14 thoughts on “Oregon fight over cap and trade begins again”

  • All the taxes are absorbed by workers people!!! You know why I don't work cause im not giving two days of my pay to your bs

  • Cap and trade didn't go over very well with people and the senate Last time! Cap n trade is not going to do anything but Tax us to death!!

  • This scheme is about control, money, and centralization of power.
    A mafia style protection racket to "save us" from the boogeyman of carbon dioxide.
    The science is not settled.

  • Hello…my name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon's next governor. Here is my thoughts on cap and trade…
    If cap and trade tax passes many businesses and industries will leave the state and they will take thousands of jobs with them. These will be people who will then be on welfare and soon adding to the homeless population of this state. Next, Oregon already leads the nation in carbon emissions and the tax payers already feel it. An increase in taxes would cripple the economy here in Oregon. Finally, it seems that our current governor has forgotten a simple aspect of science. Trees convert carbon into breathable oxygen. If we keep cutting carbon it will lead to us cutting our own oxygen. Please follow my campaign to become Oregon's next governor by subscribing to my channel.

  • I want to vote , N0! Stop pushing this BS . Focus on things like our community colleges who have some 7 or more courses being axed. Just because queen Kate hates the working class .

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