Never trust a Ukrainian cleaning lady … Sensei Series 4 | Vodka Vodcast 019

Never trust a Ukrainian cleaning lady … Sensei Series 4 | Vodka Vodcast 019

We noticed there’s a guy on the back of
the bus and the driver is trying to you know wake him up and nothing happens
the guy doesn’t move we shake him completely completely unreactive like
not a reaction at all and we start looking at each other … is he dead? Свем привет! Hello and welcome to another episode of the vodka vodcast week with me, Conor Clyne, this is episode I think 18 we were up to this stage and this is a
continuation of the stories that I’ve been telling you in the last few
episodes of the vodcast here on the Tsar Experience I started off telling you
about the first trip that I took in Eastern Europe with my sensei and
there’s lots of stuff you guys to learn from my experience with him on that trip
we went to Romania, Moldova and Ukraine we’ve gone through a few of the episodes
just look back in the last episodes of the vodcast here on YouTube or maybe you are listening to this on the audio version on the podcast and then just go
back and look and listen to the last few episodes to catch what we did in
Bucharest Chisinau, Balti which is in northern Moldova
and Vinnitsa which is a city in the centre west of Ukraine and then the
capital Kiev which was during the time of the Euro Maidan revolution so this
was a few years ago and now we’re gonna go into what happened after Kyiv we went
to Kharkiv which is in the east of Ukraine near the Russian border at the
time is just before Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass so there
was a lot of tension at the time of course we’ve been on Maidan and there’s
lots of stuff for you guys to learn in those episodes so I encourage you if you
haven’t listened to them or watched them to go back and check them out as well so
today I’m speaking to you from Odessa here that’s the monument to the
unknown seamen behind me. It’s actually a national holiday so there are lots of kids
walking around and lots of families so it’s not as quiet as I expected but
we’re getting here as you see it’s an Indian summer, бабье лето as they say in
Russian and it’s mid-October here it’s unbelievable it’s like 22 degrees
everyday so amazing sunshine that’s actually the reason I’m still here … anyways that’s not relevant to today’s episode so much so we were in Kiev and
we decided to go to Kharkov now Kharkiv is a city as I said in the east of Ukraine it’s
Ukraine’s second biggest city it has about 1.5 million inhabitants I have a travel
vlog from Kharkov which has been really well received it’s the most
viewed and liked video about the city that you’re gonna find on youtube so I’m
gonna link that below … up in a card, of course put it below in the description
as well so go and watch that when you have time if you want to get a taste
of what it’s like to go to Kharkov in the east of Ukraine so we decide we’re gonna go
there and we’ve been doing this trip a little bit more spontaneously in terms
of planning we weren’t planning so far ahead even though we had a fair idea
where we’re gonna go so final weekend and so this is gonna be last kind of
night well two of the three last night so we’re gonna spend on this trip we’re
gonna go to Kharkov in the east of Ukraine so we get up after I explained
what all the shenanigans that happened in Kiev and we go to the train station
to get a train now things have improved in the last five years you can actually book
your tickets online you can even do it in English as well as Russian and in
Ukrainian but at the time that wasn’t impossible so we went there and of course there
were no trains left at the stage we went and looked at the bus options from the near the
train station, marshutka, which are the local kind of buses an experience not
necessarily one that I think you should aim to necessarily for comfort it’s not it’s
the opposite of comfort but this is one of the kind of characteristic things
about this region so we went down I wasn’t super enthusiastic about having
to do it we hadn’t slept very much of course and going on a marshutka for
eight hours it’s gonna be you know pretty rough by train it’s a lot faster
and a hell of a lot more comfortable so in the end after you’re negotiating with
some with some drivers we we arranged to take a bus we’re gonna get in there
pretty late but we didn’t want to stop on the way we had considered that
something for you guys also to think about when you’re your plans change it
looks like you can’t make your destination you need to look at whatever options are
available to you so we thought about maybe stopping in a city like about
two-thirds of the way there for a night just to get there at a reasonable time
the city is called Poltava I’ve been there a couple of times it’s a very green city but
that would mean having to leave again the next day and you know stopping getting
off with your suitcases finding accommodation is just a little bit too
much hassle so we decided to go all the way in to Kharkiv by bus even though
of course it was a pretty rough trip in our state at
that time so we get a bus and it’s just interesting to describe the scene on
these kind of buses I think it’s very atmospheric for you guys to appreciate
so we’re there and there’s just like Russian pop music blaring out of a TV it
was actually not as bad as it could have been it was like a big kind of Sprinter
bus I guess and they had this Russian pop music just like blaring for the
entire for the entire trip and my friend actually had to take some
business calls and I was asking what that what did you say on the business
calls to people? I mean you got Russian pop music they didn’t even know for any
that he was in Europe never mind in a Russian-speaking country obviously and
