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  • I have 5 dogs. One is a German Shepherd and one a Pomeranian and they're both females. The German Shepherd gets reallyyy jealous when we pet the Pomeranian and it attacks her. Now the size difference is big and she can kill my little dog in minutes so I have to get her off immediately. What I do is grab her from the back of her neck but not the collar. I lift her upper body up and keep her head under control without approaching her mouth.

  • Two of my dogs are sisters and every now and then they get in moods where they can't stand each other. If they act like they are gonna fight I usually just spray them with the hose and that makes them distracted and run away.

  • Oh my God, almost the same thing happened to me a few years ago like what happened to the lady. I was walking my dad's dog, a big ~45kg Beauceron. He saw a little dog and wanted to fight him. Which was surprising. Usually he's a sweet friendly dog. He was jumping at the dog and I had to yank his leash but I fell because he's so strong and he bit my arm. Thankfully he released me right away but it was so scary and then so painful. I still have some scars and elbow pain from the fall.
    Never happened again afterwards. Now he's an old 13 year old grandpa doggy and always so sweet 😊

  • I feel so bad for poor bear:( My pit bull got attached by two golden retrievers at once in the dog park and the lady tried to blame it on me saying my dog came up to them too fast…. we’re at a dog park! Needless to say I’m not a big fan of those types of dogs. There are studies that show they actually failed a temperament test and the Labrador and pit bull did better than the golden retrievers. No one ever hears about it though because they’re one of americas favorite dogs

  • i aways say if a dog attacks you become a tree or a rock and also you said youve never seen a dog go from attacking a dog to attacking a human thats called redriected aggresinon and its realy common because of stupid people like that

  • So the fight wasnt out of nowhere, the other dog probably didnt k ow it was its owner that pushed it and thought it was the dog it was already scared of. As far as attaching its own person dogs are like people in the way, they get in the zone and dont truly know what they are biting. It knows it was attached and its fighting back.

  • What do we do for the dog after they’ve been attacked? How do we help them feel confident that not every dog will attack them? I hope that makes sense.

  • I used to dog sit all the time and one of the best tips I’ve ever learned on trying to stop a dog fight is dumping water on them. It’s one of those shock factors that makes them stop, and I can immediately separate them after that. This has never failed me on stopping a dog fight but does lead to a messy cleanup :/

  • I know it's not the smartest thing to do but, I just let animals bite or scratch me when they're frightened or angry. The key is to either make them realize it hurts or don't do anything (and show no emotion) and just let them realize it's futile. This works for both cats and dogs.
    Edit: Obviously this is more effective at a younger age.

  • Are golden retrievers aggressive? I thought they are not, being a family dog and all. I recently saw a dog fight between a golden retriever and a husky. The female owner of the husky got badly scratched and bitten because she was putting herself between the dogs, so your tips about knowing how to stop a dog fight really helps.

  • passive or friendly dogs with respectable boundaries: okay for the park
    dogs that provoke fights and can't be controlled: not okay for the park
    it's not that hard friends

  • My poor old dog when she was about 15. We were at a park and some young dog try to hump her which she did not like. So she was going to kick its butt. Knowing my dog was actually a sweetheart and a good girl I just smacked her on the butt with my leash and that was the end of it.

  • Nicolaj Vangsgaard says:

