Oreimo X Eromanga-sensei Night 1 – Aragaki Ayase [English Subtitles] [English CC V2]

Oreimo X Eromanga-sensei Night 1 – Aragaki Ayase [English Subtitles] [English CC V2]

Hello everybody-!! I am Eromanga-sensei, I draw erotic illustrations with all my soul. Usually I would do a live broadcast of myself drawing pictures but… Ta-dah! Just like this, I will be drawing lots of cute illustrations. Please look forward to it! Y-You! Of all things, why would you want to draw illustrations? Although he wasn’t shown on screen., this person here is the light novelist Izumi Masamune-sensei. Since he doesn’t speak much, just treat him like air or something. Someone will get mad! Don’t blame me if it happens! When that happens, Izumi-sensei can just apologize along with me. It will be fine! Now then, back to the topic at hand… Since it’s the Dengeki Bunko X niconico’s new media mix project today, it’ll be a little different from the usual picture drawing broadcast! Ta-dah! Eromanga-sensei’s live broadcast:
[There’s no way an erotic illustration ofwould be drawn] How’s that!? Amazing, right!? Just as the title suggests. This is a project where I am going to have the heroines that appeared in
… …illustrated in a cute and erotic manner! However, it is impossible to complete these erotic illustrations with just my powers alone! Therefore to those who are watching this, please kindly lend me your Ero-Powers! I don’t really know what you are talking about but please try to hold back. There’s “impact” on everything that Eromanga-sensei says. I-I don’t know anybody with that title! Didn’t you just refer to yourself earlier that way? “I am Eromanga-sensei, I draw erotic illustrations with all my soul.” Urgh.. I don’t know! Didn’t I tell you not to call me by that title? Stupid brother. Your true nature is leaking out. We should continue on… Mu… Erm, *ahem*… B-Back on track… Where did we stop at? You stopped at “Lend me your Ero-Powers!” Oh, that’s right. Erm, Everybody! We are going to have a survey now. Please think carefully and answer it! Even though all the girls that appeared inare really adorable – Which girl would you all like me to illustrate? The girl that everyone chooses with all your Ero-Powers, I will illustrate her with all my might in an erotic and cute manner. 1. Kirino
2. Kuroneko
3. Ayase [SKIP TO 03:09 FOR RESULTS]
1. Ayase – 54.0%
2. Kuroneko – 30.1%
3. Kirino – 15.9% Vote tabulation complete~ Hmm, I see… I see… It has come to this. Oh, who is it? Who was chosen? Actually, something appeared on the top left corner?! You’re right! I wonder what that is… Urgh, somehow I have a bad feeling about this… Um… Anyway, the results! This person! Welcome! Hello everyone. I’m Aragaki Ayase. I heard I’ll be drawn by a renowned illustrator today. It’s my pleasure. The pleasure’s all mine! You serious?! Huh? Ehh?? This can’t be true! When [Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai] was airing, the one stirring up
niconico video, that Ayase!? For real!? That’s me, but… to be remembered in that way, that’s a bit… uh… The M-Fans of [Ore no Imouto] who loved making MAD videos of being scolded by Ayase… THAT Legendary Ayase!? If you don’t cut that out, I’ll ******** …She’s the real thing… No doubt about it. What in the world Ayase is doing her- Fufufu… I’ve told you before, Izumi-sensei. “I don’t want to draw something that I haven’t seen before!” Ah, come to think of it, you did say that. Because of that, Eromanga-sensei was troubled since she can’t draw girls with huge boobs. W-Why did you say it like that! I hate you! …Wha? Hmph. E-Erm… Oops… sorry. Well then, once again…. Welcome Ayase, to my Live broadcast! Yes! I’ll be in your care. Um, by the way… Hmm? One of the tags on this video… E-Ero…sensei… Hm? What? I can’t hear you. e-ero manga… One more time! Loudly! I-I’M ASKING, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT “EROMANGA-SENSEI”!! I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WITH SUCH AN EMBARRASSING TITLE!! What are you so worked up about?! That’s enough! Calm down both of you! Take a deep breath! Deep