Mexican Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (MBJJ)

Mexican Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (MBJJ)

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse.. and you’re watching MMA,
Mexican Martial Arts. The streets today are more dangerous than
ever but I guarantee that if you watch my videos you’ll learn how to maim, cripple,
and kill fools who try to cause you harm.. Making the world just a little bit safer. This is my primo, Flaco. I let this fool be in my videos because he’s
strong like bull, he’s got that low center of gravity, cat-like reflections… and it’s
his camera. The Brazilians are known for three things.. The blowout, the wax, and the Jiu Jitsu.. The problem is that most BJJ practitioners
participate in all three of these activities.. Basically, our goal was to make BJJ a lot
better and a lot less annoying. Like boxing without Mayweather.. Like the UFC before that fool Conor McGregor. Like Pokemon in the 90’s. Like my lady when I tell her I love her. This resulted in the birth of Mexican Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu, or MBJJ. Not only was BJJ a little too, touchy-touchy..
but it was also wildly impractical. Touchy-touchy. For example, arguably the most popular move
in BJJ is the Rear Naked Choke. Mira. If you’re in a safe place with some down
homies, whatever, you do whatchu gotta do.. But if I’m throwing down with some fool
in the street, I don’t have the time, or the desire to get naked.. That’s how they got that fool PeeWee Herman.. So we decided to focus on this pacific move
and turn it into what we now call the, “Rear Fully-Clothed Choke”. Basically, this guy is not a good striker,
or defender.. which is why he grapples.. so he takes me to the ground, immediately. This is when I trick him by telling him what
I’m gonna do next. “Ay fool. I’m gonna put a Rear Naked Choke on you,
let’s see how you like that!” Now as a BJJ practitioner, this fool knows
what that means.. It means he has a couple of minutes to kill
while I get naked, in order to apply the choke correctly.. So at this point, his guard is completely
down and he’s most likely watching some cagefighting videos, because that’s what
BJJer’s thrive on, rather than real life, anything goes, street scenarios.. While he’s distracted, I get in position
for the choke, but as an MBJJ practitioner, I remain fully-clothed. After a few moments, he’s dreaming of his
favorite fighters in a warm, sweaty embrace. While my exposure, remains decent. Thank you for supporting Mexican Martial Arts. Preciate it, good lookin out. Late.


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