    So i am a person who has had experience with a dog attack. I was 17 so its a year ago. I was taking a walk with my now dead brown Labrador named Kenai (We had to put him down due to my father dying and my mom not being allowed animals in her apartment) Who at the time was 7 years old. We walk past a Pitbull. Now my dog was pretty large for a Labrador. He weighed 40kg. But i tell ya. This Pitbull was massive. Around his size which is insanely large for a Pitbull. Now my dog was extremely wild towards other dogs. He loved playing with them. And so when he saw this dog he started running. I quickly reacted and held him back with the leash. The Pitbull was also on a leash. But its owner who was a man in his late 20s to early 30s had not noticed my dog. And so the Pitbull ran straight towards my dog. Dragging its owner on the ground (He was around 1.85 tall and relatively buff) I quickly jumped in its way to protect my dog. And it then jumped on me. Now with most dogs you can expect them to let go if you simply beat them on the nose or rip their ears in the opposite direction. But Pitbulls are known for never letting go and i tell ya that this is not a lie. It bit straight down my left forarm. The same place the woman in this video was apparently bitten. And it started ripping and dragging me around. (My arm is fine and i was lucky it got right between the bones so they didnt get damaged. I just have two small scars today) Now my instant reaction was to punch it straight in the face. Which did nothing. Then the owner comes in and kicks it in the side. Does nothing. My dog jumps on its back and bites its neck. Does nothing. What finally got it off was me standing up (with it in my arm still) Where i then stepped fully into a paw punch (Instead of using your fist you use the soft muscles in the bottom of your hand which is not only more powerful cause you use muscle instead of bone and you get a better punch in the movement. But you also dont damage yourself) and i whacked the door straight in the face which knocked it unconcious. This was the result of pure adrenalin and my arm didnt hurt until a minute after. We got a doctor to my fathers house which was literally right by and they fixed up my arm (It wasnt serious enough for the hospital and just needed some cleaning and bandages)

    Now what did i do wrong?
    I jumped in in the first place, i grabbed the dog around the neck which left my arms open (Luckily it bit in my weak arm and not my right which was probably why i could knock it out along with an adrenalin boost) i was also lying down when it bit me and didnt try getting up which could have led to it biting my neck. I attacked back before getting up which is the dumbest thing you can ever do. Definitely attack back. You have to. But as soon as you touch tat dog you need o stand up cause lying down you are on its level and it can move quicker than you and has more strength. When i stood up i could get better angels to hit it from and more power plus it was now me moving the dog around. Not the other way around. It also made sure the dog could only bite my arm. Now i think i handled the situation pretty well cause at no point did i panick or run. I took it head on and the dog winded up getting more hurt than me which i didnt feel good about (Poor thing got a concussion. But is fine today) but it was risky and i shouldnt have attacked in the first place or lied down. Cause if it had gone for my neck i would be dead

  • I got attacked by an English Bull Terrier recently. I got four punctures in my leg and I got superficial wounds in my arm. You NEED to go to the hospital. I was lucky and didn’t have to have an injection BECAUSE OF MY VACCINES! I didn’t get an infection in my leg. I needed antibiotics for a week and had to get my leg treated, I wasn’t allowed to walk properly for a few days and I have to get some anti stuff on my leg for 30 minutes. If you get attacked by a dog, it doesn’t matter how deep the wounds are. Call an ambulance and the police to sort out the dog and help you.

  • Whoa that sounded serious. Puncture wound are no laughing matter. Very disturbing he attacked his owner. I don't think I would be able to trust my dog again if he did that.

  • Angie Rodríguez says:

    One day I was on my front porch when I heard dogs fighting outside my house, when I walked out, I saw a husky that belongs to a neighbor that usually doesn’t let him go out :/ that dog was in a horrible and loud fight with one of my cats. My mom didn’t lock the front door properly and my cat (Remus) walked out unfortunately… I can’t describe the horror of the moment, I didn’t even stop to think or call for help, all I did was freak out and I started screaming at the dog while I just got in the middle, somehow I grabbed my cat and ran inside the house, my cat bite me on my left arm (it looked like a little vampire bite haha) he lost about half of his nails and was very scared that I thought it was going to have a heart attack. My cat is literally the real version of Garfield: fat, yellow, lazy, softy, really cute… that moment was horrible.
    Something really weird was that one part of my for arm was sleep for months, even after the bite was healed, there was a small portion of skin that felt just sleep, I would touch it and it was so weird, it didn’t look different from the rest or anything. Nowadays it is not like that anymore but I never knew why that happened.

