Nunchaku (Nunçaku) Nedir ? l Eğitim Videoları Duyurusu

Nunchaku, a traditional art of defense! Some people call this defense device “mınchka”, but the original name is Nunchaku. Nunchaku’s birthplace is the island of Ryukyu in Japan. But similar to this device in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, as well as countries. Nunchaku was originally found to beat rice and wheat as an agricultural tool. However, when the island of Ryukyu was occupied by Japanese feudal lords, all weapons to the public are banned, When the people were defenseless against the invaders, they used Nunchaku to defend themselves. In Western countries, Nunchaku became known for Bruce Lee’s movies. today it is used with many different techniques. There are even world championships held just by shaking Nunchaku. Nunchaku is made of almost all materials such as wood, iron, rubber, and is used for different purposes. Speaking of Nunchaku, we thought of preparing Nunchaku training videos for you. If you want to learn everything about the art of defense Nunchaku you can follow our channel. Batuhan Kağanoğlu will be with you on our Trend On TV channel soon! See you in new videos, bye 🙂


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