Oi-Zuki : Travail de la Colonne vertébrale [karate-blog.net]

Oi-Zuki : Travail de la Colonne vertébrale [karate-blog.net]

Hello everyone, and welcome to karate-blog.net. We meet today for a new video, for the officers of you. A party that provides a different way of working Oi Zuki depending on the use of the spine. That is to say, instead of working statically, the spine advance statically, we will work with the dynamics of the spine. In one direction or the other. So we will now see a different way of working Oi Zuki. You’re certainly not often seen in your clubs. It’s not often we see that, so we will work with the spine. Now, instead of working the spine as if I had a board in the back, that is to say that all the lower movements come over, you know? In, big, for now, we do that. As soon as it moves away, it moves above and it sends the arm. Well, now we will work differently. When I go, when I push, I’ll have the front that either the rear: the body is soft as if I were a wave like that. The back will take a bit late. So I advance, the back takes a little late. I do not camber, it’s just a slight delay. In fact, just because I relax a bit forward, and then I contract. I do this: I come, I open and contracts. I come here and I contract very strong at the abs to … So, I relaxed to come to complete the technical and add to my thrust, my second push and my rotation, the strength of the abs that instead of being inert, will come to work. It’s not just the abs working, but also all the muscles that hold the spine, that will come knocking. Think about it: like a wave. I will show you just now on the bag. So to give you an idea of ​​the difference in Oi Zuki with the spine which advance as a trunk, and Oi Zuki with the spine forward and just whip. Imagine: I have my left arm, my left arm is going to be my legs. My legs are down, here is the pool. The legs make me move there. In fact, it grows there, but hey, my arms are not on the right side. So here I am: the spine, it is a trunk. I start from there … that’s it. Now the spine: it’s like a whip. So I just start shooting, and only at the last moment, she will come knocking. So it looks like this. Did you see the difference? There, knock. There, I just add to the traction of my arm whipped the other arm. So I just add to the pressure of my legs, and the movement of my body, and then the rotation, I just add movement to whip which spawned by the abs and muscles of the spine. So we will resume. Let’s go. So there you push and feel relax. What I do in the beginning to understand, I’m slightly: when I shoot, I get a little shoulder blades and then I greenhouse. One. Two. I push, I do not camber, but I have a slight delay, I’m slightly late. The top is slightly late, and when I push the leg and the hand arms, I close. Go. Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni. Ichi, ni. So if you are a beginner and you do not succeed, it does not matter, you Oi Zuki conventionally. Especially, do not do that … It’s not that. Do not you do back hurt either. This is really a muscular play. I relax slightly and I contract. Must be synchronized, so it is not easy. Ichi, ni. We will change sides. Ichi, ni. Ichi nor … It grows in the leg, I reject and I keep my abs I push and close my abs. You must feel: when I shoot, I did that before advancing out. I did that before and the rest follows. As if there was anyone behind, when I push holding me, and let me go. Come on! Ni, san, shi. Yame. Yasme. Now we will use another ability of the spine. So there it was used initially as a trunk: everything is at the bottom is over, I go … Then we will use it as a whip or like a bow, that is to say, I shoot here and I just whip. I push and I just whip. Now we will use it to twist as if when I go, I remember and I let go at the last moment. So I go forward, I will not do that, attention, but I advance and always the same: I Hip there that takes a little ahead of the top, So, I no longer use mainly my great, right front, but I will study throughout the entire muscle chain: pecs, obliques are here and here. So the abdominal, oblique, allowing to close the body. And we end up in the same position, you end face. Same as in the three cases, we end up in the same position, except that we had a little delay. It’s not really a done late, it is voluntary. In fact, what we do: it relaxes. I go, it’s there that hand and shoulder overtaking. We shake the rotational movement then send the upper body. Here are all the muscles that have obliques, but also all the muscles that are used for rotation at the back Let’s go. Ichi, ni. You’re not going back. For now, I do not put speed, I go and I go Ichi, ni, san, shi Come on, I accelerate. Ichi, ni, san, shi. Ichi, ni, san, shi. Ichi. Yame We will change sides. So the same principle: I will go softly, I advance, slightly behind the shoulder and I let go by contracting the obliques. If you are a beginner, you do normal. It accelerates. Ichi, ni, san, shi. Ichi, ni, san, shi. Ichi, ni, san. Yame. Yasme. So you’ve seen the three ways of working. Now we will do all three, one after the other. When I say “trunk” is straight ahead. When I say “Arc”: it whips. When I say “twist”: we made a twist. We left. Bow, torsion, trunk trunk torsion bow trunk torsion bow trunk On the other side. Bow Bow torsion torsion bow trunk trunk bow Yame. Yasme. Now I’ll do with the movement of the spine … And now I’ll do it with the twisting … And now I take the trunk classic. Yame. Yasme. If you are a beginner, do not take your head with it. Think about one thing: what happens at the bottom, it goes over. Following is a slight lag. You’ll see that later. You do it as a trunk if not for the other, you see? It should not be systematically wanting to be any hard all the time. There are some who do karate … they do it: there are many who will make you Oi Zuki, they are so tight, they advance … That’s good, they made Ayumi Ashi Mae and Te Zuki, but they have not done at all Oi Zuki because they are too relaxed. You have to be relaxed and allowed from the time. So back to this training quite often. Try your club to work as rotational movements and whipping of the spine. That’s actually, I just whip. I just whip like that. Thank you and I hope you liked it and I give you an appointment to other videos on karate-blog.net. Thank you and well the next time. Goodbye.


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