he said well I just said I was traveling and everybody just kind of accepts that
they don’t really think that I’m sitting on a bus on my way to you know from Kiev
to a Kharkiv in in eastern Ukraine it’s like kind of unthinkable and I
think that’s a little bit of a tip also for you guys if you have a job where at
times you can work remotely that’s something that’s possible you can
actually take you could actually work from a bus when you’re traveling on a marshutka because you know modern technology and you know just the fact that we can
do stuff on our laptops just makes that all possible so eventually you know
eight hours later I think it was it was out of six to eight hours it takes by
car by marshutka because you have to stop on the way to get to Kharkiv and we
arrived it’s it’s at night we’re pretty exhausted and you know we made some
friends on the bus especially my friend made a … started talking to a girl on the
bus and become kind of friendly with her so we’re just got out we’re in a group
we’re just chatting away and then we noticed there’s a guy on the back of the
bus and uh the driver is trying to you know wake him up and nothing happens the
guy doesn’t move I was just kind of asleep or something and then we shake
him completely completely unreactive like not a reaction at all and we start
to consider: is he dead? I mean he’s still warm so yeah it was
pretty shocking … there is that moment where you think damn fuck maybe
this guy has like died in the bus or something and then you know a few
seconds later he kind of comes through and
he was just super drunk and passed out for it was like almost unwakeable that’s
another little bit of a taste of what Ukraine could be like in terms of people
who drink too much on a bus just out for the count really don’t cold out
it took must been three or four minutes before he got him we got him up so we’re
in Kharkov and at the time it’s obviously just before the annexation of
Crimea as I said and just before the war in Donbas there’s a lot of tension in
the city and we go to go out and have a walk around obviously went out clubbing
that night made some new friends brought some girls home back to the
apartment and the next day we go walk around is actually a demonstration, a Russian demonstration in the city and basically you had this kind of
like I don’t know how to describe like skinhead thugs basically marching
shouting Россия! Россия! through the streets maybe there was like 200 of
them and a lot of media and people filming them and maybe photographers
taking photos and that’s kind of interesting because obviously at the
time under these political tensions and I mean today we’re five
years later and of course there hasn’t been a war in Kharkiv there was a small
amount of violence but very very little thankfully what was interesting in the context was the next day on the Sunday there was actually a Ukrainian pro unity
I wouldn’t call it demonstration but like kind of meetup or gathering and
there was completely opposite you know it was just like a complete
cross-section of society it was very relaxed the atmosphere it wasn’t at all
aggressive as opposed to the protest before which really felt like a protest
a march with all these guys who I mean I guess they were from Russia maybe not
actually from Ukraine even and just marching on the street a little bit like
you would see in the 1930s the kind of scene like kinda jackboots and yeah just
this kind of very big contrast between the two groups and to actually see that
what’s interesting about this is to actually see with your own eyes as
opposed to relying on what you see in the media itself right because the media
obviously is I like to always say it’s like even if they’re well-intentioned
they can also just be lazy and not show you
what is really like there so we were actually there and we can actually see
the difference between the two two groups of you know people who were Pro Ukrainian unity and people who were obviously pro-Russian and hoping that
Russia would maybe annex or invade the country like they did in Donbas and in
Crimea like that group of guys was like really small as well like it’s just like
maybe wasn’t even 100 as opposed to thousands of people that we saw the next
… the next day so that was kind of the political background to where we are and
basically Kharkov is a crazy like kind of student party city what’s we always
think of it in Ukraine it’s the city I know we’re in Odessa so this is
like summer capital normally and here we have an Indian summer and you know here
of course the nightlife is famous but it’s just you’re in the summer months
now Kharkov is where people go or people who are in the know and now you’re in
the know because you watch this channel it’s where people go in the winter to
have fun and that’s what we did we had just like this chaotic crazy night out
in Kharkov and my friend also brought a girl actually the girl I met on the bus
he also formed a relationship with her over over the weekend I went out
partying but a few girls back to the apartment afterwards as well was pretty
pretty crazy the whole thing wild decadent Eastern yeah hookup adventure
basically and what was interesting was the next day after it’s like it’s the
last day it’s the the Sunday we’re going to go back to Kiev and a friend came
around a girlfriend maybe in the afternoon and we had a coffee together
and we just hung out a little bit in the apartment and when we went to get the
bus we need to get a taxi we have to give back the keys to the … at this other stage it was
the cleaner maybe even put on my shades … I’ll be able to see better … so now wearing my shades because the sun
is right in my eyes right and move the camera for the end of this this story
