Mexican Martial Arts T-Shirt Promo

Mexican Martial Arts T-Shirt Promo

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse, and I’m the founder and
Grand Master of MMA, Mexican Martial Arts. Unless you’re a high-ranking MMA practitioner,
avoiding a physical alteration is your best chance of survival. For the first time ever, you can make fools
think that you know Mexican Martial Arts without even having to put in the blood, sweat, and
tears. You cried? Shut up, fool! Never disrespect. Just go to and you
can purchase your very own t-shirt. It’s preshrunk and 100% firme. If you’re low on cash, ask us about our
EBT option. Just send us an email though, it gets a little
bit tricky. It’s, it’s not es este.. legal. Thank you for watching Mexican Martial Arts.. Preciate it, good lookin out, late.


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