Martial Arts Training Practice Your Vital Technique for Self Defense

Martial Arts Training Practice Your Vital Technique for Self Defense

Understanding technique in the martial
arts is very important for your self-defense so today we’re going to
cover the vital practice of your technique in Chapter two of self-defense
stay tuned hey welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan
Marty husband and I’m here to talk to you today about the practice of your
vital technique in self-defense now we’re going to continue this in chapter
2 from where we left off so I want you to consider going back to part 1 if you
haven’t seen it and reviewing over what we talked about last video after that
come back you can get a better grasp of where I’m going with this before we
break down the two categories I want to talk about today let’s talk about how
you should train when you’re doing your own techniques we use a process called
Crucial technique then what I want to mean by crucial technique is those three
or four techniques maybe five that you have in your back pocket that you can
use in most self-defense situations these are the ones you should
continually practice so when it comes time to defend yourself you can actually
use them now these crucial techniques have to have intensity when you’re
practicing self-defense is so life changing at that point in your life that
when you have to do it your adrenaline kicks in your amygdala kicks in your
flight and fight syndrome just cutters is cutting in and out but you have to
learn to control it so the intensity you have to practice with your partner when
you’re doing this is like it’s real make it feel real because in reality if you
don’t practice that is a real technique it won’t work when it comes time to do
it because you’ll forget or you won’t trust what you’re done also you have to
make sure that that technique is effective and if you do not use it with
that intensity the effectiveness of your technique isn’t always shown either part
one is the practice of your technique or that crucial technique or we just got
through talking about number one on this type of a practice is practicing for
surprise now you use that technique with your partner it’s not really a surprise
but you have to understand how your practicing is the surprise to come up on
the centerline is it visible for them to see when they don’t expect it am i
making sure I don’t take a what I call a fighting position if I stand there in a
neutral position ready to go is my technique
to be a surprise to this person is it going to make them feel like when
they’re coming in they’re confident and all of a sudden I take that confidence
away that’s what surprise is all about is
taking that confidence away from the aggressor at that point to that
quickness and speed whether you’re drawing them down the center line coming
to the outside is that quickness not easily seen by the person so you can
actually complete your technique whether it’s to block strike whatever you’re
needing to do next thing to really work with is number three on the list is your
balance now like I said with that adrenaline rushing through your system
it’s a lot harder than you think to keep your balance because you got it don’t
know your surroundings or anything right there you might trip or stumble on
something but you have to kind of practice your balance have your partners
do something odd that what you know they expect to see the technique coming to
throws you off balance somehow or maybe they do something to to change your
technique where you have to go into it your secondary technique in your pocket
okay so understanding that balance is probably the one thing that’s gonna help
with your quickness your speed and a surprise that goes with it
number four it’s probably the most important aspect of this it’s the
velocity you have to use with this the violence of attack the vicious nature
you have to put into what your action to try to stop that aggressive and
practicing that you might want to consider hey getting some padding on or
something and seeing if it works but like using the tap system as we describe
try it against a small person try it against a large person try to get
somebody your own size you know make sure that this technique is going to be
effective when you have to be very ferocious with it and what I’m talking
ferocious. I want you to understand you have to do it without thought without
anything these people are trying to hurt you so you have to almost take on an
animal-like instinct to stop them part two is the destruction or control of the
attacker or the attackers weapon the truth of the matter is that surprise has
to stun them it has to stop them in their tracks it has to ring their bell
it has to make them think just for a split second so you can continue with
whatever you have to do that’s done I don’t care what style you’re in that’s
done whether you’re in jujitsu whether you’re in
Karate is the entry point that where you can finish your opponent sometimes it
might be the finishing technique but it’s also could be the entry point at
where you have to be able to start taking control in this situation number
two in this is it must stop the attack so if a person’s punching you knife club
maybe a gun in number three you destroy the aggressors technique alright that’s
so important to understand that if he can’t use that weapon or what he’s
attacking with he’s gonna have to rely on something else that might be a little
weaker and give you the advantage that’s the whole point of a surprise stunning
stopping him and destroying their technique now the thing that they were
relying on is gone one of the things I will say is some people say well I’ll
control the situation I’ll do this and that remember unless you’re a trained
police officer or you’ve had years of training and controlling people not
unless you’re a law enforcement or somebody who’s been training for years
to do control tactics they’re very specialized and you know people will do
maybe like some sort of sticky hand operations might be able to do this
easier than some people some people who have been training in Taiho-jutsu and and
police tactics and self-defense they might also be able to do it a lot easier
but if you haven’t you need to just connect with those techniques that
you’ve been working on those crucial techniques are your lifeline to getting
out of a self-defense situation and then try to practice all kinds of scenarios
I mean don’t just sit there with one scenario hook punches high now try a
punch here punch low you or try something like
somebody’s hammer fisting you or somebody’s coming over with some stupid
punch because out in the street people aren’t always as technically proficient
and if they are good fighters they’re not going to throw the type of technique
you always see in your martial arts classes so have somebody throws street
techniques it’s very important you don’t do martial arts techniques all the time
because you’re used to seeing the perfect techniques coming in if not
perfect better than average later on in other videos we’ll talk about defense
types movement how to handle certain things will also share techniques and
ideas that you can incorporate into your own type of fighting or understanding of
self-defense with that being said if you haven’t
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much for your valuable time and we’ll see you again next time on Cheyenne’s
dojo you


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  • This is a continuation of our Self-Defense series and we will continue to build on it over time. This should give you a basic principle for practicing the techniques you plan to rely on and I hope it helps out there in your studies of martial arts and self-defense. I feel its necessary to communicate ideas and principles so that we can continue to grow in knowledge and skill. Please comment I would love to share ideas from you and any questions.

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