More Weird Things All Couples Fight About

More Weird Things All Couples Fight About

– What are you doing? – Drying my hands. – Those are the decorative towels, you can’t use them. – Why? – Because they’re decorative. – Then why are they out? – Because they’re decorative! – That’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. – That is disgusting, can you please go do it in the bathroom? – Why? I don’t wanna
miss the dessert round. – No, you do this all the time, and I am constantly finding pie– – I don’t know where that went. – ♫ How wonderful life is ♫
– ♫ How wonderful life is ♫ – ♫ Now you’re in my world
– ♫ Now you’re in the world ♫ My world! It’s my world.
– No, no it is… No, it is the world. Close all the way. Close all the way. Close all the way. Isn’t that nice? Don’t give him that, his stomach can’t handle it, he’ll get sick. – Oh, he’s a cat, he’s fine. – [Wife] Told you.
– Shut up. Did you take a Lactaid? – No. I’ll be fine. – Told ya.
– Shut up. You know where I saw this earlier? The bathtub. – Oh yeah, I needed to scrub it. – Yeah, but I just found it in the sink. – I needed to do dishes after. What? It touched soap! If it touched soap that means it’s clean. – You can’t just make up your own rules to suit you as we play the game. – Well stop taking the fun out of it then. – I’m not taking the fun out of it! What takes the fun out
of it is when you cheat. Ahh! – What’s up? – You left the toilet seat up. – Oh, it’s not that big of
a deal, just put it down. Don’t pull my underwear! Stop pulling my under– Ahh! Go away! Get off! We’re not made of money you know? ‘Cause lights are money. Remember that time you threw up?


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