Martial Arts Toronto Classes (with Black Belt Demo)

Martial Arts Toronto Classes (with Black Belt Demo)

(upbeat music) (soft upbeat music) – Hello everyone, my name
is Antoinette Moulton. My title is Sa Bum Nim as I am a fourth-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate/Taekwondo at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts. I’ve been training for almost 20 years and teaching for the better
part of that 20 years. I run a school at 603
Gerard Street location called DeSantos Premier Martial Arts. Basically, women are attacked by pulling their hair half the time. Because it’s head control, allows them to take
you wherever they want. Now if your head happens to be low when you first get pulled,
you strike to the groin first. That’s the only difference. So if I turned you around
this way, for instance, and I pulled you way down here, and then when you turn
you feel like your body is in that position, you
strike to the groin first. – Right.
– Right? – Right.
– And then you stand up and hit to the face if you need to. Okay? So, all you would do
is change the position of striking based on
how you were attacked, but you always want to hit target areas. So the target area is the
face, nose especially, and if you miss that because they move, you go for the clavicle. It’s a small bone that goes across and it doesn’t like getting hit. It’s not attached by
anything except tendons. So when you strike it really hard with that fist coming down, chances are it breaks, punctures a lung, that’s also preventing you–
– Yeah. – From being dragged to
a secondary location. – Hi everybody, and
welcome to Olivia Connects. How are you doing today, Antoinette? – I’m doing fantastic, thank
you for asking me to do this. (laughing)
– I’m so excited to be here. What a cool world you’re part of! We are at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts, which is a training center in Toronto. – Yes. – So, I have to ask, what is
martial arts, I guess, to you, and what covers, like, that umbrella? What’s under martial arts? – Martial arts is a umbrella
that covers all types of sports that includes
self-defense and self-awareness. Learning patterns and katas,
sport fighting and so on. So under it, under martial arts that, all those headings are there. And then we have things like Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, you know, Aikido, so many different styles. But basically, they all cover these things that I just mentioned.
– Okay. – And our school covers
Taekwondo and Karate. And so we’ve been training in that for a better part of 30 years is how long our school’s
been in existence. I’ve only been with the
company for 20 years, which is fantastic, so it’s been awesome. – Awesome, and what’s your
teaching style and philosophy here at DeSantos and
for you in particular? – Well our teaching
style is basically, like, empowering lives through the martial arts. So we take someone who’s never experienced martial arts before or even if they come from a different style, they come into our school
through an introductory class where we just sort of go
over basics with them. I just say, if you want to do it, if it’s something that’s even in the back of your mind, just do it. – Just try it, right? And you guys have a
free introductory class? – We have a introductory
program that we do. If you are recommended to us by someone we give it to you free. If you just go on our website then we just basically sort of like, it’s $29.95, it covers a uniform, two private lessons, and a group class. – That’s amazing!
– It just gives a great way to check it out. – Yeah, so feel free to mention my name! (both laughing)
– Absolutely! And you will get it free for sure. – Beautiful. Let’s talk a little bit
about the drop-out rates. I found the statistics quite shocking for people who don’t continue. So, I mean it’s like
with anything in life, if you don’t love it you
kinda get discouraged. Have you personally seen, I guess, the evolution of that? – It depends on the program that you offer and the age groups that are coming in. So, obviously children between
three and seven years old are going to have a higher
drop-out rate than children that are eight to 12 and/or adults. – Right.
– So, it changes basically. And so, yes, there is a, I wouldn’t even say significant, I’d say probably about 25% of the students that come to my studio drop out. So I hate when people say
quit, or stuff like that, it’s just you’ve had an experience, and this is something that I encourage every student and every
family member to do, no matter how old their child is. So they make a commitment
to me for six months and during that six months
I will help their child through ups and downs, any
challenges that come along, and their job is to bring them in. Character development is what
parents bring their children to martial arts for it’s not
the kicking and punching. – Right.
– The kids come for that. (both laughing) – Exactly, I’ll share a little story. So back in the day when