breaths! Mu… Uuuu…. *sigh* I knew this would happen when both of them met each other. Erm… Ayase, Please clam down and listen to me. “Eromanga-sensei” is her Pen Name and— [EXPLAINING] And that sums it up… I-I see. I understand now… …. Ero…. T-That pen name is ultimately a name of Erromanga Island. And it’s definitely not associated with anything lewd… That’s right! Please don’t misunderstand… By the way…. Something seems to have disappeared from the top left corner… What is this thing that came out along with Ayase? It’s Life Points. Life Points? It depicts the amount of life energy the viewers of this video have remaining. Oh, yes… What happens when that runs out? Death. Eh? Death. Please be careful, okay? Someone please call Kyousuke-aniki over here! People like us don’t stand a chance! In the first place, this live broadcast- should be about me drawing illustrations of- the heroines that appeared in, but… Why would a drawing Live broadcast need Life Points? And under what conditions do they get deducted!? Actually, you should already have known the answer don’t you? Eh? This time the role that we want you to play is the same as this person. Noooo! I don’t wanna die! I wanna perform sexual harassment on Ayase while keeping my body intact! Y-Your true intentions are leaking out! Despite being a girl, you are exactly like that sexual harassing Onii-san! Listen well. Although I’ve accepted to be the model this time, if you were to do anything perverted to me…. I will *@@*[email protected]#@#!? the viewers of this broadcast!! Well then, I should take my leave soon… Big brother! Are you abandoning your sister? Don’t put it so badly! There is no way I would abandon you, right? Due of issues, I don’t have a standing portrait. It will be a hindrance to the event advancement. A development excuse!? As such, I will have to take my leave… Just a heads up for all the viewers out there! In this live broadcast, there will be a number of choices occurring but… Please make your choices carefully! In the Ayase-Route, the moment your Life Points goes to zero, it’s Game Over! Please don’t make any bad choices! This is no joke! It’s not my fault if the broadcast ends right in the middle! ….Okay. After leaving such depressing advice, Izumi-sensei has left. Umm… It seems like I have been treated like a super villain… I can’t come to terms with that but… Is there even a choice that will make me so angry? …I don’t think so? Probably… Well then, with the obstacle gone… Ayase! Yes. Let’s begin immediately! You seem to have lightened up. Okay. — All I need to do is stand here right? What about the pose? As expected from a real model. You are seasoned! Give me a cute pose, please! You mean like this? A little bit more sexy! Put your hands on the pole and look back in this direction —- Yes yes, just like that! Wonderful! Now, I will begin drawing! This is the first time I am being drawn for an illustration… I am getting excited. Please make it cute. Leave it to me! [Eromanga-sensei is drawing…] It’s done! Do you like it? The angle… seems to be strangely emphasizing on my butt… I only draw in the best possible angle for cuteness. There are no ulterior motives. Really? I guess that’s true. That’s right, no ulterior motives. Erm, to tell a professional illustrator this might be disrespectful but — You really are good. Ehehe… My, you’re making me blush. I am glad you liked it. But, this isn’t all I have! This is ultimately just a base illustration. The real deal starts from here. And that is? On the drawing of Ayase that I did just now — I am going to inject everybody’s Ero-Power into it. ….huh? I am going to inject everybody’s Ero-Power into it. The way to do it, you should all be familiar with it by now! In order to make this illustration more erotic and cute — Tell me your opinions!!!! 1. Clumsy Cosplay
2. Dangerous Swimsuit