  • Okay, I feel the need to comment because I work in an animal rescue that specializes in rehabilitating aggressive or reactive dogs. Dog fights are not uncommon in my field. I have also been bit twice that caused skin to break, one of them leaving four scars on my leg due to 4 deep punctures causing me to seek immediate medical attention.

    Important!: When a dog is at a high point of arousal like they are during a dog fight they are prone to redirecting. Redirecting is when an aroused dog takes out its aggression or emotions on an innocent animal, person, or object simply because it is closest and can continue to attack this person, animal, or object until it exits its state of high arousal and realizes what it is doing. This is likely the explanation as to why the retriever continued biting and attacking its owner.

    I wanted to say that the wheelbarrow technique is very effective. Make sure when you grab the back legs to lift up so that if the dog turns around in an attempt to redirect, it makes it harder for it to reach your arms and legs.

    An air horn is also a good tool to use in a fight because it’s so startling and direct sound that it snaps the animal out of this intense state of arousal that it is in.

    Dumping a bucket of water over the dogs is also very effective. It plays on the same reason a startling and direct sound would stop or pause a fight.

    An airesol can of citronella spray directed at a dogs face can break up minor altercations but is ineffective in an intense fight.

    Comment if you have more questions.

    NEVER in any circumstance try to put any part of your body between two dogs when fighting. This is a very stupid mistake that makes a situation far worse than it was. You can be seriously injured by doing this.

  • A dog is only as uncontrolable as it's handler allows it to be. That was completely on her. Especially with a Golden Ret. A dog attacking it's handler in such a situation is a pretty good sign for an animal that was mistreated earlier.

  • Dear Dr. Mike. I just found out about your videos a couple of days ago and I found them fascinating. I love biology and medicine so I really like the content you put on YouTube and your passion for what you do.

    Whoever this time I have to disagree, as a dog trainer I can say those methods are not the best ones and you can easily get hurt or hurt the dog that is being attacked. The best method to break up a dog fight is to choke the aggressive dog until it opens its mouth. I really like your videos and I respect you, but I would recommend to always talk to a specialist before talking about another field to avoid putting out false information even if it was with the best intentions. I hope you will understand, thank you for what you do 3

  • Me and my old golden retriever had a stare down one time. He just sat and looked down after awhile. Then he went back to his regular playful self. I was very sad when he died 2 years ago by now I have a husky name Sky. She is such a good girl.

  • I have a golden retriever puppy and he bites us a lot but not that bad, I thought he was bad but now that I realize that’s just how he plays and he has never drew blood. I just thought he was rly bad because my prior dog, who passed, was an angel and the best dog to ever walk the earth. All in all he’s a good dog with a lot of energy idk why I shared this but oh well

  • Waiting to see the angry people who tell people just let the dog kill you never hurt an animal.
    Even though we are animals, animals fight for their life. Also animals will attack. Defending yourself is key

  • Regardless of the blood loss issue or how deep your wounds are, immediately go to see a doctor! Dog/cat bites put you at a high risk for sepsis since animals rarely clean their teeth.

  • Bobddotcom Plays says:

    Would yelping at the dog when it attacks you do anything? I know you should yelp when they are playful but how would it help if they’re agressive.

  • I have so many issues with that womans behavior… On so many levels. My family has rescued boxers most of my life and I've been attacked myself by scared/aggro doggos. Everything about her behavior just… Like when she shoved the dog, it was focused on bear so likely took that as an attack and reacted. Think berserker rage. Sigh. I doubt, given how she reacted that the lab was a rescue which tells me she pretty much ruined a dog.

