Master With Cracked Fingers (1979) 廣東小老虎

Master With Cracked Fingers (1979) 廣東小老虎

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SUBSCRIBE NOW Stop it. Big brother. You betrayals, it’s impossible. Big brother, when we were doing business. That guy was in our way
we lost a fat goat. Big brother,
official Cheng isn’t corrupted. He was trapped by some bad guys
and he resigned. We didn’t want to do him. Shut up, what we are in? We do whoever we come up with. Big brother, the business we are in,
we can’t keep it. We have to differentiate the good
from the bad. Good and Bad, do you want to quit? That’s what we think, please let us go. For those who are for me live on,
against me die. Big brother. I will fight with you bare handed. I will blindfold myself as well. Yes. Come on. Third brother, run,
Hua will look after Long and you. Never mind about me, run. Tang Lang is divided into south and north. The north Tang Lang has seven stars,
and Tang Lang plum. We belong to Tai Chi Tang Lang. The south Tang Lang divided into
Chu Tang Lang. and Zhou Tang Lang. I will show you the Tai Chi Tang Lang. Let’s start with the eight steps,
one, two, three, four. We start again. Stop, take a rest. Long, you want to learn by peeping. Respect to master. Wait a minute. You can’t worship master without
paying for burning oil. Burning oil, you aren’t Buddha. Fool, pay up. I got no money. Go and get it from home. My godfather said learning
Kung Fu is free. I will cut your telephone line
if you don’t pay Cutting off telephone line. No money no talk! No money no talk! No money no talk! Never mind, I am, off to E Mei Shan,
ShaoLin temple. Looking for a Taoist priestess Long. Sister. Long, dad said you can’t learn Kung Fu. Why are you messing around here? I am to learn, godfather teaches you
but not me. Wait for it, I will learn it. Long. Small devil, what’s it? You want food, go away You can’t learn if you can’t pay. You look so cruel. Says who I haven’t got money
my godfather doesn’t want me to learn. It’s free, do you want to learn. Yes, who do I learn from? Me. You. I have to pay you food. I am the leader of gang of beggars. This stick is for hitting dog. Old fool, so you think you are beggar So. Say what you like. I will take you as my student. Being my master,
Same as I can be your master. Let me show you my Tang Lang fist. This is Tang Lang fist,
you can’t even stand still. What do you mean standing still,
I am telling you. This is drunken Tang Lang fist. They can go with three fists. You can go with three fists. I am bad tempered, don’t make me angry. Otherwise, I will hit you. I have never met an opponent. Today, I met a young kid. Who wants to fight with me? I told you to concentrate, be careful. Stand still. Stand still. Do you still want to fight, young master. Respect to master. If you want to learn,
you have to face hardship. Tonight, go to the forest,
I will teach you. Respect to master. Good, my beggar’s bag. This is the first thing to learn. Take off your clothes,
no more dummy nipple. Why do I have to take of my clothes? Stop hassling, take it off. Oh. Hurry up, aren’t you going to take it off. Master, I have done it. Why don’t you take of your trousers? Trousers off? Take it off. Master, it’s off. No, master. You have to do it. It hurts. Kung Fu practicing, we have to concentrate. Not to be distributed, stand still. You have to stand still. I am telling you, I will cure you with
some dead skin. You think I can’t see when blindfolded. You can’t run away. Kid, come over here. Master. You are blindfolder,
how do you know it was me. The old saying is right. One can see and hear what’s coming. Yes, master, can you teach me. If you want to learn, come in and try If you want drumstick, you have to bear
for time of burning one incense. Master, my thighs are tiring. Your thighs are tiring. I will get you something to support you. Master, I will break the egg. If you break the egg, forget about
the drumstick. I will take it. Master, don’t take it. I won’t break the egg,
leave me the drumstick. All right, I will leave it to you. Master, can I sit for a while? I will let you sit on something. Take a seat. It’s hot. If you break the egg,
not only you can’t take the drumstick. You will be hit forty times. The egg is broken. What, you. Why did it happen? What happened? Got nothing to do with you. Why it got water? Oh, kid, you are cunning. Master, I have to piss. Don’t just enjoy your drumstick. The more hardship you can take,