3. Strip the panties W-What the heck is wrong with these choices?! Huh? What’s wrong? Don’t “What’s wrong” me! Isn’t this supposed to be just a session of a Pro illustrator drawing me? Eh…? Come to think of it, Ayase doesn’t know much about me. W-What’s the meaning of this? Stop beeping! It’s scary! In that case, give me an acceptable reason immediately! I-I understand… Once again… I am Eromanga Sensei, I draw erotic illustrations with all my soul. And so… The plan for today… Eromanga-sensei’s live broadcast: [There’s no way an erotic illustration of [Ore no Imouto] would be drawn] W-Wh… Wha…!? That’s the gist of it. Do you get it now? I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I DIDN’T HEAR OF THIS! PLEASE STOP THE COUNTERS!!! Fufufufu… It’s too late for that! Well then, what are your choices? [SKIP TO 13:22 FOR RESULTS]
1. Strip the Panties – 56.4%
2. Dangerous Swimsuit – 26.7%
3. Clumsy Cosplay – 16.9% 3! Strip the panties! Ah~~ You all chosen 3… I don’t really want to sexually harass Ayase but it can’t be helped ~ It’s the choice of the viewers that is equivalent to god himself~ There is no way about it~ Though I don’t really like to draw No-panties erotic illustrations, It’s what I do best at! It can’t be helped! It’s the choice of you viewers. Even though it’s my forte! Well then, Ayase! Take them off! …… Even though I warned you all so many times, It seems that it didn’t really get through. Eh!? ……..A-Ayase? All you perverts… DIEEEEEEEEEEE! [REWINDING] 1. Clumsy Cosplay
2. Dangerous Swimsuit Well then, what are your choices? [SKIP TO 15:35 FOR RESULTS] [SKIP TO 15:35 FOR RESULTS]
1. Dangerous Swimsuit – 73.6%
2. Clumsy Cosplay – 26.4% 2! Dangerous Swimsuit! Ah~~ All of you chosen 2 ~ I don’t really want to sexually harass Ayase but it can’t be helped ~ It’s the choice of the viewers that is equivalent to god himself~ There is no way about it~ To have the serious Ayase to put on a lewd swimsuit… It’s not really something that I wanted to do but… it’s the choice of you viewers. Come on Ayase! Put on this Bikini!! I understand…. ….oh? …….eh? Is that okay? Well… if it is just that… It’s okay. R-Really? Yes, well… I have worn similar ones during work so… ……Phew…… Sa~~~~fe I thought I was done for. I thought we’ll definitely get a Game Over… And there’s that scary BGM playing just now… Ah…. What a relief… What are you picturing me as….? Anyway, with Ayase’s consent! Alright! I am going to draw~~~~! You seem to be enjoying yourself. Do you really like it so much? Drawing illustrations I mean? Yeah! I love it! Hehe… Besides… I have been looking forward to drawing you. ……Hmmmm…. Is that so? This part of you is very similar to one of my close friends. Close friend? Who are you referring to? Fufu… I wonder? Well then… If you ask me, I don’t really like to wear such revealing swimsuits but… Since I have decided to do it, I should see through it with all my might! I am counting on you!!! [Eromanga-sensei is drawing…] It’s done!! Wahh.. How is it? What’s your opinion? Geez… Why did you draw it in such a perverted manner… Ehehe… Since the model is great, I put in a lot of effort! Urgh… Somehow that pillar also looks strangely lewd too…. By the way… This isn’t completed yet, you know? Wh-What? As you can see, I’m going to do more on this already very ero-cute illustration! I would need all of your Ero-Power for this portion! Again!? E-Even though you are a girl, is there a limit to how perverted you can be?! …I-I’m not a pervert. …I simply just enjoy drawing erotic illustrations. That’s basically what a pervert is! Muu… You have a problem with that? I don’t want to hear this from you of all people. Compared to me, Ayase is more of a pervert. W-W-W-What? J-Just how exactly am I a pervert?! You’re a part-time model… Despite being a cute middle school girl, you like to bully men. I don’t like doing that! Even though it looks like you’re enjoying yourself…..? To those that are watching this live broadcast, what do you think? 1. I think so 2. I don’t think so [SKIP TO 20:40 FOR RESULTS]
1. I think so – 87.1%
