Martial Arts Training The Process of Self Defense in Reality and Life

Martial Arts Training The Process of Self Defense in Reality and Life

self-defense it’s a major part of what
we do as martial artists yet some for sport some for other things, but let’s
break down the process of self-defense so we can understand it we’ll do it
right after this. Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan
Marty Husband and I’m here to talk to you about self-defense
now self-defense in and of itself is a big subject and we’re going to break
this down into chapters and this will probably be ongoing for many years to
come the first chapter we’re going to talk about is the process and the ideals
of self-defense now in order to understand what self-defense is let’s
break it down to a really simple thing let’s use the example of a cat you have
a cat walking down past the table and an object it falls off that table right
beside the cat the cat immediately drops down looks at the object then goes off
and hides somewhere now you’re saying what does that have to
do with self-defense it has a lot to do with it now we can break it down from an
instinctive level and know exactly where we should go from there to me
self-defense is as much prevention as it is understanding what is going on
self-defense is mostly ongoing and that we learn to deal and control situations
we can’t control everything I mean life doesn’t give us that luxury if you want
to call it that number one on the list is a group called perception perception
itself is like prevention if we go back to what we were talking about with the
cat the cat was walking by a table and as he was walking by the table that
sound immediately made him drop down on all fours and why because that was his
first instinct to get a ground could get his balance understand what he was doing
he turned his head towards the direction of whatever the sound was it doesn’t
matter what fell off there it just knows there was something loud over there and
immediately when it sees what it is it takes off and hides the first thing a
person always should do like the cat is check your general surroundings
you know the surroundings are where we go what we do the mall where are we
going down the street are we going to work what what part of town do we live
in this is a very important thing you have to be understanding you have to be
able to perceive what can be dangerous where you’re
at or where you’re going doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid but you should
always know where it’s best to go if something looks wrong well you don’t go
there I mean let’s face it I’ve seen too many people just say hey I took the
alley because of the shortcut and got mugged not a good idea on that part was
it the second part of perception is particular x’ that means what what am i
doing to prevent having to deal with self-defense situations a lot of times
when you were walking down the street if you ever notice there’s people studying
their cell phone that got their face down or they’re walking with their eyes
to the ground you know just to barely see what’s in front of them now what
that does in general is we all know makes us a target because if our heads
are down we’re not paying attention or we’re just not confident in where we’re
walking or we just don’t want to make eye contact that can be a problem so it
does mark you and you’re out there on the road
also when you’re seeing groups or individuals you’re in a place where
there’s a party going on say and all of a sudden it’s getting rowdy you know you
have to think about yourself on that should I be here or should I not is this
a great place to be or or is it just for fun because I’ve seen too many times it
isn’t you have to learn to trust that instinct you have to take that general
part of where you’re at apply it to yourself about doing everything I need
to do and then weighing this situation as you go on next the situation does
arise all right you see that there are three guys or something in front of you
you have to do what is called an evaluation and a decision now in doing
evaluations and decisions you have to be remain calm and be very precise because
at this point your adrenaline is up your amygdala kicks in and it just says who’s
trying to give you the fight or flight syndrome you have to take and control
that it’s hard to sometimes control our baser our animal instincts there whether
it’s to run or fight some people will just launch other people will run
without even thinking so calm and precise is what we need in self-defense
that way we give it do we have enough time to think about what’s going on and
I’m not talking about well is this going on no I’m talking about quickly surmise
am I in danger what should i do how should I handle it
this is the importance of that evaluation and decision and if you have
to now run you can run if you’ve got to see that opportunity if you have to
defend yourself you’re ready to go you’re able to see what’s coming on if
you have to fight then you have to make that decision
part three is the reaction now you’ve evaluated the situation and you know you
have to do something to defend yourself so in defending yourself you have to be
very specific with what you’re going to do
that’s probably why many of us train is martial artists to focus on that so you
have to think specifically where are they at what’s going on
is somebody launching who’s the biggest I mean there’s so many things that go
through your head if it’s just one person can I do this can I do that it
has to you have to train specifically for these types of situations your
action then must be done immediately you can’t wait I mean once you’ve decided
hey I’ve got a fight this is what I’m gonna do it has to be done immediately
there can’t be a wait time it has to be then we’ll talk a little bit more about
this on the next video called the practice of Vital technique the next
part of that immediate attack it must be powerful I mean it’s got to stop the
opponent it’s got to do what you wanted to do it’s got to have the reaction it’s
either got to give you the ability to escape or finish what’s happening
self-defense most I you know everybody says oh you
have seven seconds in a self-defense situation I don’t think that’s true it
can be very immediate you can have somebody walk right up you and bam right
in the face they go and guess what you’re out of it you can’t do anything
about it because it was that quick but you have to think even quicker now it’s
like the cat the only exception there is you got hit
now you have that’s where your specific reactions come in immediate and whether
you’re doing it a powerful attack you have been attack and you better make
your attack powerful back these techniques have to be consistent you
know there’s a lot of martial arts out there that’ll teach really weird
techniques for self-defense in the street when your amygdala kicks in and
your adrenaline is just rushing through your body there is no way for you to
remember all these fancy little moves you’re gonna do
specific simple techniques that you need to get out of the situation if you
haven’t trained that type of a situation you’re going to be in very serious
trouble because you’re going to be trying to remember exactly what was
going on oh if they did this I’m supposed to do
this you can’t be thinking remember what I said you have to be specific you have
to be immediate you have to be powerful and you have to do it consistently it
consistently has to be effective the effect of that technique is going to say
with how well you get out of that self-defense situation you know a lot of
people out there might be scared of self-defense so become even paranoid
about it you don’t have to I mean an ounce of prevention is worth it make
sure you know when you’re out there in the streets or when you’re out at home
or wherever you’re at give yourself some thought what’s going on what could
happen here don’t be paranoid about it like I said but what could happen one of
the things the instructors and I do when we go out for a meal or anything like
that we all fight for who gets to watch the door why well I don’t know if it’s a
macho instructor thing or what but even when I’m with my family I’m the
one who watches the door I sit at the table where I can see anybody coming in
at a restaurant or wherever I’m at I make sure I can be as safe as
possible that way I can protect my family or myself if need be now it
really like I said paranoia can run rampant with some people they’re scared
with today’s society we’ve got terrorists we’ve got people doing things
we don’t like we’ve got all kinds of problems but if we train ourselves and
train our children and family to understand the proper principles of
self-defense we can better prepare ourselves when it cut does come time to
do this now we’re trying to just break down here what self defense is next
we’ll break down in the chapter two the practice of Vital technique in this
will break down how we do our technique in training and in self-defense usage
it’s not about techniques it’s about how you train so chapter two I’m looking
forward to sharing it with you guys and I hope you got something out of this at
least a building or a platform where we can
start off at with self-defense thank you for your time now if you’re here for the
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  • I hope you all get a lot of information from these videos. Over time I would love to hear and have discussions about self-defense. Building on this series as time goes by will be good to have questions or ideas to build on what you want to know and what I know.

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