from Kharkov so my friend is there Victoria and we just kind of like her
hanging out and then when I go to give the keys back actually we give it to the
cleaning lady for the apartment because the host is not gonna come and just
something really strange happened and I’m giving back the keys and she started
talking to my friend Vika and was like saying something that obviously
annoyed her a bit because she was like I don’t care and when listen this blah
blah blah blah so we took a taxi we’d go back to the train station we get
on the train I feel that’s a little bit odd I say to my friend yeah maybe just
write to Vika and see what the hell was going on there with the cleaning lady it was
just weird the way that she reacted and I get a message back saying yeah it’s a
I mean I don’t care it’s not my business you’re free to get up to whatever you
want but the cleaner she asked for the phone number of the girls that you
brought back yesterday … I mean I guess in effect that morning I
was like why would the cleaning lady want their phone number? First of all why is
she asking who she thinks is my girlfriend for the number he’s just
seems it’s like a completely crazy she said yeah she said there’s another guy
in the building he wants to their phone number he saw them leave but I said this is mental
so I like call the cleaner as I have her phone number and I was like why are you
asking my girlfriend for the number of other girls like who who do you think
you are what are you up to and she was just yeah Conor can you give it because
the guy he liked the girl that you brought back last night
and I was just like you are obviously mental so the thing to learn from that I
mean obviously hung up the phone my friend wasn’t upset anyways but it was
just kind of a crazy thing for someone to do right I mean talk about lack of
discretion and obviously I wouldn’t give someone just a phone number to a random
person anyways it just seemed very odd so I guess the lesson there is always just be
careful of of cleaners who are crazy who might start saying things to to your
girlfriend and stuff like that it was just a bit bit weird so we get on the
train and we’re heading back to Kiev it’s the last night we’re gonna be on
this insane trip that we’ve had in Eastern Europe
and I made a huge mistake on the train because I felt a little bit like my eye was itchy and I started to scratch it and then it got a little bit bloodshot and
then unfortunately … I’ll take it off I scratched the other eye and then my
entire eyes went completely bloodshot in fact I looked … they became so agitated
that I look like I had Ebola if you know what that kind of disease is where
people like to go kind of mutant like so I completely screwed up and we get to
Kiev we check in we’re in this amazing apartment in Kiev again it’s after
Maidan so everything is super cheap and there’s so much availability for amazing
apartments and my friend is like hey we don’t need to go out and I want to kill
you because you look like death I couldn’t even take a nap I couldn’t even
close my eyes they were so agitated so swollen after whatever I did whatever
bacteria had gotten into them so yeah the lesson from that is like always bring
hand sanitizer I will do that since then just make sure you don’t pass germs or
bacteria and infect yourself so I obviously gotten conjunctivitis like this which
is like basically a bacteria that or virus actually not sure what conjunctivitis
is but anyways it looks awful and so I’m kind of lying there saying no we’re
gonna we’re gonna go out we’re gonna make it one last big night we’ve had
this insane epic adventure over the last 12 days and this is we can’t not go out
the last night even if I’m close to death we’re gonna do it so we go out and
we started walk around in the centre of Kiev there is like another you’re like
we walk into what’s basically Arena and that’s kind of a great touristic part
where there are the clubs and bars and stuff like that and they we can walk
around there seems to be some sort of strip club strip club there and not my
scene at all so I’m not interested in that and then we see two girls just
walking in the middle of kind of Arena we start chatting to them they wanted to go
to a club nearby it was closed basically we went to another club and so we’re there
we both hook up with hem start making out at the in the club in the
table and then I leave with a girl who’s one with it’s also kind of funny because
we were on the way to the club my friend who doesn’t speak Russian was
like hey do you speak English she’s like yeah actually even tried to
speak Arabic again but that didn’t work either and I was like dude I got it
taken care of this is why I learnt Russian so that should be another good tip you guys
this is the advantage is when this girl did not speak any English then there’s
just like no chance but her friend did so it kind of worked out that way
so we’re in this this at this club I go to leave with the girl I’m with obviously
she doesn’t necessarily want to go to my place I remember she said I want to go
back to I just want to sleep said cool whatever I’ll drop you off on the way so
we go to her apartment and she she gets out she rings the doorbell no answer
she says oh my sister has the key I was like well if she doesn’t answer just come
sleep at my place she’s like oh I don’t really want to do that but she brings
doorbell again and again no answer so I’m like okay this is looking very good
my luck it’s gonna hold out on this last night even though remember I the whole
time I look like I have Ebola I look horrific I look like like the worst like
physical state imaginable and that’s like so and this girl is really really
