Obóz w Kecskemet 2019 cz. 1 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 13

Obóz w Kecskemet 2019 cz. 1 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 13

Welcome to
another vlog. We’re heading
to Hungary for a Wing
Tsun camp. Salutations from
the A4 motorway. The gang’s here with me,
hopefully in a good mood, though perhaps
a bit sleepy. Dorota, Olimpia. Are you
with me? We’re here. Agnieszka’s in charge
of the camera. Greetings to
everyone! Right. We got our
vignette sticker. I’m putting it on
the windshield, Hopefully,
all goes well. This means we’re
in Czechia right now and heading
for Hungary. Iga, how come I have
to come all the way to the Czechia-
Slovakia border to see you
in training? It’s called
a miracle. A miracle
of nature. We actually discussed
miracles recently with Dorota. Paweł, you’re here
to drive the girls around? That’s right.
I’m doing my best. Are they behaving
themselves? Sure. Which one do
you mean? We’re always
good. Could you
say that again? Ania, again,
please? As you can see any
place is a good place to meet Wing Tsun
practitioners on the road. We bounced into
another carful of them heading for the camp
in Hungary from Wrocław. We got our
vignettes. We also got to
stretch our legs a bit. The road’s pleasant. Not a lot of traffic. The weather’s fine
as well. Next stop: passing
Bratislava and onto Budapest and further on. Salutations from
the road. Hi there! We’re
now in Kecskemét which means we got
here safe and sound. The camp is
already in progress. The gang is trying
to catch my attention. The camp is
in progress. We spend our
time training. The weather’s
very Hungarian, very warm
and sunny. There was
a storm yesterday but luckily not here,
but downtown. A beautiful rainbow
showed up afterwards. And since our morning
training session is over we’re going on
a little trip. We’re going to see
a miniature exhibition in a town the name
of which I forgot once again, even though I tried
to memorise it. What I do know is
that in Polish it means… ‘deer.’ So we’re walking
with the gang Who have
we got here? Simei Mom. We want
more screen time! Next, on my right is the baseball
cap gang. Some yellow
glasses here. Here’s Stasiu. And back there
behind me is Robert in an extremely
fashionable yellow shirt. We’re going to
Szarvas, a Hungarian town
to the east. Behind me is
a whole crowd of Wing Tsun practitioners
and sabreurs. We spend time here
together on training and on other
activities. Let’s go on
board the bus. Which one is it? This is the man in charge,
Si-Hing Kerekes Csaba. Moving on. Si-Mei Ola,
will you say hello? Ula. Urszula,
great. 3… 2… 1… As you can see,
southern blood makes one much more spontaneous
than us seaside dwellers. Polish people, learn
how to be spontaneous from our southern
brethren. Onwards we go! We’ve made it. There’s more and more
people behind me. Here’s Boti. We’re in Szarvas. I can already see
the miniature versions of places in Hungary. You’ll get to take
a look as well. We’ve just finished
our training session. The most important thing
to do after training is to get ready
for more training, by replenishing
your energy. One of the best ways
to get some calories is to eat fruit. Right now in Hungary,
it’s watermelon season. You absolutely have to
try some Hungarian watermelon. I’m not talking about buying
one at a Lidl in Poland but getting one
right here at the source, preferably at
a roadside stand. Not at a store
or supermarket, but right here
by the side of the road. A place like this is the best
option to get quality fruit. There’s this one place we
visit after each training session when we head
to town. I’ll show you in
just a bit. It’s got watermelons,
peaches, and white watermelons. I’m about to stop
by one to buy some, and show you. We got our calories. I’m sure they’ll
taste great. It’s time to eat to get
ready for the afternoon. Today’s break is
a bit longer than usual. So I’m sure we’ll get to
take a peek at the city. As I promised, let’s take
a look around Kecskemét. There’s a lot of nice
things to see here: a church, the market square,
perhaps some other places I don’t know
the names of. We’ll probably stumble
upon some WT practitioners since the camp is
quite large, so there’s no chance
we won’t get to see people we
train with. This place here is closest
to our quarters. There’s an Italian
pizza place here. The food’s fine. Like I said, there’s Wing
Tsun people here already. Hania. I’m shooting
directly over the fence. – Si-Mei Hania.
– Good afternoon. Over here! Here’s Koti. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. That’s our first batch
of WT practitioners. I’m heading for the old
town district to have
a closer look. I found a spot
that’s relatively quiet. There are ongoing construction
works in the heart of the city. They’re rennovating
the old buildings. So forgive me if you
hear a hammer, a saw or maybe
a barking dog. I chose this
place for a reason, as it’s filled
with flowers. It’s amazing just
how many places in Kecskemét have
beautifully planted flowers. The place is
truly in bloom. There was this situation
two days ago. While I was leaving the city centre,
heading for a training session a great storm
was gathering. It started raining
heavily as I was driving, so I was expecting
a serious rainstorm. North of Kecskemét,
where the camp is, it turned out that there’s
little to no rain, after all. Not much more than
a couple of raindrops. But right afterwards, a beautiful
rainbow appeared in the sky. It immediately made me
recall my master’s words That the symbolism behind
