MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Set Up an Arm Bar

MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Set Up an Arm Bar

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeanette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from the Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village.
DANIEL KLAPHEKE: This is the arm bar from the guard. To do an arm bar from the guard,
the first thing I want to do is maintain control of one arm. If I’ve gotten his right arm,
I’m going to put my left foot in his hip. From this position, I’m not going to try to
swing it around like this because a lot of times, I would set myself up for a stacking
situation or I might have a lack of flexibility to be able to do that. So from here, I’m going
to just pivot my body 90 degrees. As I do, I’m going to bring this leg up as high as
I can onto his body. From there and as I get it up there, I’m going to clamp this down
as hard as I can to keep him from rising up. The next thing I need to do is bring my left
foot around and I’m going to pull it straight down, again clamping it towards the floor
to keep him from stacking. The common mistake is to put the leg here where I can’t push
down as hard. Okay so he’ll be able to lift me up. So I want to immediately push this
down as fast as I can. I’ve got real good control of his arm, I never did let go, and
from here, I’ll just pinch my knees together and bridge my hips up.


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  • Vincent Hughes says:

    @hairysandball If you pay close attention to when he actually taps him, his partners elbow was facing down onto his chest while he pulled his hand down and forced his neck down. The effect is like breaking a stick over your knee: The shoulder is pressed down on one side, the hand pressed down on the other, and the elbow is over the chest acting as a fulcrum.

  • @hairysandball an arm bar hurts because it bends ur elbow in the wrong direction. ur pushing the shoulder and hand down while the elbow is stuck in the middle getting pushed up to try and compensate for the force on the other ends. it hurts like crazy. my friend and i spar all the time and when he gets me in an arm bar it feels like my elbow will explode.

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