MMT Owner says “THANK YOU” OC Weekly Best of 2019 Winner

MMT Owner says “THANK YOU” OC Weekly Best of 2019 Winner

alright guys welcome back to another
episode of tea TV I just want to say thank you I’ve been on here addressing
you guys personally to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and
for the MMT Fitness family it means a lot more than you guys know because
allows me to pursue my dreams and everything that I choose to do with
mortai and strengthening these new events whether I’m the epitome of what
you think it should be or not I love what I do a while back I posted a thank
you video in just a few moments I’m gonna play
that again because I want you guys understand I really do mean it with your
I remember that is current prior or some way or whatever it was I really
appreciate this for any time you support it
it allows everyone to continue to learn it provides a platform for a lot of
people so think the other reasons anything is this right here doesn’t mean
a lot to a lot of people but it doesn’t mean a lot to me
so mmt much Endicott elite I was voted best marshal arsenal of 2019 and that
means a lot because you guys who pick it’s not just me I could vote as many
times as I want with a very small number compared to the thousands in the other
team so to any of the other gyms that were nominated thank you you’re all dope
we all offer different types of news I just appreciate my guys for voting and
everyone who did vote it does mean a lot thank you very much enjoy the video
again if you haven’t please come down to the gym try a class on me it’s free and
see what you think and everyone else just enjoy thank you very much my name is Frankie Mercado
owner/operator of mmt Fitness in Mission Viejo this video now is to say thank you
we broke the pole and remember like we’re growing every day and I couldn’t
do without overall guys when I built this place how we built it as MNT
Fitness Mercado muy Time Fitness is a place for all for everyone and I just
wanted to stay I can’t even put into words how happy
you guys make me my god I see smiles and people working I
love you all without you I can do well up again remember it’s for everybody MNT Fitness is a place for all and Mahalo welcome
mmt fitness it’s a place for all even if some guy
an empty picnic mm thickness Inagua for tomorrow and
a place for all MMC fitness as soon as other special photos MMP Fitness makes
up cuss word mmm click finish
chief fitness ja hats that I had to start at the mihrab and we you could see me better notice their do you want to see


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