Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Do a Roundhouse Kick

Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : How to Do a Roundhouse Kick

Hi I’m Kyle Reese we are here at the Arizona
Center of Mixed Martial Arts on behalf of expertvillage.com today we are going to look
at the round house kick. Right here to demonstrate the round house kick we got Andrew Bridden
he is a cage fighter slash Muay Thai fighter. We also have our head instructor for kick
boxing here at the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts Robert Garcia. Real quick Andrew
is going to demonstrate a round house kick. Alright notice how Andrew kicks with his shin
not with his foot. The chin is really hard bone & it provides a lot of protection for
him and increases the damage on the kick as he throws it. You will notice when he throws
a kick he base leg the bottom leg pivots. It puts him closer to the target and adds
extra power to the kick. There is a couple of main areas of attack when you throwing
a round house kick: One is the leg. This a incredibly powerful kick it is really going
to damage the leg, it really limits the mobility of his opponent. As he starts to land these
over and over again his opponent really going to stop being able to move around as well
opening up for head shots. You could attack the ribs with this shot it is really going
to suck the wind out of him. As you get hit on the body more and more as a fighter you
really start getting tired. You also take this to the head which is going to be a huge
knock out. Devastating. You could actually also kick the arms. Make the arms get tired.
Bring them down. It’s called breaking the shell. Right now Andrew is going to demonstrate
a few hard round house kick for us. Alright and that is the round house kick.


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  • i used to be able to do a round house kick i was in karate but then my senzia left because he had to move and now i cant remember un till i watched this video

  • Its ok. He is not that high on the balls of his feet. He lacks a Lil flexibility to clearly show a better slow example. But for the most part gets the job done

  • in most fighting matches, it is illegal to hit them in the back, and you should recover swiftly when your turned back around

  • the shin actualy is the best part to kick with, and if u kick allot with the shins they toughen up through calcium build up like the kevined say's.
    this makes it near imposible to break it without a weapon

  • in muay thai attacking your opponents back is not illigal, the follow through creates more power in your kicks thats why they do it, if u miss u have to recover fast 😛 or follow with a heal kick to get the opponent to back up

  • Carefree Butterfly says:

    Kicking with your foot is a lot safer because it means you can attack from a distance, and hit with greater speed. The farther away you are from you opponent, the safer you are. You should aim for long-distance blows, then jump back to avoid counterattacks.

  • it really depends on what part of the foot 🙂 rounds in TKD are usually lighter in an effort to keep from injuring your opponent too badly, same reason why an axe or spinning hook kick is done with the bottom of the foot rather than a pointed heel (also for more range). In muay thai, kick boxing and other mixed martial arts, the objective is more or less to be the last one standing so you would go for the most damage possible, the shin

  • The kicking is demonstrated well and better than the kick boxing hybrids that are often shown as thai kicks. Its the pad holder that may cause problems for instruction you should always bump a kick to leg and never never turn your knee from it. I add this comment as instruction should be kicker and pad holder.

  • In Taekwondo it's called a Bitchagi actually, wich is in korean, and a round house as you call it, is actually called Dolyochagi. 🙂

  • i am a tae kwon do fighter and in tae kwon do a round house is a diff type of kick but u gotta relise in diff martial arts and somtimes in same ones the english names may be different, but in muay thai this is a roundhouse, in tae kwon do weer i studied a roundhosue is a type of back spinning side kick.

  • I studied tang soo do for almost three years, and they have two round house kicks. One is much like the one in Muay Thai, the other is a revers spinning kick, also called revers spinning round house.

  • you can kick with the top of your foot, but dont aim to… aim for about 30 percent up the chin, this is like the end of a bat, if the opponent backs up, you will still connect with the foot. If you aim with the foot, not only does your power decrease, but if they bak up you miss, and ive kicked with my foot many times and have broken my toes from landing on their elbows or forearms.

  • Foot kicks are tae kwan do kicks.

    Shin kicks are Muay Thai kicks

    The first is more controlled, the second emphasizes on power. Muay Thai more effective against boxers, Kwan Do against everything else.

  • good for you that u know what to do

    in Muay Thai you kick with the shin…in Taekwondo and karate you kick with the foot but not in muay thai…the shin is much harder than the foot, so stop telling shit thx!

