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so I was watching a one of your videos you made many years ago I think last week and it was one of your I think your basic street fighting methods and also the mentality animal died yeah something like that yeah and it was fascinating the way you talked about it because I mean I’ve been training you know Thai boxing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for many many years and in a controlled environment I have a certain way of reacting but I’m not expecting a groin kick and I’m not expecting what you said which is somebody’s mate punching me in the head yeah well I’m on the ground with someone else. So you made a great observation someone walking down the streets might kick you in the head having it all the time even if you’re mounted on someone else and so I could just see everything I learned in martial arts would actually probably hurt me in a street fight you have false sense of confidence I would think oh I’ve got him down on the ground in a choke I’m winning yeah and when in fact I wasn’t but I wonder if you could just talk a bit more yeah but you know again that was me you know. I’ve got kind of got all of these fears and one of them is that I’m a second down in karate at the time but I’m still afraid of confrontation and when I talk to my teachers you know they they try and encourage me to to solve that in the dojo but the dojo is too controlled even when it’s hugely physical it’s still controlled they didn’t talk about the pre-fight, the in-fight, the post-fight the the adrenal dump didn’t talk about the fact that someone’s going to stand in front of me and say you know I don’t give a fuck that you’re a you know that you’re a black belt because I’m going to find out where you live I’m going to come around your house when you’re having tea with your mom I want to bite your nose off and spit it down your fucking throat so I don’t give a fuck about your second down and that terror of this guy not caring he might not be able to fight the tide in the bath but that come fact that immediate confrontation of posturing it triggers the flight instinct in US and the flight instinct is so powerful that I’ve watched Legends run away from fights and bottled raglan real fires that’s the opposite of the spirit of a martial art still jumping tomorrow goes all about respect no one would have said a tenth of that in a martial arts dojo so in a way it doesn’t really prepare you for the street so we we prepared people by dealing with the most difficult thing which was pre-a the most difficult thing which was posturing and the reality of a real situation which is close range you may have maybe you’ve got 18 inches because all situations are very close and they start very close. preemption is the only constant it’s the only constant. It’s the only thing that works all the time stirring up the fight by just the first pic first doc says to hit first yeah hit first and use artifice you know even Musashi only had three preemptions he didn’t have any concept of blocking and counting countering trap in encountering because he knew that wouldn’t work in a real situation because the situation was too close and too volatile so we said you initiated it using by using deception and then hit him first or strike him first so his three preemptions were hit them before they think of hitting you. Hit them as they think of hitting you. Hit them when they twitch and I’ve done all three and I’ve been through hundreds of fights doing that and it’s the only thing that works consistently of course I’m a big grappling fan I did full-time judo with Neil Adams for a long time Chuck Norris was quite a Brazilian Jujitsu he’s a really good Brazilian jiu-jitsu guy people didn’t know that about him but the worst thing you could do in a real fight is go to the floor because like say even strangers come round and I’ve seen people literally jump on other people’s heads and not even involved you know you’re on them you’re on top of somebody you’re on the mound someone walking past from the chip shop just presumes that you’re you’re the bully because you’re on top and you get you know you get you’d you’re broke or you get hoofed in the head and then loads of other people join in or you get stabbed I’ve seen loads of people stabbed by the girlfriends by the mothers but you know just by I mean I remember getting into a situation with this guy once. It was a match fight outside the factory which is like a prereq prearranged one and one yeah and four guys four neighbors came running out from the house and because I was dominating this guy it did end up on the floor and you be a bit safer with the one-on-one but even this I ended up on the floor because I made a mistake these people come out on the mother screwdriver was going to stab me just neighbors of this factory because they thought I was the bully I was actually was just actually an arranged match fight so going to the floor is is in a match fight or in a pre-arranged fight obviously we know the grapplers always win but when you start to include like a pen knife or a sharp pencil or you include biting or you include other people so other people might get involved it becomes a very dangerous place to be so we were in thousands and thousands of violent situations and no one ever went to the floor no one kicked it was just very close range preemption with artifice and so some one of the preemption of being vocal and projecting a real dominant thing either dependent yeah that’s the posturing so if you didn’t want to be physical and you wanted to solve the situation without being physically with posture so you would create a gap by by striking them by pushing them back ready to gap you would posture you’d makes a very big you’d balloon back and forward you would salivate you’d swear you’ve come into monistat monosyllables and the main thing is that you created a gap when you create a graph gap it triggers the flight instinct and very few people will come forward if you create that gap and again we’re talking about a situation that might last a few seconds we’re not talking about a situation that’s going to happen over an hour you know you trigger the adrenaline so hard in them that all other interesting just wants to run away and like I said even really experienced people get caught by that so you start to learn how to use adrenaline you’re controlling yourself and you’re using other people and you just work on the stuff that works every single time which is preemption hitting first this week on London real we have astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson I wake up every morning astonished that an astrophysicist can have 1.7 million Twitter followers


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