Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Yi Jin Jing Exercises 12 & 13

Continue from Crouching the tiger, we’re going
to go on to the next two movement. First one is Hitting the Drum and the next one is called
Swinging the Tail. So continue from Crouching Tiger, I’m going to show you guys Hitting
The Drum. So stand back, hands open, arms on your ears, go down, tap your head forty
nine times. Tap this fort nine times. Okay the purpose of this exercise is to get the
blood from the head to be circulating. Okay. In your head you don’t want to a whole bunch
of blood to be at the same place, okay, you want to circulate all around. So, that’s the
purpose of practicing, to get your blood to be circulating so you don’t get dizzy. Okay,
so let’s do this again. You want to do this for forty nine times, okay. And of course
it’s a good thing to do in the morning when you wake up cause it wakes you up too, okay.
That’s a good thing to do. Then now we’re going to have what we call Swinging the Tail,
okay. So from this position, after forty nine times, you want to clench your hands forward,
okay. You want to one, two, three, stretch out. The main point of this exercise is stretching
the arms along and it goes all the way to your legs, so strengthening the tendons all
the way. So first, one, two, three, you want to go down, one, two, three. Now you want
to go to your left, one, two, three. You want to go up. You want to go to your right, one,
two, three and you want to go to the middle again. So this concludes Hitting The Drum
and Swining The Tail.


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