2. I don’t think so – 12.9% Wha…!? This… can’t be possible! Look! Look! I don’t enjoy it! It’s a misunderstanding! Besides, it’s Onii-san’s fault for making me angry all the time! It’s a misunderstanding, okay?! That’s definitely wrong! *ahem*, let’s get back on track here! About the illustration that I drew just now… From now onwards, in order to enhance its eroticism and cuteness. Let’s hear your opinions! I have given up… What kind of opinion are you looking for? For starters…. How about the boobs? B-Bo…? Everyone! Please pay attention to Ayase’s boobs. Please stop it! Where are you super imposing at? Do it to the illustration, not me! G-Geez… seriously… Good! Everyone looked at it right? For starters, these boobs can be… ….actually… ….made much bigger. @!#$%^&!!!! —[email protected]!#$%^& …..You all probably can’t hear it but she is saying something really extreme. I mean…. It’s not like mine are small or anything… You’re the one that’s small. I am not flat… 1. She is flat
2. She isn’t flat
3. More like they are huge. That isn’t important !! Um… It’s true that your boobs aren’t small. Of course! But the act to drawing exactly what is seen can’t be called an illustration! There are definitely people who want to see Ayase with bigger boobs! As such, let the vote begin! 1. Draw them bigger 2. Draw them as is T… This is extremely embarrassing! The choices themselves feels embarrassing! Now then, what will it be? [SKIP TO 23:40 FOR RESULTS] [SKIP TO 23:40 FOR RESULTS]
1. Draw them bigger – 64.2%
2. Draw them as is – 35.8% I understand! I have received all of your feelings! Following this, the last question! This time we had Ayase wear a swimsuit… Don’t you think it’s not revealing enough? “Indeed!” W-Wait… Should a more revealing swimsuit be used? “Indeed!” Don’t continue on the conversation yourself like that… Y-You perverted brat… If you don’t stop it right now… If I don’t? P-Please stop that BGM! It’s scary! It’s really scary! Then do it seriously, please. I am doing it seriously! That was a question intended for the viewers! To make you wear lewd swimsuits or not is decided by the viewers! You are pushing the blame again… Anyway, let’s hear their opinion! 1. Reduce the surface area of the covered regions
2. Don’t decrease the surface area but make her more lewd. What are these perverted choices!? You really want to be @!%!)&*#!%), Eromanga-sensei! Urgh… I felt the danger but this is the final choice! Let everyone’s Ero-Power gather upon my pen! [SKIP TO 25:40 FOR RESULTS] [RESULTS]
1. Don’t decrease the surface area but make her more lewd. – 66.6%
2. Reduce the surface area of the covered regions – 33.4% [Eromanga-sensei is drawing…] [EROMANGA-SENSEI IS DRAWING…] Completed! How is this? It really is cute but….! Th-this—- Please wait for a moment! This Super ero-cute illustration’s critiques should be held until you see this! Huh? What? There is a secret to this illustration! Actually… It’s like this! Wha?! W-W-Wha… This is…! As expected, Ayase being together with Kyousuke is the cutest! That’s why…. It’s a service! S-Service…. Hehe…. are you happy? I-I am not happy at all! This is completely unecessary! It’s disgusting and impossible! Geez… who said that I wanted to be drawn along with Onii-san… …You don’t want it? Eh? The illustration that is drawn this time is meant to be a present for you being the model but… Since you don’t want it, I will just give it to the viewers…. D-DON’T! I didn’t say I don’t want it. Giving this lewd illustration to the viewers as a present… It’s unspeakable! Moreover, if Kirino sees this, it’s going to be troublesome. I will ensure that I bring it home and keep it safe. Hmmm…. What is it, you’re grinning. It feels rewarding having somebody like the illustration that I drew with all my might. W-Wha.. ….Hehe… …Uhh… ……At the very least, you have my thanks. Eromanga-sensei. Thank you for the wonderful illustration. …Yeah… You’re welcome. Geez… Seriously… What a day! Erm… I have safely completed the illustration, so… That’s right… Let’s wrap this up soon. And with that… Eromanga-sensei’s live broadcast: [There’s no way an erotic illustration ofwould be drawn] The guest this time is me, Aragaki Ayase. Thank you all for watching! Bye bye~ Thanks for watching!
Translated by Maguro Senbei
Edited by Dizzy Ziddy


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