Nobody Wants to Help You Move – Key & Peele

Nobody Wants to Help You Move – Key & Peele

Oh, thank you. I wish I could just
stay at my old place, but I can’t afford
the new rent. Yeah, moving sucks. You know, strangers
handling your belongings. The movers
always break something. Oh, no, I can’t afford
professional movers. I’m moving myself
this Saturday. [eerie music] Gonna do most
of the small stuff just going back and forth
with my hatchback. [echoing] Do you think you can
borrow your roommate’s van? You can help me
with some of the big stuff? Um…yeah… You know what? I’ve been thinking
a lot lately, and I think we need
to spend some time apart. Not to break up, no. Just, I just–
just some time. Time apart to…
figure ourselves out. And–and then we come
back together stronger, you know? This is coming
out of nowhere. No, it’s not. I’ve–I have tried
to tell you, like, a million
different ways. But you don’t listen. See, that’s the thing, is that you never listen. I don’t need
this time apart for me. I need this time apart
for us. How long do you think
it’s gonna take you to move? Okay, this is about the move. You don’t want
to help me move. Wha–what? I–I would love
to help you move. That’s what boyfriends do. Claire. I just think that
it’s a weird coincidence that you need space right when I’m about to move. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I am so sorry that I didn’t plan
my emotional turmoil around your move. Look at your face, see? And now you’ve assumed
the worst of me, because you do that, and that’s why we need
to spend time apart from each other. That is not fair. Not fair–fair? Babe, all I’m asking for
is 12 lousy hours this Saturday. Okay, fine! “Okay, fine”? We’ll move on Sunday. 48 hours. I don’t know
what I was thinking. 12 hours is nowhere near enough time to do
what I need to do to make
our relationship stronger. See, you got me all… confused. And you know what? I love you,
but I got to get out of here. I can’t–I just can’t–
I don’t– I’m so confused right now. [phone dings] I feel–I can’t think, and the walls
are closing in on me. I just don’t know
what to do. Oh, it’s my landlord. He says he doesn’t want
to lose me as a tenant, so he is not going
to raise my rent. Now I don’t have
to leave my place. And I don’t need
time apart, because we’re perfect
together. Will you marry me? You’re painting
my apartment. Of course I’m painting
your apartment. That’s what boyfriends do. When exactly do you think
that’s gonna happen?


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