic Judoka Supports his Tokyo 2020 Dreams Through Gardening | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (BEN FLETCHER) (JUDO, GREAT BRITAIN, HORTICULTURALIST) It is quite full-on, my training. In judo, you can’t just have one strength, you have got to be very good across the board, because it is so competitive that you will be found out. I have to work to fund my Olympic dream. I work as a horticulturalist at […]

Getting Rank in Judo: Competitor vs Non Competitor

What’s up, guys? Preston here with another episode of Grappler going Abroad. Today, what I’m talking about is gaining rank in judo: competitor versus non-competitor. Be sure to stick around and check it out. Alright, so like I said before, we’re talking about how to gain rank in judo being a competitor and a non-competitor. This is in […]

Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 1-6

In this segment of the video, I’m going to show the Staff Form, Shaolin Yin Shou Gun, one of the oldest form of Shaolin Kung Fu. Now let’s begin. Stand straight. Looking forward. Bow. Pointing your Stick down, open your left leg. One, salute. Ah Mi Tou Fu! One, kick your stick with your right leg, kick, rotate […]

Judo Principles with Euan Burton & Gemma Gibbons

Multiple World and European medallist Euan Burton and Olympic Silver medalist Gemma Gibbons bring you Judo Principles Only on Superstar Judo Across 20 videos Burton strips down Judo to what he considers are its underlying principles learn the three gripping phases, the ten different ways to break balance including using threat, body contact, movement and combinations as well […]