the colours of the flowers that we use
for grades comes from the
colours of the rainbow. Why am I
mentioning this? When people learn that
I train martial arts they often ask me
what’s my belt. The wonderful thing is that there are
no belts in Wing Tsun. I always say we’ve
got flowers instead. It is a women’s
martial art, created by a woman,
according to legend, which is why we use
flowers for grades. Flowers of different colours,
just like a rainbow. Black is first, followed by
red, orange, yellow, green, blue etc. They closely resemble
the colours of the rainbow. I often say that
our Kung Fu is like a flower
of different colours. Why? That’s because people’s attitudes
also have their various hues. Each of us has their own
motivation when joining our class. The thing that drives them
to start training is always different. Some like what they
see and stay. Others don’t like it
and leave. Let’s focus on
the first type, starting with
children. When a small child
enters the gym, it has little to no
idea why it’s there. It’s the parent
who makes the decision, but the child
has to like it. As it attends training
sessions, observes, develops and grows,
and later becomes a teenager, and eventually
an adult, if it endures,
it changes. It changes
its “colour.” The greatest motivation
for their parents in the beginning is for their kids
to be involved in more than just staring at
their laptops or tablets, or browsing
the web, and instead
become active. Workout a little
and run around so that they can later
get some healthy sleep. It’s different when
a lady begins her training. Quite often the main
motivation for women to start training is to learn self-defense, to be prepared for
dangerous situations, when someone
is bullying them or wants to
hurt them. So their aspiration
is rarely to become a master, or be awarded
an international certificate. It’s more about
defending oneself. Some people decide that
since they have some free time they want to do something
with it, become active, work out, get tired,
break out some sweat, detach oneself
from mundane reality. This constitutes
yet another colour. There are also those, who
simply want to learn to fight. I was inspired
by Bruce Lee. I watched all
of his films, and was obsessed
about him. I wanted to train the same
martial art as he did. He started out
training Wing Chun. So I also decided that
Wing Chun is the way to go. But later on, our colours
shift, just like that of the rainbow. We also often change
our colours, on our way. Take a child that becomes
16, 17 or 18 years old, or, like Sifu Tomasz,
becomes an adult. He wanted to learn
how to defend himself. Now he’s at 5th
master grade. I’m sure he never dreamed of
going that far on his path. Today, some of our
female apprentices took their master
grade exams. The same applies
to the men, but I wanted
to focus on the ladies, since their motivation was to
learn how to defend themselves, to know what to do when
someone attacks them. And now look
at them: they passed
their master exams. Some people
lose some weight and soon become so
occupied with Wing Tsun that they experience
a change in their priorities and their motivation. Perhaps they will
also become masters. The final group, and allow
me to focus on them for a while since I’m
a prime example, joins a Kung Fu school
to learn how to fight. I myself wanted to be
good at fighting. After many years,
almost 15, it all changed
for me. Sure – fighting
is important. I teach people, I have
my own classes, and people still come
to learn self-defense. This part of Wing Tsun
is still very close to me. But the path gets
much more interesting. Right now I consider fighting
technique to be secondary. I am very glad that I can learn
all that Kung Fu has to offer, and develop my knowledge
regarding each of the forms, and go deeper into
perfecting myself, and still learn
a whole lot about myself. My master, Sikung,
once said that by training Wing Tsun
you learn about yourself, about your fears
and weaknesses and you learn
how to cope with them, how to fight
your demons. It’s amazing how one
can become a better person through studying
martial arts and change
one’s colours for ones that are
more suitable for us. When you look
at a plant, it grows, becomes
greater and stronger. Like I said,
a moment ago, we keep changing. We change our colours,
but also our structure. From a little seedling,
we become or potentially become
a beautiful flower. It’s amazing how we can
visit the same places and look at
the same places, admire the same
works of art, but with
a different approach, a different
knowledge, or, as is the
case with nature during a different
season or at a different
hour of the day and everything
looks different. Sometimes we are
the warrior, sometimes a person
who wants to defend oneself, at other times a person
who wants to lead a healthier, more
active life. Sometimes we are
a philosopher, at other
times – a child. Even during one’s
metamorphosis, regarding our experience
with Wing Tsun, even at a time
of change, one’s former self
awakens and improves. I hope that my
train of thought will somehow inspire you
to think about your path. Perhaps you will
leave a comment relating your
own beginnings, how things
have changed, outlining your goals,
things you wish to battle or fight for. I will gladly
read such accounts, and perhaps discuss
some of them with you. Salutations from the lovely
Kecskemét centre, south of Budapest. The camp continues. Anything’s possible, and I’ll be there to try and
report it all back to you. See you next time,
take care.