  • I've always been interested in dogs and loved dogs ever since I was little. I have several books about dog breeds and dog behavior and everything. And I've always read everywhere that the most effective way to break up a dog fight is to pour water on them.
    Btw I love your videos and Bear 😀 ❤

  • I have 5 dogs, yes 5. It is not uncommon for them to scrap or fight, I've been bitten because of of them is a rescue and we are still working through her issue (luckily I had thick boots on and she got my foot) but it is a crazy experience to break up a dog fight. Our vet a fully told us to act like a dog when they get nippy because you need to establish alpha and boundaries and since humans are bigger it's not hard for us to be above them and show power. My dad once jammed his arm into an Akita's mouth to get it to let go of our dog (he was wearing a thick jumper and leather jacket)

  • TheNavajoWay Ps4 says:

    My golden was about 12 & getting blind so i understood why he went after me but i went to bring him back in the house & i tripped, as i tripped he started trying to bite my leg & i shoved him away, got on my back & used my legs for defense, if you ever fall always try to get on your back v. An animal, your legs are the most powerful part of your body so use it, specially if a dog goes to attack you. But after 5 min he realized it was me & my brother got ahold of em, just scary though

  • I wish I would have found this video earlier….my dog was attacked about 5 months ago when we went on a walk. My dog was a puppy at the time but he was still pretty big bc he is a Pitbull and Rottweiler mix the other dogs owner could not control their dog and he pinned dog is very cat like and kinda acts like a girl dog and did not want to fight that dog,so instead he was just pinned on the floor crying. I was so scared ,my friend was walking with us and tryed to grab the other dog but he turned around and chased her she stood her ground and screamed "no!"the dog stopped and turned to my dog that i was trying to get off the ground.That dog was maybe double the size of mine and was also a pitbull and bulldog mix.Their dog was biting at mine and looked like he was trying to eat my dog.I was crying at this point and called my husband.Soon their dog got off of mine only mine left bleeding on the ground.i gave the wife my number as quick as posible,looked her dog in the eyes,and told her that she better get that dog in check or I would have him put down.The wife and I still chat she has a new and better dog now that will not attack others.I never wished death opon any creature untill that dog came along.I took My dog To the vet and he is fine now but he is still scared of other big dogs so its hard to take him to the dog park now but im just so glad he is okay.

  • As much as I hate to say this…sounds like that Golden was put down and he properly did need to be. It's sad but that dog was too aggressive.

  • You did NOT just say “smashing her forearm!” I’m sorry about this whole kafuffle but when you said that I went from sad and concerned and busted out laughing. I’m sorry…

  • PSA. GET YOUR DOGS NEUTERED!!!! As a vet tech, I see this all the time. Non neutered dogs are often more uptight, tense, territorial, aggressive, and just all over not cooperative. Especially goldens from my experience. They're so high strung from all the testosterone drivinh through them. Neutering wont completely elimimate the threat of hyper driven aggression, but it greatly reduces it

  • Marina Jaguaribe says:

    The only remaining question: Why do you call your bear-size dog a puppy?
    Loved him, would love to see him more often ♥

  • Moonlit Cosplays says:

    Gosh I wish I saw this earlier. I was walking my puppy on Mother’s Day when a larger dog attacked us. Me and Bodhi we’re both injured, but I got injured because I tried to reach around between them and Bodhi panicked and bit my hand, thinking it was the dog. O had to jab the other dog in the eye so I could pick Bodhi up and we ran until I could call my mother to get us.

    We both are ok now obviously but this video probably could’ve kept me from having that scar on my hand.

  • My mother in law got bitten by her dog and it almost killed her. He was the sweetest dog they dont know why he randomly attacked. The only thing she did was giving him his flea medication that he gets every month. Pet are great but you always have to remember that they can hurt you.

  • I mean I get it I understand that that poor girl was being attacked but the guys who jumped the fence and started punching the dog in the face that just made me really sad

  • I’m not being mean or anything but I hate when small girls get big dogs and DON’T have ANY control of their dog. If you can’t control a BIG DOG don’t get a BIG DOG.