you will be the best. Master, let me finish the drumstick
before I start again. Cunning kid. Let’s start. Fatty, Quan, Five. Long, can you see when you are blindfolded? Who taught you? It’s none of your business. That’s good. Master, I am tired. Bear with it, I want you to be great. Don’t become the worst. Master, can I make it? It depends on you. If you can bear the pain,
you will be the best. Yes, master. You have to take note of few things. First, unless it is necessary. Don’t use your kung fu. Second, when you need me Go to the forest, understand? Master, I have earned for a long time. I still don’t know your name. My name is ever colour changing old man. Ever colour changing old man,
I only know ever changing dragon. You don’t know, be life Sometime we have to pretend to be a fool,
sometime be a clever. This is ever changing, How do you changing? It is the principle of life. Practice some somersault. Fisting and kicking conquer the world. Be careful when doing somersault. By messing things up, we can’t be certain. Making things clear, we will be sure. The eagle monk left a trail of fragrance. Birds fly in an array. Leaves swirl because of the leg kicking. It can be temple demolishing. Good morning, sister. You are practicing hard. How do you know? I know. Do you want to fight with me? Come on. Long, how are you. You are hurt, let me see. Come on. How did you do it? You thought you were good,
I gave you a lesson. I am sorry, I apologize. It’s all right, otherwise. I will use a different style. It doesn’t mean a thing. A stupid cow. Not a cow, a strong dragon. Dad, morning. Good morning, godfather. Aren’t you off to work? Buns, vegetable. Stay out of my way Excuse me. Two noodles with extra soup and noodles. One dumpling. One more dumpling. This is early morning, don’t mess around. Two noodles with drumstick. Drumstick. My boss said no credit today. Don’t look down on me. I got money today. Two noodles with drumstick. Some wine. A glass of wine. Give me the bill. Yes, twenty dollars. Here you are. Thanks you, your tips. Thank you. Take it back. Two noodles with drumstick. Third brother. My lucky day Long pays for it, I want some noodle. Really? Yes Take it out. Take the money out, can you hear me? Where is the money? You got plenty of it. Third brother, can you pay for it today Yes I pay. If big brother knows, you have to leave. Move on. Move. He looks good. He left so much behind. Long, I am sorry, I have to pay by credit. What did you say? Excuse me. What would you like? I want two of the most expensive. Can you hear me? Hurry. The most expensive. Cut the nonsense, hurry up. Yes, the most expensive, two of each. Two of each. What is it? Uncle Xiang. It’s all right, my eye is stained by smoke. Go and get a large bowl. Get back the rice bowl and chopsticks
from East street. Hurry. I will be back soon. Your noodle. Take it. Uncle Xiang, see. Never mind. He has left. Xiao Xu, come back. Sirs, thank you. Thank you for what. One dollar. Xiao Xu, sir, excuse me. Uncle Xiang. Why did you hit us? So what? Long, you are strong dragon. The one got beaten, he became an insect. Don’t run, let’s go. Good, you are a kid, you didn’t use
the proper kung fu. Who is he? Long. Rubbish, what is dragon and snake,
who is he? He works for Xiang. What, he works for Xiang. You are beaten by a worker. You dare to come back to see me. Big brother, the kid’s kung fu is good. How good, do I have to do it myself? San. What is it, big brother. Check him out. Check what kung fu learns. Yes. Let’s go. He fights again. They hit uncle Xiang. You keep your practicing from us. You fight everyday. This is outrageous. Godfather, I won’t do it again. You know our house rule. I take the punishment willingly. I punish you to take 50 catties
of water home. Long, I don’t think you are daring
to fight again. When I come across,
you are not afraid of him. Dad is inside, you are not afraid of him. I will get you some rice. It’s all right, I will be fair. Until it’s all done, I won’t take my dinner. Wait for me, you have temper of cow Let go of me. You are a thief. Let go of me. No, what can you do? I will bit you. Go after him. Why do you look so scary? Long, I got something serious. To talk to you. What are you up to now? Come over, can we trade? You teach me kung fu, I will teach you.
