Nicole’s Love Triangle Leads To Jordan & Christian Fight! | Bachelor In Paradise

Nicole’s Love Triangle Leads To Jordan & Christian Fight! | Bachelor In Paradise

there’s so many traits I like about clay
but there’s also so many that I like about Christian and I even like some
about Jordans like I swear to God all three if it all cloud nine I feel like
I’m the Bachelorette of paradise but I’m only pending out one rose so I might
break someone’s heart and that’s something I’ve never I’ve never been in
this position in my life Christian setting up a pinata right now
guys what if it’s full of Viagra and condoms I have something special for her
Nicole tonight oh she’s gonna love it I mean I came to paradise if I love and I
think our connection in chemistry hit off very well super confident I’ve had a
great time with you call and I’ll be better tonight
he’s looking over here right at you too dude look at him being all cocky you
just keeps looking over here it’s like the matador with the bull you know don’t
don’t keep staring at the bull too long dude hey tell clay to go punt that
pinata I’m gonna pick up and hunt it do not Jordan I don’t have the same
personality stuff like that I just love to see confetti go every would be
awesome yeah if Nicole gave him a rose instead of me I’d be pissed about it the
bad guys can’t won in this the the Blake’s and the Christians can’t be
winners in this I feel so torn or no I really do you
each have like they’re very they’re all they’re all like which one’s gonna be
the best for you how’s it going good good
sorry break it off uh I’m surprised for you
come with us bring it back promise all right I was spicy I like it was a nice move I
think she loves it she does little Latin letters I like clay might have been
other top connectional like Christians making moves
he looks good doing it just smooth anyway
anyway here we are oh here he is Harriet look out what a guy that’s so much fun
with you mister it’s awesome that an amazing day it just felt so natural to
never put that way so right off the bat every time I guess she is there another
connection energy I’m actually here for you so what do you think about me
cutting in maybe before the pinata even gets hit absolutely I think you should
go right now Christian overstepped last night and he was rude that’s right guys
got my time that’s right so you go on over there and do whatever you want I’m
typically not that aggressive with women but yesterday Nicole said that she wants
me to be more aggressive and maybe show her and tell her more where I’m at I’m
talking to Nicole this is what she wants out of you she wants you to stand your
ground and be like a man into it yeah I definitely do have a connection
with clay but at the same time like you totally blew me away like yesterday I
thought I knew what I wanted but maybe I don’t I don’t want to talk to any other
girl out there yeah I know what I want it’s important for me to step out of my
comfort zone it’ll pick up my game because I think nicole has definitely
girls worth fighting for I like I’m sort of you are I want a man
who really knows everyone hello hello Oh how’s it going back good good very
romantic setup honestly I really like pinata and everything but I would like
to steal a call for a moment and I will give you an opportunity to talk to her
later you know but I’ll be honest with you uh I feel like that was me yesterday
you’re not gonna give me the opportunity you were with her all day of course I’ll
just steal her for one moment this is do not bring her back you are not gonna
take her I’m not gonna to take her this so many things like I’ve seen you talk
to you real quick I have something I want to tell you grab a strawberry bro
go hang out I’m good you get you can you can have those strawberries really quick just don’t this I’ll bring
you right back so I’m putting you right back all right just because I don’t want
Nicole to be in a tough situation I’m doing this for you not doing this
for Christian have fun but not too much I feel a little bit
I wasn’t a ticket mistake he’s walking away oh no oh yes every rights it takes
me later where’s he doing yeah come on dude what
are you doing bro well chat what happened
no I just tried to go and steal Nicole but Christian is being very
overprotective and if a guy’s confident as an act like that I’m a gentleman I
don’t want to put Nicole in a situation where she feels uncomfortable yeah and I
left so I’ll let him have his time you know and then oh they don’t have my time
and hey listen nobody treats nobody like that Jordan you’re good no I’m not good
nobody is somebody like turn your phone come on you’re fine
come on and um so you don’t want me to go over there and write that pinata
right I do not want you to go over there wreck the pinata please don’t wreck the
pinata okay it’s unreal for guys that you got to turn away by Christian Bryant
you’ll fix this for us now that pinata is getting rekt I have nothing to do
with this Geordi whatever wait now I can be a sweet guy you know don’t
get pissed Christian I’m really sorry plays a good
friend of mine I know he’s my good friend like hoots okay what’s happening they’re like actually fighting
oh my god Nicole’s Love Triangle Leads To Jordan & Christian Fight! | Bachelor In Paradise


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