Meditation: Reflections on Bruce Lee; by Valerie Holly

Meditation: Reflections on Bruce Lee; by Valerie Holly

One of 18 psalms attributed to David- Psalm
46 is a song of celebration; of knowledge of God’s security.
Theme and the Spiritual Practice we are focusing- Meditation.
– Many ways to describe meditation- its benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Today I want to look at meditation through the focus on Bruce Lee-
Bruce Lee was a legendary/gifted martial artist who seemed to understand meditation- its benefits-
mind, body, and spirit -Bruce knew his stuff and everyone knew Bruce
knew- what he was doing; Clearly he was gifted and knew it –
Yet whenever Bruce was cornered or when he ran out of options; or whenever Bruce’s
plans fell through, when things wasn’t working, When he could not get the desired outcome
he was looking for; when he did not have the answer- when his skills was not sufficient;
when he was in situations he could not control Instead of throwing up his hands and being
overly anxious, overly crazed; instead of having “agita”; or getting in a state
of panic or becoming frantic- Bruce would calmly get into a meditative pose
-you do not have to take my word for it; you can see , what I am referring to by watching
any of his martial arts films) – Going into a meditation was not Bruce
conceding defeat, he was not saying all is lost- nor was he doing the “Woe Is Me”
or self blame game – In my mind, he was still in control – I
believe Bruce was being proactive: recognizing that he now had to acknowledge
a different source; a source with more might than him; a different source of strength & power-
that clearly he needed – with all his training, with all his skill,
there were some doors his skills could not open, there were some situations his training
could not fix ot control – Bruce went to meditation where he could
calm himself; where he could obtain peace of mind- through regaining harmony with mind,
body, and spirit. – In my mind the different source that Bruce
connected to through his ability to meditate –was a connection to God. – This is how Bruce connected to the scripture-
“Be Still And Know That I Am God” What message can we, can I take from the Bruce
Lee story? I believe, I take that God has given all of us skills and talents, we can
think, we can act, we have the know how Like Bruce there will be situations , circumstances
that we cannot control; that we cannot fix Yet sometimes , we cannot in our own might,
rectify the situation, – When those situations do occur, and they
will, then we must steal away, and meditate- which means connect with God. – Like Bruce Meditation allows us also to
Be Still and Know That I Am God – Meditation allows us to connect with the
voice of God and connect to God’s comfort and guidance, and support. – especially
in those times – When as the song says” Done all I could
do now I am waiting on you.” –
– Calming ourselves is not a show of defeat; it is not a demonstration of weakness– it
is actually the opposite, it is a demonstration of strength. – Like Bruce Lee, it is a recognition of where
your strength come from and who has it to give you
VI – As someone who trained for 20 years, I have a
black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I understand the
importance of meditation as one of the ways to connect with God

I use this meditation and way of focus to calm my mind when facing difficulties.
– I had to understand Psalm 46:10 for myself- I had to
my mind, trust God, in my life.


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