Obrona przed duszeniem – Obroń Się Sam odc. 3 –  Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Obrona przed duszeniem – Obroń Się Sam odc. 3 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Welcome to our Wing Tsun
Wrocław channel. My name is
Andrzej Kominek. Enjoy the
new episode in the “Defend
yourself” series. Before we discuss
the entire application you will first see
how to safely and efficiently
perform an elbow strike. First, you need
to close your fist, without clenching
it too hard, and direct it behind you,
while keeping it close to the body, and twisting your
hand and forearm into a
spiral movement. Agnieszka will now
show us how to train and generate power
in an elbow strike, using, for instance,
a wall bag. Go ahead. Today we will
discuss a situation in which the opponent uses a chokehold
from behind. It is essential
to prevent him from tightening his
forearm on your neck. Thus, you
lower your head and slide your
hand in for isolation. Next, you hit the stomach,
with the elbow of the other hand. which provides
room for hitting
the groin and allows you
to move your leg behind that of
the opponent, forcing him
to lose his balance, as your knee
is directly behind his own. This makes it easier
to break the hold, while you
tilt his head back, creating the
neccessary space for a downward
elbow strike. Thank you. Let’s try that again. Now a bit faster. The same sequence
can be used while sitting on
a bench in the park or riding
on the tram. Thank you. I hope you
enjoyed the video. If so, make sure to like it
and subscribe to our channel. Let us know
in the comments if there are other
aspects of self-defense you would like
us to cover. If you would like to begin
your Wing Tsun training, you will find links
in the video description. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Obrona przed duszeniem – Obroń Się Sam odc. 3 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu”

  • Si-fu tak często wypuszczasz filmiki że nie nadążam się wszystkiego uczyć… 😉 P.s.Może jakaś seria na temat szabli ?

  • Polecam włączyć redukcję echa, lub przepuścić przez jakiś filtr redukcji echa, bo słabo wszystko słychać 🙂 A najlepiej to kupić mikrofon kierunkowy do nagrywania 🙂

  • Bartosz Maćkowiak says:

    Pytanie, dlaczego pan w białym zamiast faktycznie złapać duszenie obejmuje ją nie używając żadnej siły? Osoba która faktycznie chce założyć duszenie nie będzie tego robić w ten sposób. Co za tym idzie, ta technika napewno nie zadziała

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