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Friends we have started event management office. We take orders of birthday party, wedding party, and any other type of parties Whichever party you want to celebrate, just give us a call, and we will organize it, you don’t have to do anything, And in return we will give you a very reasonable price. I have twenty years of experience of organizing a party, I will help you people, Chingum sir, and you cut the ribbon and inaugurate it. Why should I inaugurate, whenever I inaugurate, I land up in some problem, Today I will not do anything but eat the cake. Sir Chingam, don’t eat that, don’t eat that, those are made of soaps, Top portion is icing, it is a showpiece. Ha ha ha is there a cake made of a soap.. ho ha ha ha ha. Ooohhhhhhh ahoooo hooo Have this drink it. Oh god what happen i have become a balloon seller, Motu Patlu I will not let you go, not let you go. Have this drink Chingam sir, you will fine soon Thank you Dr Jhatka. Help help Motu Patlu I will not let you go, not let you go. Oh lord, I have not seen such a thing in twenty years. Good new Motu, Mayor sir had called, he has told us to organize his son’s birthday party. Long live, our first client is Mayor Sir Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Micky, happy birthday to you. Motu Patlu, you both have organised it very well, thank you, But where are those people who were going to show some dance to the children, Cake is already cut, now you can call them . Yes yes, they are on their way Hello okay yes okay okay! Motu the dancers are not going to come, one of them is not well. What do we do? If there is no dance then the whole program will go wrong, all are waiting for them, I cannot think while I am hungry, you do something quickly. Idea, come with me John stop, you cannot escape from here. Stop John, you are under arrest It is not only difficult to catch Don, but also impossible. Off ohhh why do you talk like this, number one you say It is not difficult to catch the boss nor impossible, Motu Patlu has caught them many times. Heyyyy, what are you saying, you people are useless Hands up Everybody stand up, remove your purse, watches and jewellery, and put it in my bag, please. Oh lord, I have raised my hands up, how will I put remove my purse. Put your hands down and remove your purse quickly. Fire has caught on the electric wires Help somebody call the fire brigade, quickly. Motu Patlu, do something, help us. Oh god, is he saving us or sending us to heaven. Thank you Motu, we escaped because you pushed us, Chingam sir, call the fire brigade. Motu Patlu, do something quickly Motu, bring the children to the other building quickly Come come, let us follow them. Fire is increasing help!!!! Boss boss, I had told you, it is neither difficult nor impossible to catch you, Look, there Motu is coming. Mayor saab, here is John and his friends. Thank you Motu Patlu, you both are very brave. I will not let them go, but we have to control the fire first, it is increasing. Help, help me!!!! Hey, she is our cook; she is in the kitchen, Motu Patlu, please help her. You have come to help me, thank you thank you. We have to quickly, put off the fire I have to go to jail, where are you taking me, leave me. You all have come to help me, thank you thank you. We have come to help you, but who will help us help mummy help. Help me help me, I get scared of fire, Motu Patlu help me please. This fire is caught because of you, now you deserve this. Sorry, mummy booohhhh I will not do this mistake again mummy. Motu I did not tell you to put off the fire this way. Aroma, samosas samosssa ssamosas. Where is he going? Is there any samosas kept somewhere? Yes, it is in the kitchen, it was uncooked but now may be due to this heat it must have cooked. Patlu, I enjoy it, I got some hot hot samosas to eat Motu, since you have eaten the samosas, then please let us start now. Motu, I am not asking you to hit anybody, don’t hit, but blow it so that the fire is put off. My brain does not work while I am hungry, Patlu you thing quickly. Idea. Motu, keep drinking water until your stomach is full I am not thirsty, why should I drink water, you drink if you are thirsty. Listen to me and do as I sayyyy. Ok ok, why are you getting upset? Motu, now you can spray with your mouth and put off the fire. Thank you thank you very much, very very thank you Motu sir. Motu Patlu you people are great, you have saved so many people’s life, And you both help us to catch John and goons. I will see to it that you both get a bravery award from the government Take me to the jail before there is fire again here.


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