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was popular I wanted to be just like her. So I signed up for karate. – Okay.
– I did the white belt and then up to the yellow belt but I just felt so
discouraged like constantly giving it my all and never
being I guess upgraded. – Yes, I’ve heard that story so many times and it’s so heartbreaking. Our Master Instructor, Veronica De Santos, she has set up a system that
allows us to empower lives. So if someone is having challenges we help them by giving
them extra help sessions. We give them the criterias
that we’re looking for and then we bring the best out of them. I find that more and more
students stay with us because they’re being
encouraged through the journey. You’re not the only person
I’ve heard that from. – And who knows where we could be now? We could be black belts. – Exactly, you could definitely be. Finding the right place
is important, I think, so. – Yes, and it seems like
this is a very inclusive, very happy, good energy place, or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. And I think I’m a pretty
good judge of character. – Thank you. – So let’s talk quickly
about your journey. Did you start this for
fitness, for protection, what brought you to martial arts? – It started because my
4 1/2 year old daughter, Attiphah, wanted to take martial arts. She saw a commercial with a young lady doing these special kicks and
fighting a bunch of ninjas. And it was all about Speed Stick, I think, or some kind of underarm deodorant. And she was like, I want to do that, Mom! And I was like, excellent,
so let’s figure it out. And so yeah, we did, we went along and found a school, we found DeSantos. It had been a dream of mine
since I was six years old but I had met many
obstacles like most people. Not finding the right school,
not finding instructors that were willing to teach girls. – Right.
– Which was also another problem that I had
encountered, even for my girls. Until I found Kwan Jan Nim De
Santos and she’s been amazing. – And before I let you go,
if there was another job you could be doing what
would it be and why? – I would have, well I was
studying to be a doctor. So, I wanted to be a pediatrician
when I was in university and then decided through experience that I wanted to go
into holistic medicine. So when I decided to join
DeSantos and be an instructor it fit because I am still
doing holistic medicine. – Oh that’s great, I love that stuff. Be natural, be free, be you. – Absolutely, be the best that you can be. – Exactly, well thank
you so much Antoinette. And we hope to see you at the school. – Hi, my name’s Alyah Moulton-Davis. I’ve been training for 17 years and I started when I was two. And I am a second-degree black belt at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts. – Hi, my name’s Attiphah
and I am an instructor at DeSantos Martial Arts Studio. And I’ve been training for 17 years and I’m a third-degree black belt. – All right, so I’ve always
been curious about your outfits. They look so cool. So, give me a little low-down
on what the symbols mean. – So this is our uniform,
also known as dobak, or a gi. And we wear it as a cross because our master instructor,
Veronica De Santos, trains in both Shotokan
Karate and Taekwondo. – So right down here in Korean
it is indomitable spirit which means an unbreakable will. We have that on our belts as well. – [Attiphah] Yeah, we’re lead
instructors on the floor, we have two locations that we work at. We actually work at the opposite locations and we’re sisters. – And have you actually had to use your skills in real life?
– I mean. – To defend yourself, I guess I’m asking? I’m just curious? – Nothing illegal or anything. Just maybe when I was really
young like things happened, like in the playground,
so nothing serious. We have been very grateful and thankful not to have encountered anything crazy. – [Olivia] But you’re ready, just in case. – Yeah, just in case.
– Just in case. – So beware guys.
(all laughing) And if there as another
job you guys could do, what would it be and why? – Well, I’m going to
school for becoming ECs, or Early Childhood Education. So I’m going into that program but it kind of helps with doing work here but like I still want
to become like a teacher or like educator of children. – Yeah this is a great experience. – Yeah, we already work with kids! And I have recently ventured into stunts and being like a stunt performer
for movies and TV shows. – Yes, that is where we met,
she kicks some serious butt! So get ready ’cause we are about to demonstrate some martial arts. (soft hip hop music) ♪ Turn it up, let’s go ♪ ♪ Turn it up, let’s go, hey ♪ – If you guys were inspired by that give this video a big thumbs up! If you guys keep coming back, I love you, thank you so much, and if you are new to the channel my name’s Olivia Gudaniec and I would love for you to subscribe. See you next week! (soft music)


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