Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Knee Strikes

Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Knee Strikes

In this clip of Warrior Training, we’re going
to discuss the knees. The knees, this particular knee is directed at the abdomen. One of the
key components you want to remember in delivering your knees is that your toes are pointed down,
you want to localize the front part of your knee, almost like your calf is touching your
hamstring. So from here, I’m shooting my knee straight in without dropping my hands. Another
drill that we do is called clenching, where I bring my hands on top of my opponent’s head
and I do swing knees.
Knee strikes are very dangerous. This particular knees are targeting the groin area, the stomach
area and if I should want to, I can pull my partner’s head down and knee-kick him to the
head. One of the more dangerous tools we have are knees and elbow ins Muay Thai in Warrior
Training. Warrior Training can take you to the next level in terms of Martial Arts and
conditioning. All of the components involve in Warrior Training, be it the punches, the
kicks, the conditioning, Plyometrics, push ups, sit ups, they all comprises Martial Art
called Warrior Training.


36 thoughts on “Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Knee Strikes”

  • This might be nitpicking, but it irritates me when people try to teach "martial arts" as if it was one thing. Different martial arts perform techniques differently. Karate, for example, includes sideways knee strikes when hitting the abdomen (so you're moving horizontally instead of vertically) and vertical knee strikes when hitting the groin. Muay Thai almost always uses knee strikes and commonly uses them with a jump, targeting higher areas such as the head, as this guy demonstrates.

  • No offense, but your gym seems really unauthentic, at least your teaching. Frankly no one should be teaching basic muay thai techniques unless they have them perfected themselves. It look like you were running out of breath after less than 10 knees. Its annoying to see people spreading their stuff around even knowing they're not good enough to teach. FYI no one hits the "groin area"

  • Why the fuck limit yourself? Fighting is fighting, i dont care if they all have different names. A style only limits your ability to fight. Bruce lee was making a lot of sense when he created Jeet Kune Do.

  • Yeah, he also made a lot of sense when he disbanded it. The continuation of teaching Jeet Kune Do is done against his wishes. Eliminating the unnecessary parts only works AFTER you've accumulated the necessary parts; no-style must follow style.

  • I wouldn't have to, you naturally bend over forward when you get kicked in the balls (thus plunging the knife into whoever you were just pointing it at). Plus, since life isn't a comedy movie, a kick to the balls doesn't actually paralyze a person.

  • if you're a real man, you'll realise it damn near does. If you can be kicked unbelievably hard in the testicals and still summon the coordination to stab someone, i salute you. But to be honest i just think you're being ridiculous.

  • I don't really need to have this conversation; I have been kicked in the balls before, and I didn't experience anything like the cartoon-style reaction that you're describing.

    Also, if you're ALREADY pointing the knife at someone, then (a) you need no coordination, you just need to bend over forward, which getting kicked in the balls will force you to do, and (b) you can probably move your knife a few inches faster than the other guy can move his foot a few feet.

  • im not describing a cartoon style reaction, you get kicked in the balls, its basically knocks the wind out of you. To be honest i think this whole thing is stupid so whatever works for you, fine.

  • Thats probably the last thing you want to do against a guy with a knife…getting in range of his knife. A push kick can easily knock the wind out of someone that's unconditioned and send him flying back. I weight 136, I can send a 300 pounder back at least a few feet. That's if I don't send him on his knees.

  • But if you don't happen to have a huge speed advantage over him, waiting for him to attack first will only enable him to stab you before you try anything.

  • Or at least slow them down a bit, so you'll get a head start. Unless they have a gun, in which case kicking them in the groin or stomach will just get you shot before your foot is halfway up. I mean, practice all you like but your foot can't travel four feet before the other guy's finger can travel half an inch.

  • Again, the guy can probably fire his gun faster than you can jump on it. And if you get it to go off, you will have shot yourself, because guess where it's pointed?

  • Carefree Butterfly says:

    Not so simple. If they're holding the knife up, you have to make sure that you can strike them without their arms flailing messily and slicing you.

  • Reneetgeefshuysen says:

    hmm if he grabs a person around the head. isn't that asking for a uppercut, isn't it better to grab the shoulder to prevent that? that is what my teacher was learning me. anyway i loved it haha

  • Reneetgeefshuysen says:

    yo thanks, just started kick-boxing a year ago so learning the techniques a little. i love the sport and my teacher great, he was 4 times world champ kick-boxing, so he teaches well. what sport are you doing?

  • Reneetgeefshuysen says:

    yea muay thai's cool have done that once, cool sport, using elbows.. something that i have to miss with kick-boxing haha

  • probably yea, keeps it relaxed. Seems minor but, what really happens when one is said to 'master' a technique is that they only utilise the muscles involved in the technique and nothing else. You know how you first tried to learn, say, a roundhouse kick; your body tenses up unecessarily and your arms are probably waving and maybe you even clench your teeth but once you get better at it, all muscles are relaxed cept for your hip and the leg you're kicking with

  • Al'Amin TheHustler says:

    Can you knee strike an opponent on the groin??! I mean in a competition?? If that's true then I guess there would be another type of TKO! Ahahaha~

  • pretty simple but not minor at all. not doin it, u could hurt or even break your toes on ur opponents knee or shin. it is also about muscles, but not about keeping them relaxed. when u point ur foot downwards during a front knee, u stretch the muscles in ur leg. it's like stretchin a rubberband, the more u stretch, the more power you get from the release.

  • @sandokanthai probelm is some people take 5 or 6 Muay Thai lessons then they think they are the ARJAN lol forang are so silly.

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