  • @rolfeder

    it is very, very efficient if you want to wear down your opponent, especially in an arranged street fight with some fool who wants to fight you with his friends watching. A few kicks to the arms and shoulders will make him look like Quasimodo, he'll have no guard whatsoever and his punches will not even be likely to generate the power required to KO a little kid

  • I am just a Cowboy says:

    @cobiachi5thkupp i once mishit very hard lowkick. instead of shin i hit with the foot and i broke my ankle… stop telling crap. kicking with foot is dangerous and supossedly would have no power

  • i tooked the same style for the same time as well and it sucked muay thai is what you need to learn. you already know an art so you should catch on fast

  • I will explain why the shin is harder than the foot. The foot gives in with kick, where the shin does not. The shin is a much harder surface than the foot and if you ever spar a good muay thai fighter you would find out the hard way how devasating the shin can be. Take a look at my fight on here where i knock out Ken Clark with shin kick to the head. (Marc Costello vs Ken Clark (kickboxing) )

  • I am anything but angry, you see things the way you do and I may not change that. All I can say is, you should have somebody show you by kicking you lightly with their foot and than there shin and you see by the feel which one is more damaging. Look, i started out in karate and attained a third degree balck belt in Kenpo karate and starting out with foot kicks but found in full contact shins are more effective.

  • @AshleyLoft2010 Just out of couriosity how do you know me any way I was trying to be nice but you know my real name and everything its really starting to piss me off i can care less if you think i have no balls or anything like that all your doing is talkin behind a computer why are you even like this did I have sex with you or something because i know i didn't do anything to you for you to act like that

  • @internetTOUGHGUY1000 maybe because it has to do with the fact that we're watching "EXPERTvillage" and the vids are actually not so expert.

  • Rusty Shacklford says:

    @internetTOUGHGUY1000 cause most people who are higher then a green belt in any MA knows this guy is shit

  • he's not rotating the hips, one of the most important things…he's doing it when he shows in slow motion, but not when he's actually kicking

  • This is a Thai Roundhose kick, I call it football kick. Basically everybody can do this without any practice, it is absolutely non technical. Kickboxing Roundhose kick however more demanding like alirizwan91 described before. Also you need hip function and rotation to get it powerful. There is no hip function on this video at all!

  • I love how he drops his left arm from his chin completely opening it for an easy knockout,is not 'set' back on his feet before throwing kicks therefore being off balance as he launches his next kick,has bad rotation in his hips with terrible stance to top it off.I'm a beginner and I can tell this is complete shite.

  • @TheCGraham11 I mainly train in boxing but i did kickboxing for a year nd ive been training a bit in mma because the striking in this particular 1 is muay thai, I'd strongly recommend stick with boxing as its the best by far for ur hands but i'd say try muay thai for kicking, muay thai kicks are used to damage opponents where kicks in kickboxing seem more for putting combinations together. Thats just my opinion anyway. Theres nothing wrong with training in multiple disciplines

  • dirtywhiteboymma says:

    First, thank you for taking time, without charge, to help out people wishing to learn, and even those of us, who've the experience from competing/etc., yet need to periodically review n renew. I notice, after investigating pages of most loud mouths and keyboard warriors, they are usually people who have the typical, shallow, gangster-oriented stuff on their pages, and cannot judge you. Keep it up, man.

  • what button should i press so that videos from some channels (incl. this one) will never be shown to me? anyone knows?

  • SuperiorNizzle says:

    Seriously, where the fuck do expert village find these gyms. That was one of the worst roundhouse kicks i've ever seen.

  • Everyone comments on peoples videos saying what they're doing is wrong, and then they tell them how to do it right. Its so annoying, there's DIFFERENT techniques. Youres is not the perfectly correct one so shut the fuck up

  • @CHRISTIANSOLDIER10 Actually, stepping in delivers more power but the way you said also works, it depends on the distance of the opponent.

  • @shootthis123 The guy kicks like a piece of shit, his three kicks at the end tell me everything. His angle is horrible, his rotation is horrible, his balance is horrible, momentum is horrible, everything is horrible. I'm not saying this to annoy anyone, I'm saying this because I want to prevent anyone from copying this garbage technique.

    If you really want to know how to do a good roundhouse kick, and even learn why it's good that way. Type this in the searchbox: Bas Rutten Kicking Techniques

  • @shootthis123 you're the one trolling if you think Bas Rutten is a chump. You just said that for the sake of disregarding my argument.

    But if you think this video shows better kicks than those of Bas Rutten, then by all means keep practicing like shown in this video.

  • @shootthis123 You and this video deserve each other. American to American, how in the world could any of you ever be wrong???

  • @shootthis123 also, the same guy who uploaded this video posted another one called 'checking leg kicks in kickboxing'. I almost can't wait to see what you think about that video.

  • @shootthis123 I'm not criticizing these guys for their fighting skills, I'm criticizing their incorrect and incomplete way of demonstrating proper roundhouse kicks.

    Listen, I love martial arts and I just get annoyed when I see videos like these, where they try to give advice on how to do correct techniques. But then they dont actually know what the correct technique is, or atleast they think they do.

    I just want people to know that this video does not show proper roundhouse kicks. Thats all.

  • i thought Muay Thai fighters stand on there toes so they can throw multiple roundhouse kicks? As seen on Fight Quest 🙂

  • stretching and just keep practising the kick trying to go higher, and get you body and muscles used to the roundhouse kick do it alot just practice practice practice

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