How is it? No, I won’t do it. You go and see your grandmother You got no loyalty Thank you grand mum. You are so dishonest, you don’t hang
in all the money. Why are you hitting my grandson? So what? Beating people up. Grand mum. You are useless, you are beaten again. I lost my face. Who is it this time? It’s Long. Fool, you are killing me. I told you to check him out,
have you done it. I haven’t. You are useless. Go and get the general Shi Gou Gong. To get him to fight against the kid. Yes. We must get rid of him this time. Tell me, why did you fight again? Why didn’t you obey my order? You damn kid. I will give you a good lesson. How dare you to break my flower pot. Make me crazy. Boss, can you send eight plates of
beef fried noodle to 2nd floor, no. 9. This is the money. Yes. Eight plates of beef fried noodles
take away. Eight plates of beef fried noodles
take away. Long. Don’t make the delivery. Why. I am afraid. I am afraid their hostility against you. Don’t worry. Have you ordered? Yes, he will deliver soon. Listen, get ready. When he comes, we will beat him up. Hurry. Get ready. Here comes the noodle. Come up. Kid. Wait, you are not happy what happened. I will let you beat me up,
I won’t fight back. We will be square. You must be joking. Come on. Are you afraid? You didn’t fight back when being beaten up. Don’t worry. Excuse me. What happened? Long was beaten up badly,
he is in a serious condition come with me. Hurry. Where to? This is it. Miss, you are a beauty. Miss, you have a nice smell,
can I kiss you? Let go of her. You can’t ask to let go of her. I will be responsible for it as a man. Ask for accountability from me, if you dare. Who do you think you are? I will take this girl. Clothes off. Don’t force me. So what can you do? Let see how is your skin. Master, why did you hit me? You are a fool. You let those bastards beat you up
without fighting back. Stupid fool. My godfather doesn’t allow me to fight back. I am a grown up now, I took it as a massage. Oh, you can take it well, let me give
you a massage, No, master. Don’t hit me. Master, no. Master, I won’t do it again. Doing what again? Not to fight back. So what will you do? I will fight. Yes, fight back. How do you feel? Master, what do you want me to do? Let me tell you,
justice has to be maintained. Fairness has to be upheld, understand. Yes. I told you many time already,
the first goes on. You started first, now both of you fight. Your boxing is good. You will be punished to hit the broken
glasses with bare-handed. Hit. Hit. Old master, you are so cruel. Get up. Move on. You do your destroying,
I will mend my reconstruction. It hurts. What are you yelling for it, it hurts. You don’t know how lucky you are. You are being treated with
the old man’s dead skin. You got a bargain. Thank you master. It’s itchy, What’s up? It’s itchy. It’s itchy. It will hurt after a while. Don’t be afraid, when it’s cured. Your hand will harder, let me dress up
your wound. Godfather, I got the vegetable. Let me, you can do your work. Yes. Don’t fight again. I know. Don’t undress it. It’s not convenient to do my delivery I told Shi Gon Gong to handle it. Don’t come to see me if you mess it up. Yes. Shi Gon Gong. What did you call me? You can’t call me by this name. Excuse me, the general protecting girls. It’s not too bad. The protection money is due. When will you pay?. I got no money just now Can I have a few more days, please? Cut the crabs, tell Long. To send it to me tomorrow. Yes, I will ask Long to do it. Uncle Xiang, I will let Long do
the delivery. Long, your hand is hurt. Don’t forget not to fight. Don’t worry, my hand is all right now Master, where are you?
