Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Shaolin Strength Palm Training 3

Now I’m going to show you the next three movements
of the training the Palm Exercise. Okay. So continue from the Hitting the Moon, now we’re
going to have Qui Nyu Kang Ti which is called Cow’s Forming. So one, two, this is similar
to a push up position, three, four, five, then you raise your butt, go down, one, up,
two, and this one, this exercise, I mean there’s no set number, it depends on how strong you
are or how long you can last but if you could do it for forty nine times, that’s good, three,
four. Okay, now I’m going to continue with the next move, it’s called Pushing the Palm.
Okay from here you want to step forward with your left leg, step forward with your right
leg and go in, inhale, now you’re going to bring your hands down like that, open your
hands, push out, one, two, three, four, five, six and on the seventh one you want to strike.
Okay, again. Okay, one, two, three, when you go like this you wan to inhale, when you go
like that you want to exhale, four, five, six and on the seventh one you’re going to
strike. Next one is Striking the Palm, so one, two, bring in, three, you’re going to
do this for seven times, four, five, six, and on the seventh one you want to go, exhale
as if you’re breaking bricks on the bottom, okay. So after this you want to go to the
same move again and repeat this, and repetition of seven times. Okay. Seventh time you strike
out once hard, and repeat that for another seven times okay. So that concludes Twin Movement
of another section of the Strength Palm.


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