  • I am so SO fucking afraid of dog attacks and dog fights. I can't deal with their agresive barking. It makes me so afraid

  • i know i am a little late but dogs in my area have a group type of they are about 6-7 dogs. i was going to school and saw getting a full grown strong muscled fit man shedding a lot lot of blood and 2-3 men helped him but they were too strong. So what if this happens to me? or anybody? Animal report in our area is weak i mean super weak. Please doctor help

  • Your tips are good if your 'opponent' is a very aggressive dog without any control. If it's a not that worse case, and you have confidence in your strength:
    – As you said, don't run. And stand firmly in front of them, making yourself tall, showing authority.
    – If that doesn't work, grab them by the neck with one hand, grab the mouth with the other hand (that's why I said if you're confident about it), effectively locking its head. Now you can press it down, using your arms and legs to lock the rest of the body. He won't be able to move an inch.

  • Max Papaioannides says:

    My dog actually got in a fight once but thankfully both dogs were very small so me and the other owner just picked our dogs up and left. BAREly got a scratch.

  • This might sound gross but the best way to stop a dog attack/fight is to put either a finger or something into the dog's butthole OR pick up their hind legs to throw off their balance. Obviously don't shove anything in their booties all violently but the sensation should startle them enough to stop it. I once had a neighbor that had two pits that would fight every once in a while but like bloody ugly fights and he started poking them in the butthole and eventually they stopped doing it altogether 😂

  • Jumping in between a dog fight is something I've known for a long time and even kept in mind when I heard a fight outside my window.
    Unfortunately a lot of logic flies out the window when you see a big dog latched onto your cat at 2am. I grabbed the dog's neck and pulled up- probably not the best way to grab that dog but I could think of little else when it had it's jaws around my cat's throat and I had to fend off a second dog prowling around close by. I eventually got the dog to let go but obviously it immediately went after my cat again and yes, I was dumb and blocked with my hand, luckily the bites I received were from my cat but those are going to be on my hand for a very long time. I eventually ended up with the cat trapped behind me in a corner with the dog in front still going for the cat and yes, it was nerve wracking to have a dog snapping it's jaws that close to my neck since I was on the ground. I'm very lucky the dog didn't turn on me. In the end I got help and we shooed the dogs off but I was scraped up and shaken from the experience.
    If you are wondering, no the cat didn't survive and the dog was an Old English Bulldog. Very sweet towards people but apparently has a nasty streak toward other animals (I found out later the dog has a track history of killing another small animals). The other dog wasn't that big of a problem. He was a Black Lab – Old English Bulldog mix who was mostly just observing and would lunge in from time to time, but he was easy to ward off with a warning. Was it a very smart idea? No, and I'm lucky I wasn't hurt more than the few bites and scrapes I got.

  • Farnes Family Scrapbook says:

    What a crazy story! My dog gets scared of other dogs and that's why we don't often take him to the dog park and keep him away from other dogs that we don't know.

  • I work at a dog kennel/playcare and this was great advice. Dog fights happen all the time at the kennel, grabbing the back legs and circling is exactly what you do. And a airborne is exact.

  • Cat fights are a sight to behold, my 6kg muscular half-feral tom Gerard (RIP) got in many fights but would never hurt me. I broke up a fight between him and a local stray once by simply just picking the fuzzy beast up and he froze because he was raging just a second ago and must have thought "I need to stop so I don't harm my favorite bald ape." DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU TRUST THE CAT COMPLETELY!
    If you must break up a cat fight, go for the nose, kick it lightly (don't punch, they bite) and if a cat bites into you and will not let go (it happens) flick the pink part of the nose and keep flicking until the cat lets go.
    Also, always see a doctor and take your cat to the vet.

  • I've seen dogs sometimes do this in vet medicine. I've seen a dog attack their owner when they are still in that crazed kind of state. Another great way to break up a fight is with water. With a hose or bucket, spray them down. Pulling a dog by the collar seems to encourage them.

  • When i was a kid we'd just gotten an adult golden retriever to be my dog. It attacked one of my sisters' dogs so i held it back while my sister got her dog to safety, it then turned and bit my arm. Unlike the dog in your story it let go of its own accord and stopped attacking. We didn't keep that dog after that.

    So it might be a golden retriever thing to attack its owner. Though to be fair i hadn't had it long enough for it to know me well.

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