pretty I probably should have said that at the beginning why my friend was so interested in her when
we were in the taxi on the way there and that just shows that sometimes as long
as you’ve got a good vibe and that you’re really in just fucking
delusionally enthusiastic about things that you can overcome this so and also
that looks as well as I said in one of my other videos what about five reasons
to date a Ukrainian are not as important here as long as you have like just a
cool vibe and attitude that goes so much further so then she said okay I go to
your place to just sleep with you at your place I was like … boom … and all I
hear all of a sudden is a voice in the intercom привет да and she’s like oh
sorry my sister woke up so the taxi driver is in stitches laughing at me is
like dude I was really hoping that it would work out as I yeah there you go
sometimes it doesn’t it doesn’t the gods are not looking in your favor so we get
so I just go home alone sleep in the room next morning I wake up I send a
message to my friend make sure he’s gotten to the airport and he’s … the
answer is dude I’m in the room beside you I was like
man you need to be you know maybe at the airport now like you’re not gonna make
it so I ring him get him a taxi basically he comes out within two
minutes like in the disheveled looking and just like we throw his stuff downstairs
into the taxi taxi takes off even call me make sure he’s going to the right
terminal all that kind of stuff so he gets to the airport calls me to say;
thanks man just about … the flight was a little bit
delayed maybe even that’s how he made it but he definitely was like last-minute
to make the flight he said this is the most epic experience I’ve ever had over
the last 12 days just like traveling seeing new cultures just new experiences
things like the sauna, crossing the borders, girls obviously, beautiful women
crazy hook ups this is what you know the kind of ultimate party adventure that guys like guys like you and me like want to engage in basically so I was like
cool just chilling on my sofa suddenly the door to his room opens and out walks
this blonde girl wearing his shirt and it’s obviously starting when she sees me
on the sofa привет and then she kind of like sheepishly scurries out of
the apartment she actually forgot some of her stuff but I did return this to
her in a few weeks later and that was the end of the trip this first trip I
took my sensei where first started to really get to know him and show him
first because I was able to obviously provide the value there in terms of
being a tour guid and really show him this part of the world and the idea of me
telling these stories of course I polled you and you wanted me to tell
these kind of stories it’s that you can learn something yourself from my
experiences I can inspire you in some way to like travel to less common places
like Kharkiv for example no one thinking of going there but it really is for
partying and for pretty girls and just crazy atmosphere I think it’s the best
place that outside of summer in Ukraine so that’s why I would encourage
you to go there and then you see different things that we encountered
like like for example the cleaner and this like her trying to ditch me in
or get me in trouble with who she thought was my girlfriend and just just be
aware of some of the dynamic seconds while when you’re staying somewhere and
people see you know more than one one girl come in and out of your apartment
just be wary of that and also health when you’re traveling super
important I got conjunctivitis. It took me weeks weeks
to recover from it when I left Ukraine and that was just bad hygiene not
taking care … touching … all I needed to use was a tissue and have hand sanitizer and never
would have this problem so if you have travelled to this region at all yourself
if you’ve had similar stories then let me know let everyone else know who reads …
these watches these videos in the comment section below the video that’s
the end of that series of stories next week there’s going to be another vodka vodcast with another
story which is really exciting it’s about Transnistria the Republic that
doesn’t exist that’s very close to here and my trip there on New Year’s Eve where I
got almost got a lot of trouble with some Transnistrian soldiers that’s
coming up if you’re not a subscriber while you got the end of this video so
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smiling enthusiastic faces with Eastern Europe next week in the next video maybe
even sooner maybe there’s a Tip Thursday maybe there’s another cool video coming out … a travel vlog I’m gonna have one from Odessa
really soon this is the last week doing the final recording so until next time
До побачення! До свидания! Peace!


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  • Good to knowINFO says:

    after my last summer vacation in Ukraine Odessa I do not want to go there anymore? If you have money in bank account there are beautiful girls everywhere.Eastern Europe Women = only need your bank card 🙂

  • Kharkov rules! btw now its beauty pageant season. Last month was city beauty queen last week university beauty queen today its going to be miss luxury. Nice story, very strange the part about cleaner 😀

  • silverkingukable says:

    I was living in an old style Prague flat,and the elderly couple who rented me it told me to be careful of the Ukrainian cleaner cause she might overcharge me as a foreigner.The lady even had a chat with the cleaner beforehand.

  • Conor,
    As MANY "adventures "😀 as you go on, you should scrub YOUR hands✋ like a surgeon before touching YOUR eyes – or any other bodyparts, actually.
    I mean, an ocular 👀 yeast infection would probably be pretty gnarly!!😀

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