5 thoughts on “Obóz w Kecskemet 2019 cz. 1 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 13”

  • Mateusz Sikora says:

    Węgry, wing tsun i szabla, czyż może być lepsze połączenie? Sifu o tej walce z własnymi demonami trafił w punkt przynajmniej w moim przypadku. Tak samo kwiatek by mógł pięknie rozwinąć potrzebuje czasu i zauważam że w wing tsun każdy ma tyle czasu ile go potrzebuje ( jeden uczy się czegoś miesiąc, drugi rok, a trzeci po jednym treningu zalapuje o co chodzi i idzie dalej). Materiał na plus i czekam na więcej.
    P.s. W sobotę byłem na pierwszym treningu u Sifu Sebastiana i coś czuję że to dopiero początek czegoś fajnego. Pozdrawiam.

  • Michał Sibera says:

    Kiedyś rozpoczynając swoją przygodę z Wing Tsun w wieku około 15lat byłem zaangażowany w treningi jedynie częściowo. Wydaje mi się, że wtedy nie byłem jeszcze gotowy na to aby rozpocząć swoją drogę w sztukach walk. Po około 2 latach nastąpiła bardzo długa przerwa. Niby zawsze gdzieś tam w środku ciągnęło mnie do jakiś szkół jednak w żadnej nie mogłem zagrzać miejsca.
    Następnie natrafił mi się okres kiedy nie miałem za dużo czasu wolnego na treningi ze względu na pracę i studia. Jednak obudziła się we mnie taka wewnętrzna potrzeba by wrócić na salę. Mimo bardzo wąskiego czasu wolnego zacząłem ponownie uczęszczać do szkoły w Poznaniu. Jednak to co tam zastałem jest zupełnie inne od tego co można znaleźć w innych szkołach. Tutaj wchodząc na salę czuć ducha sztuk walk, który tak mocno odróżnia Wing Tsun od innych sportów. Tak już od dwóch lat zostałem i nie mam zamiaru przestać. Wydaje mi się, że musiałem dojrzeć do tego by rozpocząć treningi. 🙂

    Sifu Andrzej powiedział mi takie ładne słowa "Kiedy uczeń jest gotowy, zjawia się mistrz". Kiedyś liczyło się dla mnie żeby umieć obronić siebie czy też moją rodzinę. Aktualnie to co pcha mnie do przodu to chęć doskonalenia siebie 🙂

  • Jest jeszcze jeden motywator wyzwalający. Wing Tsun jako sztuka walki rodzina. Ponieważ grupy dorosłych i dzieci zwykle są prowadzone równolegle, rodzic który przyprowadza dziecko, w tym samym czasie też może ćwiczyć. Dla mnie to było wielką zaletą, od dziecka uprawiałem różne sztuki walki i tą miłością chciałem zarazić syna. Trening w tym samym czasie kiedy dziecko trenuje obok jest wielkie ułatwieniem i optymalizacją czasu. Wspólny trening ma też wiele zalet wychowawczych. Z czasem motywacja i kolory będą się pewnie zmieniać, ale mam nadzieję, że zamiłowanie pozostanie w rodzinie. Na ten moment, obóz był ogromnym ładunkiem dodającym energii i motywacji.

  • Po przeprowadzeniu się do Wrocławia szukałem dla siebie miejsca w nowym mieście, gdzie na dobrą sprawę prawie nikogo nie znałem. Kiedyś, sporo lat wcześniej trafiłem w dziwny sposób, w trakcie nauki czegoś kompletnie niepowiązanego ( bo wtedy najłatwiej zabrnąć w innym kierunku 😉 ), na tematykę Wing Tsun i ziarno zostało zasiane. Gdy już we Wrocławiu szukałem miejsca, które pozwoli mi się odnaleźć zauważyłem napis Wing Tsun, i właśnie wtedy coś w głowie mi "pyknęło". Następnego dnia zadzwoniłem do Sifu, 30 minut później zaopatrzyłem się w białą koszulkę, a kolejną godzinę później czekałem już przed drzwiami na zajęcia. I to była dobra decyzja.

    Znalazłem miejsce pełne różnorodnych ludzi, ciepłych, otwartych i przyjaznych. Zarówno rówieśników-uczniów, ale też "czarne koszulki" oraz oczywiście Sifu, którzy sprawili, że poczułem się tam jak w domu. I co najważniejsze, sprawili, że poczułem że w końcu nie jestem najgorszy w aktywności fizycznej, do wierzenia w co byłem poniekąd zmuszony przez cały okres "w-fowy".

    A teraz? Zostałem z zamiłowania do Wing Tsun. Każdego dnia znajdzie się coś, co można i trzeba poprawić, nad czym należy popracować i z czego, kiedy już się uda, będzie można czerpać niesamowitą radość. Do tego mnóstwo znajomych osób, z którymi zawsze można zamienić kilka słów, porozmawiać o wszystkim i zwyczajnie oderwać się od tego, co przytłacza nas poza salą.

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