You told me to fight. My godfather doesn’t allow me to fight. Uncle Xiang is being bullied by
the general of protecting girl. Where are you? I am here, I will go with you. Don’t fight, but I will fight with them. Let’s go. You are bad. Small devil. Please, flower. Nine circles. Nine circles. I will take it. Talking what. I will take it. Don’t touch it, it’s three of a kind. Where seems to be the pain,
why don’t you see a doctor What directions we are in? Look what’s behind you. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me neither. It wasn’t me. It was me. It’s the direction. North now, it’s quick. Pick your tile, really. Picking up. Yes. Excuse me, I got the three circles,
you all pay the same amount. No me. Who are you? I work for the stall, Long. Are you here with the protection money? Yes. Show me. What , twenty cents, you think I am a beggar My master is the beggar. Bastard, so you think I am worse
than a beggar. I don’t think you want to live on. Why do you surrender without trying? Beggar, this is mah jong fist. The first style, winning on the eight sticks. See. It’s right. I will call it a game by winning on
five and eight stick. Fool, my turn first, winning on two,
five and eight sticks. It’s not your turn, go back. Master. Old fool, you chased off your student. He was going to pay me. Paying you. I paid, but it was for the wine. Excuse me. What, you used the protection money to pay Bad luck, I will win first. I think you want to come here alive. And leave when you are dead. I am alive all the time. I have never been dead, what do you want? I am telling you it’s not easy. I show you the way How do you want to fight this out? What do you mean by pitting our wits
and fighting? We will pit our wits on a game of mah jong. We will fight by boxing it out. I have been everywhere. And I know every single game. When it comes to deceiving and card games? I am the expert of every game. Old man, Don’t blow your own trumpet. Let’s start with pitting our wits by
a game of mah jong. Yes. Please. Please. Old man, we will decide by one game. How to do it? If I lose, this protection money is
for your drinking. If you lose, you two can do my cooking
for three years. Throw the dice. Yes. Draw the card. I got two heavens. Stand still. Old man, show me your card. What’s it, old man, can’t you show
me your hand, Fatty. Yes. Go and get two lunch boxes. They are ready, general. What are you nudging for,
it’s only a losing hand. How do you know? I will see, if you nudge a hand
of invincible. God of money, please help. It’s impossible. Yes, a hand of invincible, I beat you. Wait, that was a game of pitting our wits. We haven’t box it out yet. All right, the last game doesn’t count.
Let’s start again. Come, get rid of the cards. Move away all the table chairs
and table lamp. Are you crazy? This is the second style of mah jong fist,
doubling. I got the three of a kind. My last card was three sticks. Sticks, sticks. Mine is two sticks. It’s sticks again. I will beat you like
a contracted-head tortoise. Contracting head. Contracting tail. Mine is a circle. What? Mine is two circles. Mine is a blank. Mine is a one circle. Mine is a seven circles. Mine is a eight circles. I am afraid. I am getting fat. I can’t do it anymore. No more. Let’s me do it. Two circles, doubling. You can have mine circles. I can win on thirty, sixty and
ninety thousand. It’s a mistake. Fatty, you can’t give away thousand. Make way. Let me. I will make this run. You can take it if you want. I have a royal flush, I have the lowest winning hand. I have the doublings. I have one more pick. I have all the happiness. No, you can’t Old man, can you give me a chance? Giving you a chance, yes. Thank you. I changed my position and the direction
is changed. I changed the lamp and my seat. I am giving up a chance,
you are doubling with no apparent reason. My luck has changed, I am going all the way You are going all the way even with
the nine cards of the same kind showing. Yes, going all the way. Don’t just double for the sake of it. I beat you up like a bear. You are coming on strongly. Old man, I will see you off dead today. Let’s see about it. Old man, hurry up. You got an upper hand because
you got the two sticks. You can take it if you want. I will take it. Stand still, let’s run. Damn old man. Row, row, row. You are losing money. I am losing as well. Don’t worry, you will lose all your money You will lose all your money old man. So you think. I got the wrong winning hand. Do you want to play on? I will until you say no.
I am bottom fishing. I am bottom fishing. Can you see what have you fished? I can win on nine different cards. I can pick a flower on four of a kind. Flower. I race you have a flower. Let see what can you do now The last style of mah jong,
the thirteen different cards. Come over. Come over. Ninety thousand. Nine sticks. I will on it. If want to win, you still need east,
south west and north. General, are you all right. East mushroom. There are south dates. West plumes. North almond as well. It’s not your lucky day Come on, middle, prosperity and blank. Old man, I am afraid you, can you leave? Excuse me, he cheated. General, he cheated. He used this dead skin to block those holes. Old man, you can’t beat me to
the winning line like that. Give it to me. This is for dogs only. Damn it, I asked you to take it over. You are taking the dog food. Never mind Hurry up, come back with some fired noodle. Help. What are you staring at, run. Help. Help. Long, go and help. Help. Let go of her, run. Run. Big brother, don’t chase. Let me. Who taught Long kung fu? Never mind. Stop pretending, your godson is in trouble. It’s you. It’s me, how are you second brother. I can’t take the way being addressed. I am not qualified neither. We are brothers, you can’t deny it. Tell me what you want to say I will see to it. ls Long the son of third brother? So what if he is. Don’t worry, I just want to see my nephew Can I count on what you said? Of course. That’s you. Don’t worry, I will visit him
within three days. See you. It’s impossible, Long is son of
third brother. Yes. Before he knows that I killed his father. Get rid of him. No, Long will be in trouble. Dad. Godfather. Don’t forget your three days promise. Let go of him. You can’t run away. Dad, where can we go? We can’t bear all these troubles. Let’s leave. We can fight, why should we talk
all the troubles. Dad, time for the medicine. I can’t be cured. Dad, don’t worry, Long and I. Will get you a doctor to have you cured? Dad, get some sleep, I just go out
for a while. I will be back soon. Go away. Don’t bully. You know a few, who is your master. I got none. Who is behind you? I can stand on my own. Damn. Come on. Excuse me, for my sake. Stop bullying. Its’ none of your business. Who do you think you are, beat him. I am telling you, I am responsible for it. I won’t run away. You can’t run away. Third. Get all our people and search. Yes, let’s move. Wait, just kill. Dad. Come over here. Yes. We will get the mouse first. He is a friend of Long. He will come to help. Hang up the betrayal. Patience. I have enough of it. Long, what are you waiting for,fight. Long, never mind about me. Never mind about me. I will be another man in eighteen years time. Yes. Long, go on fight. Can we talk this out? Long, well done, go on. Don’t let them off. Don’t worry. Animal, you should settle this now Can you do it? Because of my godfather and sister. I will settle it. All right, I will do it because of you. Long, be careful of his best style. Temple demolishing. What do you call this style? Temple demolishing by Long. Kid, I think you are tired today. I don’t want to take this advantage. If you got guts. Come over to happy valley
we will fight it out. Get the flat. Come on. It’s not easy to get our flat. Its takes a lot of practicing. You can’t take the leading role yet,
a lesser role. Thanking god when the fork and
the eight trigrams is broken. Grasshopper is catching the insect
without realizing it’s being. The first thirty steps are moving up
the ladder. The second thirty steps are where
the sky is the limit. Not bad. Let’s change the opponent. All of you. Who? Let me try to go after him blindfolded. Here comes the kid. Long, he killed your father. You two can play with him first. Can you take off the blindfold? Then I will fight with you. Long, as soon as you take off the blindfold. He will beat you. Come on. Take off the blindfold. Can you see who am I? I don’t want you to die without knowing it. Stop shiting. Can I still fight with my blindfold on? I don’t think so. You can’t run away.


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